November 7, 2012

Winterizing the Windows

One of the nicest things about my cabin in the woods is how the living room has enormous windows with a million dollar view out every one.

The not so nice thing is that one of these windows is a 10 foot long single pane draft monster!

I made draft blockers out of some rolled fleece a couple of weeks ago, and that helped a lot….until the temperature dropped.

Look at the frost that covered the field by my house this morning! Brrrr…. the grass was positively crunchy from it!

As it’s difficult to find a 10 foot long curtain rod (and I’m cheap) I broke out the high tech hammer and nails to do this project. I used items that I already had:

4 curtains
2 plush throws
Safety pins

For the first step, I took two rather battered plush throws and hung them over the windows. This was not pretty of course, and there is no way I could handle leaving it like this.  I left the draft blockers in place because every layer helps!

I used safety pins to attach the throws together in the middle.
Then I hung curtains over the throws.  I didn’t have one type of curtain so I placed some sheers in the middle and then added regular drapes to the ends.  The drapes are also nailed to the walls at each end in order to keep out a bit more of the draft. I nailed small pleats into the drapes to make it look as though the were hung on a rod (well, sort of.)  Here is the end result.  Not bright and sunny, but this west facing window really didn’t add much in the way of sunlight anyway. I have to sacrifice the view of the pine grove for the winter, too, but warmth is really more important.  We noticed a significant difference in temperature after doing this.

Daisy Luther

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