Winner! World Food Prize Awarded For Breakthroughs In Mass Population Poisoning

world food prize

Monsanto and Sygenta have won the prestigious World Food Prize.

Apparently, tampering with the genetic make-up of food and turning something that used to be healthy into poison, tainting the soil, air and water with chemical drift from pesticides like Roundup, killing the bee population of entire continents, and driving small farmers out of business through gratuitous lawsuits and unethical practices, pays big public relations dividends.  The World Food Prize is said to be the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for agriculture.

Keep in mind we live in a world where President Barack ‘Drone-the-Children’ Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and where Hillary Clinton, the woman behind the lack of response during the Benghazi massacre, won the American Patriot Award for her “defense of the nation.”

Lest you ask, no this article is not satire, even though the premise is so astoundingly ridiculous that it belies all reason.

On Wednesday, the winners of the World Food Prize were announced at the US State Department, with Secretary of State John Kerry in attendance. This year’s award will be shared among three scientists: Marc Van Montagu, Mary-Dell Chilton and Robert Fraley, all pioneers in agricultural biotechnology.

Fraley is currently the chief technology officer at biotech giant Monsanto, while Mary-Dell Chilton is the founder of Syngenta Biotechnology, another prominent biotech company. In awarding the prize, which comes along with a $250,000 cash award, the Iowa-based World Food Prize Foundation reasons that genetically modified crops offer higher yields, and are more resilient to pestilence and adverse weather.

“These three scientists are being recognized for their independent, individual breakthrough achievements in founding, developing and applying modern agricultural biotechnology,” said Kenneth Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation.  (source)

Despite congressional pats on the head and a revolving door between government agencies and biotech corner offices, people are beginning to wake up to the bigger picture.  Recently, activists were able to persuade their senators not to renew the Monsanto Protection Act, an enormous victory that proved our voices can be heard.

Despite the hoped-for public relations boon, this ludicrous “honor” will probably do little to un-ring the bell that social media has been diligently chiming with huge global protests like the March Against Monsanto. In fact, it is most likely to backfire because of the blatant hypocrisy of such an award.

Spread the word: any award given for poisoning vast numbers of people and destroying the environment was merely up for sale and is no indicator of positive achievement.

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12 Comments  to  Winner! World Food Prize Awarded For Breakthroughs In Mass Population Poisoning

  1. T says:

    The corrupt patting the corrupt on the back for a job well done. Nothing more. Peace.

  2. Ugly says:

    The NWO just gives awards to each other anymore.

    Arafat won the Nobel Peace prize too.

    The ‘new’ food system will be genetically controlled as to get any seed-saver off the market and illegal. The second generation does not produce, thus you must always buy new seed (and their seed).

    I have some hybrid lettuce in garden that went to seed. I am going to save some and see how they do next year.

  3. Jon Reid says:

    THOSE silly people omitted the word POISON before food. Back to elementary school!

    I think that it must be the work of the ex-slave trade family of Monstersanto that issued its own prize.

  4. Individualaudiencemember says:

    I’ll say this one more time in case it matters to someone:

    Dear anti-GMO people of Washington state,

    Please read this and decide if the leadership of the anti-GMO movement in Washington state is selling you out:

    Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op?

    The rest is up to the people in Washington state? …And Hawaii,… and Illinois… and…?

  5. friend of the world says:

    America – the number one evil in the world today.

  6. Striife says:

    Criminals rewarding criminals for criminal behavior. This kind of thing sickens me even more than monsatans poisons.

    It is a sad and disgusting sign of the times when all the things and people that are wrong with the world get together to make it that little bit worse, and what is even harder to get my head around is that these disgusting little people are in power.

    very very sad, it’s enough to make you cry

  7. Austin Brooks says:

    Can you please provide a citation of where you got this information from? And what year Monsanto won this award? I don’t dout corruption in the farming industy, I would just like a little more proof.
    And yes I also believe Monsanto is a corrupt organization.

  8. IndividualAudienceMember says:

    Today I had a Midwestern farmer who grew organic crops, and organic livestock, tell me that he didn’t see much wrong with GMO’s.

    He mentioned that if there were anything wrong with it the gooberment studies would be on top of things and say so.

    I was taken aback.

    He went on to say how the anti-GMO crowd only provided speculation on how GMO’s were bad but they had nothing to back up such claims. He thought GMO’s were the wave of the future and there was no denying their influence and usefulness in yield and pestilence/weed resistance.

    It was then I thought of the parallels to medicine.

    Shock: Comparing deaths from medical drugs, vitamins, and all US wars

    On the spot I couldn’t articulate the parallel. I’m not sure it would have done any good. This farmer wanted cold hard studies and facts. …The revolving doors had no effect.

    He understood how GMOs affected the gut flauna of livestock, but he thought great strides had been made and that had been overcome.

    Are there any studies/presentations that might sway him? …And thousands others like him.

  9. tonyo says:

    let those who have eye’s see, etc, fuel for the awakening, its great news!!!
    In La Kesh
    As above, so below
    Sent with love

  10. bill farmer says:

    Roundup has some negative effects on human fertility, a little known and well keep little secret.
    Almost everyone in the U. S. has some roundup in their system.
    Be wary

  11. IndividualAudienceMember says:

    “Be wary”, he says.
    No doubt about that, did you read this one?:

    How to play into Monsanto’s hands: label GMOs

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