October 15, 2014

The “”Ebola Plane” Made Five More Flights Before It Was Grounded

The news came out this morning that the second American nurse diagnosed with Ebola flew on a plane with 132 other passengers from Cleveland, Ohio to Dallas, Texas.  Amber Vinson had a low-grade fever when she boarded the plane, and was admitted to Texas Presbyterian Hospital just hours after disembarking.

The latest horror?

Not only were 132 people who flew with Vinson exposed to Ebola.

In the time it took the CDC to notify Frontier Airlines of the issue, 5 more flights were made.

According to the LA Times:

But Tuesday morning the plane was flown back to Cleveland and then to Fort Lauderdale, Fla., back to Cleveland and then to Atlanta and finally back to Cleveland again, according to Daniel Baker, chief executive of the flight-monitoring site Flightaware.com.

He said his data did not include any passenger manifests, so he could not tell how many total passengers flew on the plane Tuesday.

Believe it or not, it gets even worse. Not only were an unknown number of travelers going heaven-knows-where potentially exposed.

The plane went through a routine but “thorough” cleaning Monday night, Frontier said. Airline industry experts said routine overnight cleaning includes wiping down tray tables, vacuuming carpet and disinfecting restrooms.

So now we have 132 passengers on Vinson’s flight. We have passengers and crew of 5 other flights and we have airport cleaning staff.  By nature of the fact that this was at an airport, these travelers have most likely gone to all corners of the country.  If any of the travelers or staff become ill, then we can add to our list of concerns all of the people with whom they have come into contact. And then…

Exponential doesn’t even begin to cover it.

We’re getting very close to the point that people should opt to take matters into their own hands and lock down.  This is not hysteria. It’s common sense. Clearly, despite their assurances to the contrary, the CDC does NOT have this situation contained.  As well, we can’t depend on others to behave responsibly once they’ve been exposed.

Preparedness means that you have the ability to be self-reliant. Take the time to check over your preps and do an inventory.  Fill any gaps, and plan to be able to keep your family home for at least two months, should the need arise.

While I still suggest that some medical supplies and protective clothing be included in your preps, it’s obvious that protective clothing didn’t do a lot for the nurses who cared for Robert Duncan. If your funds are limited, you should focus on the supplies you need to be self-reliant for 2 months.

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