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Jam 101: How to Make Jam with Whatever Fruit You Have on Hand


Perhaps the very easiest thing to can is homemade jam.  It’s not very expensive, it’s simple, and once you’ve made one kind of jam, others just cooperatively fall into place for you.  It’s a great way to get started canning. The instructions for basic jams are all pretty much theRead the Rest…

How to Can Food in a Boiling Water Bath

How to Can Food in a Boiling Water Bath

Water bath canning is a great way to start for beginners. There is no scary equipment, the start-up cost is minimal, and there is less margin for error.

Pleasantly Pickled Red Onions


You know how you have to get that stinky onion smell on your fingers every time you slice up onions for a sandwich or a cheeseburger? If you have Pleasantly Pickled Red Onions in the fridge, your stinky finger problems are over!!!!