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Stockpile Challenge: Conclusion


We survived the Stockpile Challenge and my confidence in my preps has increased dramatically. I wish I’d begun recording what we ate as soon as I started this challenge, but it didn’t occur to me until my friend asked me, a week or so into it.  The numbers are extrapolatedRead the Rest…

Baking without Eggs


One notable item that people are running out of in the stockpile challenge is eggs. For those who have chickens, it won’t be a concern, but for the rest of us, the possibility of running out of eggs is very likely in a long-term scenario. There are a few thingsRead the Rest…

Stockpile Challenge: Update #5


Well, the end is near for the Stockpile Challenge!  Less than a week until I can go buy those fresh fruits and veggies I’ve been dreaming about! I’m very pleased with the amount of food we have remaining.  We haven’t run out, or even low, on anything that is trulyRead the Rest…

Stockpile Challenge – Update #3

tomato sauce

Bye, fresh fruits and veggies!  I’ll miss you! Well, they’re gone.  All the fresh stuff recently purchased from the grocery store is history. Today was the first day we’ve had to rely on produce that has been preserved. I know that I have plenty of good things stored, but IRead the Rest…

Stockpile Challenge – Update #2

canned goods

One week into the Stockpile Challenge,  we are now out of most of those items we all pick up fresh at the store each week.  I purposely did not go out and stock up on a huge amount of fresh produce and cheese because I wanted the challenge to be moreRead the Rest…

Stockpile Challenge – Update #1


The stockpile challenge has already been a slight challenge.  We had guests, and then a snowstorm.  After having extra people snowed in with us for a week, it definitely made a dent in our “favorites”.  I am seeing the beginning of the end of my cheese supply.  This saddens me,Read the Rest…