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This Week’s Harvest: Strawberries

opstrawberry jam

Strawberry season is in full swing. Now is the time to stock up on those delicious vivid red berries! Learn how (and why) to grow them, wash them, and preserve them!

5 Reasons You Should Be Preparing


If there is one thing we can say about our current economic, financial, social and political climate it’s that we have entered an era in human history of total unpredictability.

Night Vision: Own the Night


Guest Post by John Q. Public Introduction And in vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines and commandments of men…. Let them alone: they are blind, and leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the pit. Matthew 15:9-14 Will you be blind?Read the Rest…

The Walking Dead: 7 Mistakes That Would Get Somebody Killed in a Real Zombie Apocalypse

7 Mistakes That Would Get Somebody Killed in a Real Zombie Apocalypse

(Warning: Spoiler Alert!) I don’t watch much TV, but my guilty pleasure is AMC’s The Walking Dead. Lots of the preppers I know love watching this show and shouting out advice and criticism – it’s like our version of watching “the big game”. I have to tell you, watching from aRead the Rest…

Infographic: The Lowdown on Water Storage


Every prepper knows the infamous “Survival Rule of Three”. Three minutes without air. Three days without water. Three weeks without food. So, if a disaster has hit and you’re still breathing, your next concern has got to be water. Contaminated water is one of the number one causes of deathRead the Rest…

Fortune Magazine: “the preparedness crowd isn’t marginal at all”


You know that prepping has gone mainstream when the popular financial magazine Fortune has a positive write-up about the wisdom of being ready for whatever may come. Columnist David Z. Morris attended a preparedness expo called Life Changes, Be Ready! in Lakeland, Florida last week, where he discovered that our concernsRead the Rest…

Could Prepping Become Illegal Here Too? Venezuelan Govt to Detain “Hoarders”

could prepping become illegal

As people who spend a lot of time focusing on preparedness, we can learn a lot about our future by watching as the economies and civilizations of other Western countries crumble. Today’s lesson is that when times get tough, the government can and will persecute those who have planned ahead. TheRead the Rest…

The 5 Things I Learned When I Fell Down a Ravine


You can learn a lot falling down the side of a mountain, stunt-woman style, but honestly, I don’t recommend it.  I’d suggest that you read books and articles instead, as those activities are far less painful and traumatic. Last week, my daughter and I went hiking with my good friend, TessRead the Rest…

Getting Started: Prepping for a Two Week Power Outage


If you’re new to preparedness, you may be reading some of the excellent and informative websites out there and feeling quite quite overwhelmed.  While many sites recommend a one year supply of food, manual tools, and a bug out lodge in the forest, it’s vital to realize that is aRead the Rest…

Roadtripping, Prepper Style

We’ve embarked on a road trip that will be over 2500 miles.  I’m driving with a kid, a dog, and 2 incredibly unhappy cats, and pulling behind us a trailer full of all our stuff.  We have a cooler full of snacks, good tunes, books on CD, and a camera andRead the Rest…

When Prepping Just Isn’t Enough

cabin in the woods

There’s a sense of urgency in the prepping community lately that is at an all time high.  Between the global elite warmongers, the impending financial collapse as the government makes plans to attach pension funds, the new viruses, Monsanto’s GMO seeds running amok and threatening the world’s food supply, and  BigRead the Rest…

How to Can Roast Beast


Sometimes you just get lucky and you hit the mother-lode on meat.  Maybe it’s a great sale – for example, my favorite butcher gave me a great deal on some beef this week.  Perhaps you’ve bought a portion of a cow or pig in cooperation with some others.  Maybe there’sRead the Rest…

Wheat Berries: The Real “Whole Wheat”

wheatberry bread 001

When grocery shopping for bread, a plethora of options is presented.  You can get… 100% Whole Wheat Stone Ground Wheat Whole Wheat Cracked Wheat Whole Grain Multi Grain 60% Wheat The marketing companies are full of wholesome sounding options…but most of us have caught on that it’s all a schemeRead the Rest…