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The Austerity Diaries: Making Hay While the Sun Shines

making hay while the sun is shining

With the advent of “progress” we now live in a society in which nothing is really that urgent to most folks. But is this really progress?

The Canning Manifesto

retro clock

A lot of people look at my canning projects and they shake their heads.  “Why would you work that hard when you can just go to the grocery store?” The list of reasons is long and distinguished. Most of all, I want our food to actually be food. I don’tRead the Rest…

How to Can Food in a Boiling Water Bath

How to Can Food in a Boiling Water Bath

Water bath canning is a great way to start for beginners. There is no scary equipment, the start-up cost is minimal, and there is less margin for error.

Orange You Going to Eat That?


I get a lot of my stuff from the “last day of sale” bin at the grocery store. This weekend I picked up a 5 pound box of mandarin oranges for $2 – SCORE!!!! The last time I hit the motherlode of mandarins, I canned them in a light syrupRead the Rest…

Canning for Preppers

canned goods

Canning is the perfect solution for preppers – any preppers, not just those who are seeking a natural nutrition source. Once you have a pressure canner (and you conquer the fear of blowing yourself up with it!) you can preserve nearly anything.  By creating meals right in the jars, youRead the Rest…