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30 Ways to Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas

Old wood texture with snow and firtree christmas background

Whatever your reason, this year, set your sights on having a “Thrifty Little Christmas”. Many of these ideas don’t cost a penny, and others are so low-cost that they will let you face the new year without being mired in debt.

A Post-Apocalypse Christmas Story

christmas cabin

It has been only 7 months since the lights went out, but it feels like forever. Some people call it the Apocalypse and consider it the worst disaster that the modern world has known. At our house, we call it the Change, because my mother says that just because itRead the Rest…

Last Minute Christmas Treats…without a Trip to the Store


Do you need to whip up some last minute goodies for a holiday soiree?  Are you desperate to avoid a trip to the grocery store on Christmas Eve?  You probably have everything you need to bake these delicious treats! Basic “Chip” Cookie Recipe We have used all sorts of goodiesRead the Rest…

Grandma Got Violated by the TSA: An Indefinitely Detained Christmas


by Melissa Melton The Daily Sheeple Well, it’s that merry time of the year once again. Yes, Christmas…the time when families come together to celebrate the holidays and our Congress renews the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with that oh-so-necessary indefinite detention clause that says American citizens can be detained, yes indefinitely,Read the Rest…

What’s Wrong with America’s Kids? A Look at Christmas Then (1913) and Now (2013)


Let’s face it:  There is something very, very wrong with kids today. It seems as though there are hordes of young psychopaths running around, wreaking havoc on others. Two recent examples, and the reasons that I refer to these young people as psychopaths, are the “Knockout Game” in which a mob ofRead the Rest…

Bah Humbug to Baby Jesus: Anti-Christian Neighbor Sends the Meanest Christmas Letter Ever

newton house

Going to the mailbox near Christmas is lots of fun. You often find it stuffed with cards, gifts, and photos from faraway loved ones. But one family in Newtown, Massachusetts got an unpleasant surprise in their mailbox last week when they became the shocked recipients of the meanest Christmas letterRead the Rest…

How to Make a Frugal and Festive Christmas Dinner from the Pantry

How to make a frugal and festive Christmas dinner

Aside from the gifts under the tree, one of the big expenses of the holidays is the food.  Nearly everyone finds that their grocery bill is up this time of year.  You’re hosting parties, putting together a no-holds-barred Christmas morning breakfast, and making a gigantic feast for friends and family.Read the Rest…

Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas

Have yourself a thrifty little Christmas

There are a lot of reasons that sensible people want to step off  of the materialistic rocket ride that is the standard North American Christmas.  Maybe they don’t want to create children who are never satisfied and always want more, who always yearn for that next edition of the iGadgetRead the Rest…

A Rainy Sunday


Today we had plans to move some wood inside and do a few things outdoors, since the weather forecast promised some warmer weather. Well, it was warmer but the gray drizzling rain that wasn’t mentioned in the forecast caused us to rethink our plans. This morning I tried a newRead the Rest…