Agenda 21

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Save the World – Eat SEVEN Portions of Fruit and Vegetables a Day


There is no mention of the World Health Organization statement that children need the micronutrients that meat provides. That without the equivalent of four teaspoons of meat a week they suffer from a reduced mental capacity and do not perform as well as their meat-eating counterparts.

Serfdom and the Feudal System: What’s Old is New Again


The period of history from the 5th to the 15th century was known as the Middle Ages.  During this time, the law of the land in Europe was known as the “feudal system.”  This was the manner in which the upper 10% (the nobility) controlled the lower 90% (the serfsRead the Rest…

Codex Alimentarius: An Introduction to Soft Kill Eugenics


The world as we once knew it is gone.  The rosy cheeked children, bursting with energy, that once climbed trees and got up to mischief, are extinct.  The people are still here, but they are pale, lethargic and slowly dying.  Every bite of food provided to these people is the product ofRead the Rest…