Stockpile Challenge – Update #1

The stockpile challenge has already been a slight challenge.  We had guests, and then a snowstorm.  After having extra people snowed in with us for a week, it definitely made a dent in our “favorites”.  I am seeing the beginning of the end of my cheese supply.  This saddens me, since I like to make homemade pizza once per week.  We can probably do pizza once or twice more, unless I can quickly figure out how to make cheese!

As well much of the “snacky” food is history.  You know the type, those goodies that you grab a handful of here and there – pretzels, roasted peanuts, etc.

So, the first lesson I’ve learned is that simple food is not really what you serve to guests.  No bowls of wheat berry porridge in the morning, no home-canned applesauce as an afternoon snack, no simple lunches like peanut butter and crackers and an orange.  Not that anyone insisted on a steak for lunch – nobody asked for anything special.  I just hadn’t realized how far our eating habits have veered from the “norm”.

Now, we still have tons of food – we certainly aren’t going to go hungry – but I can already see that our normal menu will be changing within the next week or so.  I can also see the need to learn to make cheese and yogurt!

One thing that was awesome:  my oldest daughter is away at school and I was able to provide her with all sorts of personal care goodies from the stockpile. It was great to be able to just go in and grab what was needed!

What about those of you participating in the challenge?  Have you made any realizations yet about your supplies?


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