Portland School Cracks Down on Racist PB&J Sandwiches: “What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?”

racist sandwiches

You know, people have had about enough of all of this racist garbage.  It’s time to put a stop to language that excludes others.  Take the mention of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for example.

One school administrator began the school year cracking down on exclusive language.  Verenice Gutierrez, principal of Harvey Scott K-8 School in Portland, Oregon, hears subtle racism every day.  And that’s just plain wrong.  She explained to the Portland Tribune in September how a simple example of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a classroom indicated “white privilege”.

“What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches? Another way would be to say: ‘Americans eat peanut butter and jelly, do you have anything like that?’ Let them tell you. Maybe they eat torta. Or pita.” (source)

There was no mention in the article whether the teacher was talking about sandwiches on white bread or whole wheat bread.

Guttierrez , along with the other principals in Portland, are part of a district-wide initiative to examine the lack of racial equity in the school system.  The program is called Courageous Conversations.

Through intensive staff trainings, frequent staff meetings, classroom observations and other initiatives, the premise is that if educators can understand their own “white privilege,” then they can change their teaching practices to boost minority students’ performance.

Last Wednesday, the first day of the school year for staff, for example, the first item of business for teachers at Scott School was to have a Courageous Conversation — to examine a news article and discuss the “white privilege” it conveys.

Like many if not all of PPS’ leaders, Gutierrez has gone through California-based consultant Glenn Singleton’s “Coaching for Educational Equity,” a weeklong seminar on race and how it affects life; she’s also become an “affiliate,” certified to teach the equity curriculum; and she serves on the district’s administrative committee to address systematic racism, a group that meets every other week.

“Our focus school and our Superintendent’s mandate that we improve education for students of color, particularly Black and Brown boys, will provide us with many opportunities to use the protocols of Courageous Conversations in data teams, team meetings, staff meetings, and conversations amongst one another,” Guitierrez’ letter to staff reads. (source)

The program is based on a book by Glenn E. Singleton: Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools.  This example of political correctness run amok is racing across the country (oops – can I say racing or is that racist?) in the form of “summits” for educators.  According to the St. Louis summit website, it’s subtle racism that is causing a disparity between white kids and non-white kids.

  • In 2010, a study released by the Council of the Great City Schools stated that by fourth grade, only 12% of Black male students read at or above grade level, while 38% of White males do. By eighth grade, the numbers fall to 9% for Black males, and 33% for Whites.
  • The Alliance for Excellent Education recently reported that barely half of African-American and Latino students graduate from high school, with Latinos graduating at 56% and African-Americans at 54%, as compared to their White counterparts at 77%.
  • National Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) scores have revealed that low-income White students consistently outperform middle and upper income Black and Latino students.

The statistics are stark and revealing, and our task as educators is undeniable: We must continue to engage in honest, unapologetic conversations about racial disparities in education and effective ways in which to unlock the untapped potential of children of color. (source)

The Pacific Education Group is also on board with the summits.  Here is their goal:

Each October, PEG brings together dedicated racial equity leaders from throughout the U.S. and around the world to engage in a deepened conversation about systemic racism and its impact on opportunity and achievement for all students. The National Summit for Courageous Conversation is uniquely designed for educators, civic and community leaders, and other professionals who are committed to elevating individual/organizational racial consciousness and eradicating racial disparities that are predictably evident in academic achievement. (source)

I have this really cool idea that would help raise test scores across the board.  What if….and this is revolutionary….the teacher’s just TAUGHT.  What if kids learned math, science, and English?  What if the schools scrapped the Common Core curriculum and focused on teaching all of the kids their lessons until they understood them, and then moved on to the next unit, instead of covering each section for a designated time and then moving on to the next one, regardless of whether or not the students understood the first lesson?  What if the schools stopped trying to brainwash children about the dangers of guns, the language of racism, and all of the politically correct baloney that they spend more time on than the Three Rs?

Oh wait.  They can’t do that.  That would create independent thinkers and intelligent adults.  Their entire plan to subjugate the population would be ruined.  Whatever was I thinking?  Please, by all means, continue shaming children into political correctness by indicating that the contents of their lunch boxes are racist.  We definitely can’t continue on our path of “white privilege” by considering typically American cultural norms…normal.

Extreme political correctness is destroying the public school system, the only chance for education for many children whose parents can’t or won’t homeschool.  Imaginary offenses create an atmosphere of shame and fear.  The better to control you with, my dear.

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81 Comments  to  Portland School Cracks Down on Racist PB&J Sandwiches: “What about Somali or Hispanic students, who might not eat sandwiches?”

  1. CGB says:

    I think these people are insane. Time to have them removed as trustees of our children estates. Remember, they are called public servants for a reason. Public servants take orders from the public, not give orders to the public. Time to start giving orders.

    • It is I only says:

      Time to start giving orders. Reinforced with a base ball bat!

    • goldhoarder says:

      Childish fantasy. These are government indoctrination camps. They do not work for you. Read John Taylor Gatto’s the Underground history of American education. Homeschool

  2. Rachel says:

    Not only are sandwiche inherently racist and signify the hegemony of the phallocracy, but classrooms themselves are imperialistic and an extension of the chauvinistic civilization of dead white men. As we all know, classrooms are an invention of white men. Their origin in Christianity itself proves how anti-Somalian and anti-Hispanic classrooms per se are.

    • Heinrich Mueller says:

      What is the number one commodity in Ethiopia? After dinner mints.
      Latinos do not eat PB&J sandwiches because they genetically suffer from Arachibutyrophobia.

    • americanwoman says:

      effective ways in which to unlock the untapped potential of children of color…………well, what if there is NO untapped potential?

      • Phillip the Bruce says:

        The most effective way to unlock anyone’s potential, regardless of ethnicity, is to teach them to read, using the time tested “Code” of phonics (thanks Linda Schrock Taylor). Forget the much more difficult “see-say” method. You can learn that way, if you have a well above average IQ and are willing to spend a lot more time than should be necessary. But why should you have to?
        Remember, “No child left behind” means “No child gets ahead.”

    • Austin Rozzell says:

      Rachel, WOW Just WOW, imperialist, oh my, please remove head from butt, it has caused you to see nothing but crapoopoo

    • mike d says:

      MLK would say that you can’t judge a sandwhich by it’s ingredients but by the content of it’s character! I believe a PBJ stands for brotherly love, with it’s many layers becoming unified into a single show of solidarity. The peanuts are salty, creamy and smooth whereas the jelly is sticky and sweet. This signifies a merger between polar opposites with a protective coating being the bread which signifies life.

      I think it’s terrible that this teacher isn’t able to decifer the deeper meaning of PBJ in all it’s glory and simplicity.

    • braveheart says:

      Rachel, if you’re just joking, OK. If not, then go find a country you like and relocate to it.

    • Churchill says:

      Is there a gray area between Intelligence and Idiocy? As it seems you have appeased your master by successfully integrating your individual mind into the ‘Collective’. I will not criticize you, as it is your right to condemn the white man to hell for being responsible for the education that incarcerated your mind.

    • James says:

      Dear Clueless,
      WRONG. There is a much higher percentage of Hispanic and Africian-American (My African friends succeed) are on Government Aid and ignore their children. Many had children to get aid, especially the Hispanics. Many are clueless about parenting.

      Successful people, no matter the race, MAKE their childre read at least 2 book a month. They also make them also set goals. They make they do successful things while the students who fail, for the most part have parents who don’t care about them enough to even talk to them on a daily basis, which successful people do all the time.

      Rich people are successful people. They are successful for good reason. They pay attention to their children and here is a list of what they do to be successful. If people of all races did these, which mostly are free, they too would be successful.


  3. robertsgt40 says:

    I wonder if bringing crackers to school is racist? LMAO

  4. Mr. Jonz says:

    The people harping about racism are always the biggest racists themselves.

  5. That’s not “White” privilege, it’s “American” privilege. When I was growing up we all ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, White Kids, Black Kids, Asian Kids, “Mexican” kids. Hell I remember kids who just moved to the US wanting to have an “American” sounding name and we’d help them pick one. There wasn’t anything “White” about that. It was about being “American”.

  6. anon says:

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have nothing to do with racism. They are a part of the culture and customs of America.

    Do you suppose if one of our kids was a student in a far eastern country they would be concerned about mentioning rice and fish?

    No, this is more about a gigantic over reaching government state that needs to continuously create new rules to validate their existence and manufacture “jobs” to oversee the rules.

    The “state” needs to be pared back to 1776 in size. Throw the bums out.

    Yes, I mean from the grifters in DC all the way down to the local dogcatcher…they are about control of YOU and nothing else.

    • braveheart says:

      Anon, AMEN to your comments. “Educators” in public schools are the most delusioned and demented libturds in the entire nation. We don’t owe anything to any foreigners who come here. If they want to come here and visit, OK, but they don’t have any damned business asking us to change anything about our country because they disapprove of something. they can have their opposing viewpoint all they want, but that doesn’t mean we have to go along with it. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, NOT THEIRS! If they’re so alarmed at what they see here, they can go back to wherever they came from. Nobody is forcing them to stay here. I would be telling those libturd ‘educators’ where to go with their crap.

  7. De La Who? says:

    Viva de Panini

  8. Walter Kostrikin says:

    Graduating from High School doesn’t mean a damn thing these days. Public eduction is a joke!

  9. Maria says:

    I saw an article about this in Facebook, I commented this, which is my opinion (and I am hispanic!):
    It is ridiculous! What an exaggeration!! It seems that this Verenice Gutierrez has many complexes!! By the way here in Peru many Peruvian people call “sandwich” to a sandwich, but even if it wouldn’t be called like that it can’t be considered racist at all to call a sandwich like that!!!…and in USA!!! Immigrants have to respect USA culture, etc. and to adapt to it. The pendulum has gone to the other side, it is an abuse!!

    • braveheart says:

      Maria, thank you for those kind words about the USA. I hope your American Dream comes true for you. I can tell you’re one who plays by all the rules. Immigrants with your mindset are always welcome. it’s the ones who come here, getting on our social programs, don’t contribute anything, and talk about how great their homeland is. My question for them is if you’re country is so great then why did you leave it? makes you wonder.

  10. Kimberly says:

    So the next time the cafeteria serves fried chicken should all non-african american children feel bad? Or the next time they serve spaghetti and meatballs should all the non-italian american children feel disrespected?

    Give me a break! What happened to the USA being a melting pot? Isn’t this another form of segregation being pushed on our children? I just read this article to my 12 year old daughter who went to a school in FL where she was defiantly the minority and all she kept saying is “I don’t get it. That makes no sense because most people eat PB& J” Then she followed up with the fact she doesn’t even like it and she is white so she finds that offensive lol
    I’m with the author – how about if teachers focus on teaching our children the basics of book learning and let us PARENTS teach our children everything else they need to know about life. Sounds like a plan.

    • braveheart says:

      kimberly, I agree. the shcools don’t care about education but have become damned good into sticking their noses where they don’t belong. If I had kids they would be homeschooled, period. I couldn’t tolerate anyone putting communist crap into the minds of my kids.

  11. Dave says:

    Stop fucking apologizing for being white you shameful cretins.Brown fails because BROWN IS DIFFERENT!Brown,on average,trails an average white or Asian by 15 or more I.Q. points and that is a fact.Libs have been trying for decades to make a silk purse out of a sows ear and integrate these creatures into WHITE civilized society,the act of which always destroys WHITE civilized society.Has anyone noticed the steep decline in the quality of life in the west since we`ve had diversity rammed down out throats? 2+2=4 folks.

  12. Ugly says:

    And I was just about to buy a box of Oreos. Probably better not. Could be a racist symbol of two blacks smothering one white?

  13. steve says:

    I was an educator for 15 years and what it all comes down to is a two parent home/structure/stability and love. In the Northeast area 90% of black students were divorced or had NO FATHER at all!!! That is why the Asian/Indian community has over 90% reading/grad rates. Many of these students have no work ethic, are lazy, no discipline and violent. Now that is a Courageous Conversation.

  14. Michael says:

    Wow from the perspective of a boomer this place has gone to hell in a hand basket. Oh, I apologize to any of the idiotic, power hungry, race baiting, genital feeling, email snooping, child molesting, insider trading, gun running, counterfeiting, money laundering, knuckle dragging, fear mongering, terrorist supporting ***holes out there who do not use a hand basket.
    If there ever was a time and a place where disinfectant was needed I think we are there.

  15. Tatiana Covington says:

    I wondered why I felt the urge to wear my Party armband every time I made a PBJ. OK, just for this PC bullturd, I’ll make a truckload and pass them out to everyone at the next Party rally!

    White Flour!

  16. Patriotpete says:

    After reading 2/3rds of this article I got dizzy and I had to stop. The % of students doing well in reading and “rithmitic” was appalling and this group doesn’t want to bring the students education level up but it seems they want to equalize everyone by bringing white students down. They keep mentioning the differences between white students and black students, mexican students and black students, wtf, what happened to STUDENTS over all? Education in this country is terrible. It is supposed to be about giving ALL students the tools needed for them to provide for themselves after they grow up. Instead it appears that the teachers association wants to really make everyone as dumb as each other because they, the teachers association, has given up on trying to actually teach the children. Their frustration level has gotten so out of controll that they have given up. Let us look at the department of education out of D.C. Let us look at the history of that department and see how the performance of students before the Department of education opposed to student 50 years after the department of education began. I haven’t seen any satistics on that from anyone.

  17. Dan the Man says:

    Whenever I hear these whacko stories about principals in schools, they are always women.

  18. Sabido Robles says:

    The USA needs a race war! Fuck all that liberal multi-culti garbage the Jews constantly push on us! There are racial differences. Mexicans and blacks are not as intelligent as other races!

  19. Sick of Leftist loons says:

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches = racism ! Wow ! How
    much more pathetic do the multicultural ringmasters get ?
    Racism and the ever imaginary ” White privilege ” thrown
    in as well, OMG ! We have a state of emergency on our hands.
    Anti-racism is just a code word for Anti-White.

  20. john says:


    • Avi Marranazo says:

      Right on. This is the only reasonable response at this stage in the game. Nullification of unconstitutional federal edicts and secession from the Cultural Marxist entity in Washington.

  21. Bilbo says:

    How apropos that they are running a program called “Courageous Conversations”.

    You have to be courageous to say something as stupid as PB&J sandwiches as being an indicator of white privilege.

    The least you could do is make it realistic, like if little Johnny is brown bagging Tofu & Sushi, well maybe you could sell me. Not that I’d really care, but hey, someone has to be the “victim” of something in this great nation of ours.

  22. rust says:

    Interesting that this douchebag control freak mentions “torta” and “pita” — although a lot of people think of “pie” for “torta” actually it’s CAKE.

    Sound familiar now?

  23. Bob Robertson says:

    First and best thing you can do for your children: Get them OUT of the government schools!

  24. kirk says:

    that someone thinks that way: unbelievable.

    that someone thinks that way and is in charge: expected.

    isn’t the purpose of schooling to reinforce stupidity?

  25. Getagrippeople says:

    Where I grew up, pb&j was valuable, akin to cigarettes in prison! My bff Peng used to swap me delicious home made dumplings and soup from her thermos for my nasty white bread, Jiffy and Smuckers. We appreciated the differences in our cultures and we did the unheard of these days, we shared! Leave kids alone and they will not see skin color, or worry about being politically correct.

    • Churchill says:

      Your comment deserves an A++++ plus +1000. What we have/had in the Public Re-Educational system is Bureaucratical BS. They continually deploy verbal nonsense that intentionally promotes racism by making the child aware of what race and selecting various races to redicule and disgrace through non-educational means. Many school districts have and are adopting a verbal and written legal form of ‘Bullying’.

  26. Common Sense says:

    When I was in school, anybody that got an F was not allowed into the next grade. So if these children get F’s, and fail to read, how are they passed onto the next grade to get more failing scores? Here is a clue. Put the 14 year old kids that do not know how to read back in kindergarten and make them do it all over again. It may have a negative impact on their social life, but they will actually learn a lesson.

    Oh and one more solution, if the student fails to learn reading, how about giving the kids parents a psychological evaluation to determin if they are even capable of providing the child a lesson. If they parents themselves are dumb as an ox, and i say this conservatively, 75% of parents are dumb as oxes, then maybe its about time that the parents have to sit in class with the students as well.

    You want to hear racism? Why is there a store that sells only spanish items? Why is there a store that only sells indian items? Why is there a store that only sells asian items? Its because these people feel more comfortable buying the food their parents raised them on.


    Verenice Gutierrez, you need a 1 way planeticket ticket back to your culuturally racist homeland, and you need whatever degree in teaching you have removed from your acadamic achievement. You are the reason racism still exists because you intentionally find new ways to think about it, and force your views about something so trivial on small children. That should be illegal.

  27. raburgeson says:

    If I was going to look supreme I wouldn’t Fool around with Peanut butter and jelly. I would take sandwiches they would like they could not afford like Ham and Swiss on pretzel or something like that. The sandwiches they are complaining about are cheap and can be enjoyed by any group. This is a case of the government trying to stir up racial resentments that should not and would not exist without their continual interference. That’s right the government is creating racial tensions on purpose to keep the people divided!

  28. goldhoarder says:

    Maybe not treating minorities as fragile sensitive morons would help?

  29. Kelly says:

    Sandwiches aren’t even just an American invention. You have the fourth Earl of Sandwich, and for years before that Arabs already stuffing meat into pita. Then Po’ Boys from the New Orleans.

    Granted in my small amount of research I haven’t found much on who invented the PBJ but really, I think this is outta hand.

  30. Jack Tidwell says:

    Come on, everyone know that WHITE BREAD is racist. I went to grade school in Quincy Oregon and PB and Jelly or PB and bananas or PB an Miracle Whip was all I ate…. but it was always on Wonder Bread… racist bread. I never knew anyone black who lived in Oregon of course.

    Now I am in Georgia. Jimmy Carter raises peanuts and every one knows he is racist right? NOT. But I do discriminate against peanuts because they are highly allergenic to some folks… my kids. So they have to discriminate or die.

    We really need to consult with the First Mother on this subject if we really want to know what is politically and organically and ObamaKerry healthy for us. Research this.

  31. Publius says:

    How dare they attack our children with this Political Correctness drivel and so what and whoever is offended by an American eating a sandwich they just have to get over it. The pendulum swings both ways and we the people can claim we are offended by some foreigner transplant eating what there’re accustomed to and should be banned from eating in front of us, so yeah so now you see how dumb this accusation is. The Public Officials doing this need to be removed from the office there’re holding as they are mentally unfit to hold it and also have a very dangerous political agenda.

  32. MayraMM says:

    I say we should not have A for Apple, since apples aren’t indigenous to the Caribbean and it would offend my people, and forget math questions about distance traveled, since some areas of the world don’t have mass transit . . . or we can ignore an article by an obviously biased reporter, who took what was given as an example of one possible thing that might be seen as racist, and twist it into a story about banning PBJ’s. The principal didn’t say that, by the quote; simply offered it as an example, along with a way of opening dialogue to discuss differences in culture by asking students if they know of other ways of having a “sandwich” that doesn’t include Wonder Bread.

  33. Dave says:

    What did you expect teacher’s UNIONS to be teaching? They have to divide the class into small groups to work every project, so that kids become indoctrinated into the idea that if you just union-up, you will get a mediocre grade even if you didn’t do any work, because that one kid who is an overachiever will do all the work for you. Just as later in life, you can just be an OCCUPYer and someone else will feed and clothe you, and Nancy Pelosi will arrange for your healthcare.

    And this white privilege shit has got to stop. How in the fuck did they think white people achieved their privilege? BY HARD WORK YOU IDIOTS. It was not handed out to us at the beginning of time. WHITE PRIVILEGE should be held up as the GOAL, the MODEL, the end result of what happens when you overachieve. Not as something that must be punished.

    There needs to be a mass neutering. And soon.

  34. Churchill says:

    Actually, Edited published textbooks, as they are continually re-written, re-published and re-edited is not ‘education’, it’s brainwashing, as they generally represent a very limited scope on ‘Individual’ thoughts in ‘what was’ and ‘what is’. To actually nurture a childs mind he/she must be taught both, the pro’s and con’s in all fields of study and then let the child discover and develop their own capabilities of Independent thought, Knowledge and creativity on ‘what is’ and ‘what is not’. Perhaps, Nuts will next be considered as a racist food. Pistachios, Nigger Toes, English Walnuts, Carpathian Walnuts Peanuts and etc.

  35. Stealth Spaniel says:

    I do not apologize for being Caucasian and I do not ask anyone else to apologize for not being Caucasian. I do not feel that being white got me any special privileges. Anything I own, or will acquire, will be through my own hard work. I have worked 18 hour days, just to afford a house. Nobody handed me the keys to a mansion because I was white. I am sick of the idea of “white privilege” and I am doubly sick of political correctness.

  36. abinico warez says:

    They probably are here illegally, and now demand tortilla rights? Huh? I say, let them eat sandwiches.

  37. Italics Mine says:

    Perhaps one unthought of way to help equalize the racial playing field is for teachers to work 12 months of the year, with 5 weeks vacation granted after 20 years of service. This way the months currently wasted on selfish interests could be devoted to helping students who need a helping hand to acheive knowledge, and special tutoring to make students more competitive.

  38. IraqVet says:

    Just when you thought you had all the sociopaths tagged, Verenice goes public with her PB&J conspiracy theory…where do the grown-ups stand on this idiocy?

  39. Elizabeth Conley says:

    I wonder if American school children still learn about George Washington Carver, the prominant African-American scientist who invented peanut butter?

  40. Todd Walker says:

    I know folks are upset about this PC PB&J sandwich story. Getting rid of Gutierrez won’t help. The problem is much deeper. The system of forced schooling allows, no encourages this lunacy. The system of schooling in our country is not broken. It’s functioning as intended!

    Another great reason to find a way to get you kids out of coercive schools.

  41. Nobody's Fool says:

    This is without a doubt the most amusing and gratifying comment thread I’ve read in such a long time about such real & serious matters… I love you people! P.S. Wasn’t it a black man (George Washington Carver) who invented peanut butter?

  42. truthseekerharrison says:

    It is time to pull away from all mainstream institutions, including public conditioning, oh, I mean education. We need to educate our own children. We are now going to have to work less and spend more time teaching children what we know and value. The teachers do not teach and the heads of the Dept of Education cannot be trusted. The materials taught to children are irrelevant, anti-white, anti-American and do not promote critical thinking but conditioned responses. Articles like this remind me why I believe the lands of the left will one day be taken over by China when the dollars collapses. Where will you get guns when the troops land and start shooting? Perhaps you can tell the blue hats that it is racist to shoot people. Get ready for payback for all the subversion, perversion and abortions so readily promoted in those great progressive lands. I suppose the radiation will weaken the people first before the read take down. It is just a matter of time….Give me the deep south where real patriots dwell, well, at least where some dwell. We are going to have to fight like hell to get things back because the nation is lost, very lost. They spray us, poison us, devalue our dollar, make our children whores, promote interracial casual sex, take God from us, debase our morality, muddle our thinking, condition us, and take our rights. Stop drinking the flouride and taking the drugs, detox and you will see clearly. Wake up now! Time is short. God save us from these atheist communists now in control and their legions of demonic followers.

    • jim smithe says:

      “Interracial casual sex”. Does that imply intraracial casual sex is OK?
      Or that interracial is worse than intraracial?

      I agree all the political correctness is BS and is making the USA wimpy.

  43. sheema says:

    They need to stop it. All of the coddling and courageous conversations in the world are not going to change one very simple and unchangeable fact. The IQ difference that no one talks about anymore. You cannot expect races with 80 and 85 average IQ’s to keep up with and perform the same as ones with 100 (Whites) or 105 (Asians). The fact that Asian children have none of these performance problems and are also “not white” should have set off an alarm somewhere for these “educated” buffoons that refuse to see what is plainly in front of their face. I am sorry if these kids are not as intelligent and cannot keep up but I guarantee you it isn’t the PB&J sandwich that is the catalyst.

  44. Keith Woodhall says:

    This kind of racism is delicious… The non existent kind…

  45. Churchill says:

    If ENDA becomes law, rest assured, this Portland School more than likely will be serving fruit baskets, mixed nut and fruitcake. Ones gotta love Authoritarian bureaucratically enhanced racial and descriminatory pro-bullying policies. An Ode to Education then will be sung.

  46. Danno says:

    So according to these people: White kids eat PB&J. And white kids do better in school than non-white counterparts. The solution is to take away the things that the successful group is doing instead of pushing those things onto the unsuccessful group? Does that logic make sense at all? Seems as if the better solution is to give those “Somali or Hispanic” students some danged PB & J!

  47. Doug says:

    Anybody sending their kids to this school is guilty of child abuse.

  48. Rainbow says:

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  49. Doug Nusbaum says:

    I realize that this is racist, but how about if blacks were actually encouraged to “Act white” You know. Get good grades. Do not steal. Do not try and have as many children as possible as soon as possible. If you insist on screwing like rabbits, at least have the brains to use a condom. Racist stuff like that. Cause, if you look at most successful blacks, then are — well sort of acting white. Horror upons horrors, they even talk white.

  50. Peckerwood says:

    99% of everything I know I learned after I graduated from school. Education belayed by 12 years of claptrap, useless bunk.

  51. Peckerwood says:

    I live in an all white, small, farming community. Out in the surrounding countryside we have a substantial Amish population that collectively schools their children. The local, public school students, all white, being taught with standard teaching methods. Their knowledge base hardly compares to the Amish children on State test scores. So even with no racial component in the mix it seems that the public school teaching curriculum is what is at fault, burying the students in bullshit which leaves little time for the three R’s. A little less worrying about PB&J and a little more time at the blackboard would seem to be in order.
    After all, we all know school is just the nation’s babysitter for so-called parents who, for the most part, do not want to be bothered with their own spoiled, hateful, self-centered spawn of Satan. By the time the kids even get to school most are already ruined by an over-commercialized self absorbed society. Don’t let me get started on social media for brainwashed preschoolers.

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