30 Signs That You’re One of Those “Crazy Preppers”

30 Signs That You Are One of Those Crazy Preppers

Here are the top 30 signs, should you ever be the subject of a nationwide manhunt, that you too will be considered a “Crazy Prepper on the Loose”.

Only 18 confirmed US flu deaths in 2001. What?!


It’s always interesting when official agencies’ statistics come back to bite them. Hard.

Pushing the Button – Pulling the Trigger


If we believe we could push the Red Button then we should close our 401k and/or IRA accounts and stop funding these unConstitutional wars, the drug lords that are supplying our children with heroin and bootleg merchandise and most importantly help stop funding these criminals on Wall Street and in Washington DC.

How to Survive Skyrocketing Meat Prices (Without Becoming a Vegetarian)

How to Survive Skyrocketing Meat Prices Without Becoming a Vegetarian

Do escalating meat prices mean that you have to become a vegetarian? Does it mean that you have to eschew healthy hormone-free meats and go with the toxic grocery store offerings? Not at all.

The Austerity Diaries: How Saving Money Is Better Than Earning It

How Saving Money Is Better Than Earning It

The best way to save money is to spend time.

The Lancet: Fluoride IS a Neurotoxin!


For those who like mainstream sources, it doesn’t get any more mainstream than The Lancet. Now even this well-respected medical journal is in agreement: Tap water with added fluoride is hazardous to your health.

The Austerity Diaries: If You Don’t Have a Job, Make One Up

for hire

There are a lot of little jobs a person can do, that individually don’t pay the bills. However, an organized and industrious person can group a bunch of small jobs into a full-time income if they schedule carefully, work hard, and stay organized.

5 Reasons You Should Be Preparing


If there is one thing we can say about our current economic, financial, social and political climate it’s that we have entered an era in human history of total unpredictability.

The Austerity Diaries: A Rainy Day Fund is Your Top Priority

A Rainy Day Fund is Your Top Priority

The reasons you might need to tap into an emergency fund are as varied as the news headlines – there are so many different disasters that can arise, and nearly every single one of them will require that you have some additional funds available.

Infographic: The Daily Prep’s Long Term Food Storage Guide

The Daily Prep Long Term Food Storage Guide

The Daily Prep’s Long Term Food Storage Guide takes you step by step through the entire food storage process, in plain terms and beautiful graphics. It’s complete with sections like: how to capitalize on left over space in a small house, how to incorporate “couponing” into your food storage shopping,Read the Rest…

I’m a terrorist…You’re a terrorist….Hey! We’re all right wing extremist terrorists!

right wing extremists

Folks that actually DO stand up for liberty are being darkly painted with a broad brush, and are being grouped in with crazed shooters and deranged bombers.

The Austerity Diaries

The Austerity Diaries

Refuse to take part in the nation’s economic collapse. Take control of your life by taking control of meeting your own needs.

Victory: Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shot Wins Lawsuit


Every flu season, many medical personnel, hospital staff, and educators are faced with a choice: get the flu shot or get fired. Finally, a nurse from Hackettstown Regional Medical Center in New Jersey has won a lawsuit after being terminated for refusing the toxic injection.