Physical Preparedness: Practical Performance for Real-World Survival


Stories from Great Depression survivors reveal how physically demanding life became after the crash. The difference in last century and the cliff we’re dangling over now is we’re in a state of soft. Soft bodies, soft drinks, and soft minds characterize today’s society.

3 Ways to Open a Can Without a Can Opener


These three ways to open a can without a can opener are listed in order of “least convenient” to “most convenient.”

12 Reasons To Avoid Any Kind of Soy


Soy has become a major source of toxicity for human beings, especially in the last three decades. If you consume processed foods, soy is almost impossible to avoid.

Preventing Blood Loss in an Emergency Situation

rubber tourniquets

Even something that appears to be a small nick can be fatal if that small nick perforates a blood vessel.

In the UK You Can Now Only Buy Heirloom Seeds if You Are Part of a Private Members Club


The way we are being pushed and squeezed by regulations that govern every facet of our life, we will soon only be able to defecate when our allotted time slot comes around.

The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Complete Guide to Freedom Through Self-Reliance

The Preppers Blueprint

Never with this much conviction have I recommended that a book must be purchased and read from cover-to-cover.



While the smoke is still clearing from what may be the final ‘March Against Monsanto’ it appears that momentum favors the people.

Bugging out or staying put…Hantavirus doesn’t mind which you do


Hantavirus has been around for a long, long time, it is endemic in South-east Asia but was first discovered in the western world in 1993, in New Mexico.

Can You Live without a Refrigerator?


If your refrigerator broke, or you had to go without one for a brief time, would you know how to store food?

3 Important Reasons To Have A ‘Bug-Out-Bag’, Even If You Aren’t A Prepper

bug out bag

While it’s good to gather knowledge from a variety of sources, any emergency preparation you do needs to be carefully tailored to your family.

Characteristics of a Survival Homestead


What characteristics go into finding a survival retreat? Author, James Rawles’ provides key characteristics to look for when searching out the perfect acreage for a survival retreat.

50 Ways to Build Resilient Wealth Before and After a Collapse


Conventional prepper wisdom tells us to get our beans, bullets, and Band Aids in order. This strategy, which I embrace, begs the question(s): What then?

Dear WIC: Why aren’t organics allowed for poor pregnant women and babies?


Despite rampant evidence that GMOs and pesticides are incredibly harmful, particularly for those the WIC program purports to be “nourishing”, in most cases organic choices are strictly not allowed.