This week on Survival Saturday: Doom goes mainstream, governments everywhere hate to be shown up, and AG Sessions broadens civil asset forfeiture laws.
Here are 14 delicious ways to prepare or preserve all that zucchini that is currently piling up on your kitchen counter. Enjoy!
You have to learn how to deal with your stress before you are forced to by your own body. This is my story of life with Adrenal Fatigue.
What could go wrong? Google's science division is unleashing 20 million lab-made, bacteria-infected mosquitos in Fresno, without the consent of residents.
Maybe we're already living in a post-apocalyptic society and we just missed the actual apocalypse part.
A respirator mask is a prep that is potentially life-saving, doesn't cost a lot of money, and is oft-overlooked in the prepper world.
In the hierarchy of water, from municipal to well to purchased, bottled water is generally considered the purest drinking water. But is it really?
In a shocking video from Venezuela, we learn that it takes approximately 5 years for society to break down into a full-on Mad Max scenario.
Because temps of 112 degrees weren't bad enough, SoCal residents suffered a 12-hour blackout this weekend. Here are tips to survive a summer power outage.
Here's what you can do to repel mosquitoes (and the reasons that some people get bitten more often than others.)
Independence is more than firing up the barbecue, drinking some beer, and shooting off fireworks.It's the way we live our lives every single day.
The state of Illinois is facing economic disaster. Here are 7 things you should know.
Was the Petya Ransomware a deliberate cyberattack meant to take down the Ukrainian infrastructure? Here's how a similar attack could go down in the US.
While cheaper gas prices may seem like something to celebrate, they can actually indicate very bad things for the economy.
Here's how to make a super-easy DIY compost bin for only $12, plus a list of more than 50 things you can compost in it.
Survival Saturday: A new bill to fight ISIS by tracking our money, cop "warrior" training, and people being replaced by digital kiosks.
A  strong uptick in seismic activities in the western US has experts concerned about a massive earthquake...or even a supervolcanic eruption.
If you ever wondered what life was really like in a post-collapse society, look no further than Venezuela. Here's a first-hand report of everyday life.
Nothing is more of a summer tradition here at our house than making enough homemade jam from fresh fruit to[...]
Here are 12 ways to save money by replacing those convenient disposable items with reusable ones (that are also surprisingly convenient).

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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