November 24, 2012

Opting Out of the Holiday Madness

Observing the Black Friday shopping riots in the US has compelled me to simply “opt out” and embrace simplicity this year.  So the new “challenge” for the next few weeks will be making our gifts.  We are not participating.  We will not attend any “doorbuster” sales, any “Midnight Madness” events, or anything else with an offensive title that makes me think of these unruly hordes of people.

  • Why would someone camp out all night to save $50 on a big television?
  • Why would someone threaten to stab someone else over entering Target first?
  • Why would a person trample another person just to get in the door of WalMart first?
(Source: SHTFplan)

I’m embarrassed for these people who recorded for their idiocy to be spread all over the web.  No one is cheaper than me but I’d never behave like this for a sale. I would happily pay a higher price in order to avoid this type of idiocy.

The thing that strikes me the most is this:  These people are not meeting “needs” – they’re acquiring “wants”.  This leads me to believe that peace-loving simple folks are in big trouble when/if the day comes that the needs are not met.  What if they were hungry and the thing behind those doors at Walmart was food?  We ain’t seen nothing yet.

This season, focus with me on creating, not acquiring. On loving your neighbor and your family. On making memories, not on making a bigger pile under the tree.

Daisy Luther

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