Monsanto Declares a Sneaky Social Media War Against Protesters

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One of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of the grass roots food freedom fight is social media.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many more networks allow people to instantly connect and provide a platform for information to be passed on exponentially. Facebook and Google are the two biggest websites in the entire world, and their reach is nearly unlimited.

Last week, the Monsanto Company made it very clear that they were under the gun via social media, and they went on the defense, weakly claiming that those who object with their toxic seeds and deadly farming methods were “elitist,”  thereby attempting to undermine us as snobbish people who don’t see the big picture and who don’t care about world hunger.

This week, they’ve upped their game.  Mysterious things have been occurring on the social networks: posts have disappeared, some posts are hidden from the timelines of readers, and trolls abound on pages promoting this weekend’s March Against Monsanto, happening worldwide on May 25.

Like any cornered rat, the leviathan seed company can see the very large threat coming their way, and it appears that they are pulling out all the stops to fight as dirty as they can.  But the movement against the company is so powerful, that despite paid-off politicians and billions of dollars in the war chest, Monsanto knows that they’ve been outmatched.  What we’re seeing now are the last, desperate attempts to keep the general public from learning about the manmade global disaster that was created by Monsanto.

On my own page, I found an interesting anomaly.  I posted this yesterday:

My children’s first protest march!!! :) Any ideas for our signs?
Everything you need to know and more about the March Against Monsanto. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email updates while you’re there:
Photo: Everything you need to know and more about the March Against Monsanto. Don't forget to subscribe to our email updates while you're there: ·  · Share 67 people saw this post

The thing that was very strange about this is that, at the bottom, you can see, it only got 67 views nearly 14 hours after I posted it.  The posts that I shared above and below it all had hundreds of views.  I asked some friends to check their timelines, and this particular post did not show up.  They had to actually go to the page and look for it to find it tucked in near the bottom.

If I hadn’t heard from Tami Canal, the driving force behind the March Against Monsanto’s Facebook page, I would have thought it was merely a fluke.  But mysterious things have been happening there as well.

“Events are disappearing, posts are being put on city event pages that say events are cancelled. In no way, shape or form, has ANY event been cancelled. I believe Monsanto is behind this. Some of the people on the page that are commenting have newly made profiles and seemingly these profiles were made strictly to cause problems and get a rise out of our participants on the page.”

Monsanto has openly carried on an internet war with anti-GMO activists for years.  Back in 2002, Jay Byrne,  the former director of Monsanto’s Internet outreach, had some advice for colleagues:

“…’think of the Internet as a weapon on the table. Either you pick it up or your competitor does, but somebody is going to get killed.’

While he was working for Monsanto, Byrne told the internet newsletter Wow that he “spends his time and effort participating” in web discussions about biotech. He singled out the site AgBioWorld, where he “ensures his company gets proper play”. AgBioWorld is the site on which “Andura Smetacek” launched her campaign.

The biotech companies know that they will never conquer new markets while activists are able to expose the way their operations damage food security and consumer choice. ” (source)

The Monsanto Company’s current overt tactics are to try and polish their very tarnished image by portraying themselves as do-gooders set on feeding the world, while painting anti-GMO protesters as uncaring, selfish individuals that haven’t given hungry Third World residents a passing thought.  Less overt are these guerrilla internet shills, causing divisiveness in the movement by starting arguments on forums and in comment threads on social media, and outright passing on misinformation.

Unfortunately, Facebook seems to have the back of the trolls. Occupy Monsanto‘s page was actually banned for three days when the owner publicly outed an abusive PM from a troll. The person who wrote the letter faced no repercussions from Facebook.  Other anti-GMO activists have announced that their posts have been hidden or otherwise censored, just like mine was.

Despite the rumors started that events for this Saturday’s March Against Monsanto have been cancelled, or that times have been changed, this is absolutely untrue. Canal reiterated, “ In no way, shape or form, has ANY event been cancelled.”  If you are planning to go to an event, rest assured, the events will go on as planned, despite the sneaky tactics of a desperate company.

Keep calm and don’t allow yourself to be provoked on Saturday.  Anti-GMO activists are on the side of “good” in this battle, so it’s important to keep to the high road.  Expect the presence of agent provocateurs, lots of law enforcement, and devious tactics to try to discredit the movement.  The keys to successful resistance are unity, information, and public perception.

According to an article on Natural Society, Monsanto has allied with the notorious mercenary security group, Blackwater (now known as Academi) in the fight against anti-GMO protesters :

Monsanto and Blackwater are indeed working together to target anti-Monsanto activists and organizations. Known as far back as 2010, it was unveiled that Blackwater’s client list included Monsanto, Chevron, Walt Disney and many more. According to documents obtained by Scahill, it was also revealed that Monsanto was willing to pay upwards of $500,000 in order for Blackwater to join anti-Monsanto activist groups and infiltrate the ranks. Furthermore, a number of internet-based tactics could be utilized as incognito PR for Monsanto, who undoubtedly knew opposition would mount against their GMO crops as more individuals became aware of the dangers.

Don’t expect Monsanto to play fair.  Tami Canal doesn’t.

“I’m not really surprised by Monsanto and their tactics….their bottom line is at stake and as they have demonstrated time and again, profit is their main objective at any expense, whether it be humanity or the environment. I encourage our participants to remain peaceful on Saturday. Do not let the paid shills entice you to violence. March Against Monsanto is a peaceful campaign and our voices will resonate much more loudly if we remain calm.”

Saturday promises to be one of the biggest worldwide protests that has ever taken place, with over two million people signed up to attend marches all over the globe.  My children and I will absolutely be taking part in the historic event.  Make a sign and join in – there is sure to be a March near you!

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43 Comments  to  Monsanto Declares a Sneaky Social Media War Against Protesters

  1. ian robinson says:

    all i am asking is that monsanto labels what it is doing to the foods we are eating. they can do whatever they do but it is the consumer whom should be able to make an intelligent choice. if they are proud of what they are doing show us on the label. i’m willing to bet not enough people will buy any-thing with poison added.

  2. SUSAN EYRE says:

    Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of a growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warns “will most certainly” lead to world war. Read about the extreme toxicity near the end of the article – from the EU times

  3. Peter says:

    Here is a story about an App that you can use to scan bar codes to find the “corporate family tree” of products:

  4. Anarchocom says:

    I’m f-ing sharing right away!

  5. Peter says:

    Oops the website didn’t show–I’ll try it again and describe that the story was published in Forbes 5/14/13 in the “Retail” section.

  6. Patricia White says:

    Well well, I have just finished watching an amazing video about disease and GMO foods, it was over an hour long and had so much vital information, but when I finished watching it disappeared before I could share it, even off my history wall, There is a gap from 5.28am to 7.02am. No history at all! Now seeing this entry I can relate to how Monsanto is openly carrying on an internet war with anti-GMO activists.

  7. Deb says:

    I too have been attempting to post several informational articles, along with this one and they will not post on my timeline This has never happened before.

  8. Sundrop says:


    Your link won’t work. My browser went to a blank screen. hmmm.

  9. Danielle says:

    Genetic Roulette…is a MUST SEE video!!!

  10. Dick Inyermouth says:

    As much as I agree with the labelling of GMO’s and the inhierantly evil practices of Mondanto..this page..this article. .wreaks of propoganda.
    I wish to join the march..I will be there..but this post seems fishy to me.


  11. Di! says:

    Just don’t be too dissapointed if the main stream media totally ignores it. I have seen this happen all to often at large pro life marches. If it doesn’t fit theier agenda, then it did not happen

  12. Alan G. Croasdale says:

    I and my Occupy Norristown friends will be in Philadelphia Saturday!

  13. shazbha says:

    dont be like them square up , find direction

  14. Joy says:

    I went to try to pin this page to my Pinterest, and it wouldn’t let me, due to a link in the pin (This link: This is what the pop-up from Pinterest said:

    I ended up having to just replace the link with a link to this page (which is what I was doing the pin for anyway).
    I don’t know if Pinterest had a problem with the link itself, or the site the link was linked to. It was just odd that they gave me an issue about it.

    By the way, this is a great article! :)

  15. Gerry Steel says:

    I am banned already for posting ONLY THE TRUTH on their page, I was not abusive in anyway. Same for my friends too. They are criminals who cannot stand the sight of their own reflection.

  16. Cocky van Hesteren says:

    Let us focus on 25th of May on the things we are in favor of! We are PRO healthy soil, PRO gentechfree foods, we are PRO a sustainable environment! Let us resonate positiviness on the 25th May worldwide! Focus on the positive things we want in our lives, and Monsanto does not fit in this picture!
    We want our children and grandchildren to inherit a healthy and happy world…

  17. yental says:

    “The strangeness” is occurring EVERY WHERE Daisy. I consider this fact a testament to the growing effectiveness of non-STATE controlled media sources.

    “People” are actually waking up. TPTB would delight in hitting the “kill switch” but know this would “shake many that still slumber” immediately out of “their sleep”.

    For the time being, “the strangeness” will continue to ramp-up…continue to expose it and document the growing trend of today’s “Conspiracy Theory” rapidly becoming tomorrow’s Lame-MSM “Factual Headlines”.

    I believe WE are on the “razors edge” of a revolutionary change in the “mass deception/perception” finally evolving in OUR favor. Keep up the great work. :).

  18. Beth says:

    I think another thing that happens is that troll groups will like your FB page and then anytime your posts deal with non-GMO, the trolls are called in to mark it as spam thus flagging it on FB from further viewership.

    FB should have a spam notifier and contesting the spam process. Complicated but it’s the only way to ensure free speech when huge corporations have enough money and resources to squelch opinions and views that differ from their own.

  19. Misti says:

    I’m gonna start up my FB again and I still have Twitter and Pinterest and I’m gonna keep posting this stuff everywhere I can as often as I can. The more of us that do it, the harder it will be for them to keep up with us.

  20. Brian Sweeney says:

    Arrest everyone that ever had anything to do with criminal corporate destruction of the natural world created for all human beings. Oil, Gas, Transportation and Military etc…

  21. Jan H says:

    This AM, I “liked” the March against Monsanto FB page and the Non-GMO Verified FB page. Immediately after doing so, a box popped up on my home FB page, asking me to “complete” my information, asking for my current hometown and phone number, which I have never filled in on my FB page.
    This box has never shown up before – I find it “interesting” that as soon as I started adding anti-GMO items to my FB page, that FB is “suddenly” interested in where I live and how to contact me.
    After reading this story and the other comments and knowing what just happened to me, I’d definitely have to agree that Monsanto is playing hard-ball. Be careful out there if you are marching today.

  22. Sonny says:

    Wanted – Feathers and lots of them – I have plenty of Hot Tar – and also plenty of rope, but the feathers are alot harder to obtain.

    We are going to need alot of feathers when the real truth becomes known about the bunch of rat bastards running Monsanto Corp.
    How in the hell do these scumbags sleep at night, and they know exactly what they are doing

    Do all you can to educate those who do not know & do it calmly!

    “Let hy Food Be Thy Medicine Saith Our Lord”

  23. Gemma Peri says:

    I have been censored from posting the following on Anti-monsanto pages….

    Write to hardware stores asking them to stop selling neonicitinoids & roundup, the poisons that are killing birds, butterflies & bees in atrocious numbers.

  24. Was sent a video on YouTube by Gary Null concerning Gmo food. I lost the video twice, and had to start it over. Then, when I commented on the post and made it public by sharing it, my comment was never posted. ANYWHERE! How can I share my opinion, without it be deleted? Please inform me.

    • JoshS says:

      Wait, WHAT?
      You expect free speech? And to be allowed to state your opinion? Free speech doesn’t work like that! It’s more like “Free (until you say something we don’t like or want anyone else to know, so really all we do is prevent and minimize the voice of your) Speech”

    • Kimo says:

      Right here

  25. Rob Hurley says:

    Fix you’re stylesheets. This page is coming in completely garbled.

  26. Cantfiggeritout says:

    Great. At the end of ur article it has an ad for Scotts fertilizer. Random or another slap?

    • Daisy Luther says:

      Oh wow! I would hope it’s random! I certainly didn’t accept advertising from “the enemy”!!!!

  27. Debbi says:

    A separate independent social website for the people by the people that has security measures against electronic infiltration, negative derogatory comments designed for character assassination, and trolling. A site that is unreachable by corporate mercenaries and criminal activities that comes from groups like Blackwater.

  28. Sarah says:

    I am not sure what is going on. I seached for “boycott Monsanto” in Twitter. There was a page, @boycottmonsanto, that I did not follow. It is blank except having a huge banner with Monsanto’s logo. But now, whenever I try to tweet, my Twitter account will only let me tweet to that Monsanto page. There is a pop up that comes up with each tweet I try to compose. What is up with that?

    • Kimo says:

      Sarah sounds like ur being redirected, or botted, get some anti track apps. And blocking apps. AVG has some good free mobile apps

  29. Kimo says:

    Its TRUE. If the own the senators, and they do, its easy to own people that write code. Not only are posts being deleted, URLS moved, but e mails are being tampered with. Lies abound. Disinformation rampant. Daisy, we know ur putting it out there true and rightious, it is good you brought this up. Its been happening for awhile, even to the point of mirror sites. Entire sites, that proffess to be one thing, are in fact information collection sites. This is why I have no facebook page, or twitter. Daisy I KNOW is for real, or I would not type one letter.

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