It’s Perfectly Legal for Muslim Men to Rape Their 8 Year Old “Brides” Until They Die


Do you have any 3rd graders in your life?   If they’re anything like the little 8 year old girls I know, they are probably playing with My Little Ponies and Polly Pockets, going to school, listening to One Direction, and painting their fingernails (out on the back porch so as not to get nail polish all over the house).

Because that is the life of 8 year old girls in America.

In many Islamic countries, however,  8 year old girls are donning fancy white dresses and going to get married to adult men.  The picture below is of a mass wedding in Gaza. (see author’s note below)


Recent news reports from Yemen tell of such a child who died on her wedding night.

An 8 year old little girl named Rawan died from injuries sustained within her young, immature body when her 40 year old husband had intercourse with her.  The child bled to death in this perverted parody of a marriage after she was sold to her “husband” by her impoverished family.

It would be horrific enough if this was a one-time tragedy, but this is a regular custom for young Muslim girls, especially in impoverished countries.  In 2010, a 13 year old girl (a 7th grader in America) died the same way – she hemorrhaged for 5 days  until she bled to death after wedding night sex with her husband.  Also in 2010, another 12 year old girl  died in labor after struggling to give birth for 3 days.

Apparently girls are far easier to mold into “good Muslim wives” if you get them when they’re young.  More than a quarter of girls in Yemen are sold into marriage before the age of 15.

The husband of little Rawan was not arrested.  The parents of Rawan were not arrested.  This was all perfectly legal, so Rawan’s agonizing, terrifying death is considered just an unfortunate accident in Yemen, with no more blame laid than if she had been the victim of a random lightning strike or any other unpreventable incident.

This is part of Sharia law.  This is part of the “Religion of Peace.” Directly from the Quran:

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” — Bukhari 7.62.88

According to the site Wiki Islam, this type of pedophilia is not only acceptable, but encouraged.  Due to religious reasons, laws cannot be made to discontinue the sickening practice.

Due to its many endorsements within Islamic scripture, child marriages are permitted by the majority of Muslim scholars and leaders, and in many Islamic countries it is common practice. Girls far below the age of puberty are forcibly married to older persons (sometimes in their 50s and later) for various personal gains by the girls’ guardian or with the intention to preserve family honor by helping her avoid pre-marital sex.

Pedophilic Islamic marriages are most prevalent in Pakistan and Afghanistan, followed by other countries in the Middle East and Bangladesh.[5][6] This practice may also be prevalent to a lesser extent amongst other Muslim communities, and is on the rise among the growing Muslim populations in many non-Muslim countries, such as the United Kingdom[7] and the United States.[8]

In countries like Yemen, Bangladesh, Iran, and Northern Nigeria, attempts at reforming laws and banning child marriages have been opposed and stopped on the grounds that such a ban would be un-Islamic,[9][10][11][12][13] and in the case of Malaysia, the growing Muslim population has effectively turned back the clock on social progress by passing new laws which allow for the practice of pedophilic marriages specifically between followers of Islam.[14]

Human rights activists are rightfully outraged by these senseless deaths, but flouting hundreds of years of customs and a religion that is practiced by nearly a quarter of the world’s population has proven to be a difficult battle.  Those who disagree with these practices are being painted as intolerant, racist, and anti-Muslim. How dare we step on the tenets of their faith? If you say this is wrong in an Islamic country, you’re liable to get your head promptly lopped off.

This subject is certainly not one of the normal topics on my website, but as the mother of two precious girls, I feel obligated to say something for little Rawan and the thousands of other girls who are abused like this, and not just shake my head at the dreadful tragedy of the ordeal these little ones undergo.  This isn’t “Christian vs. Muslim”, but “Right vs. Wrong.”

You don’t have to be the parent of girls to be outraged by this practice and by the religion that turns it into a “right”. You just have to be a human being with a sense of right and wrong and one who believes that the innocence and well-being of children – wherever they happen to be born – should be protected.  I’ve always considered myself to be very tolerant of other people’s faith or personal belief system because I expect others to be tolerant of my right to believe the way I do.  But when horrific, fatal child abuse is sanctioned because the Quran says it’s okay – well, that is where I draw the line of tolerance and acceptance.

For now, however, the practice putting little girls in a pretty white dress and then raping them to death remains legal in many parts of the world because we certainly can’t infringe on the “religious freedom” that protects the dirty old men who believe it is their deity-given right to do so.


Thanks to NinaO for the links 

Author’s Note:  I’ve received numerous emails and comments that the photos above of the little girls were not wedding photos, as the websites where I found them indicated.  What remains inarguable is that little girls ARE being wed to adult men, and they are dying as a result of sexual intercourse at too young an age. It remains inarguable that part of the doctrine not only allows marraige to prepubscent children, but encourages it through example. ~ DL

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80 Comments  to  It’s Perfectly Legal for Muslim Men to Rape Their 8 Year Old “Brides” Until They Die

  1. Jamie says:

    That is awful! Thanks for speaking up for these little girls who have no voices. Too many others just keep looking the other way when things like this are discussed.

    • Dave says:

      This photo has been well debunked other than snopes.. Those little girls are nothing more than ring bearers and the older guys in the photo are getting married but to much older women.

      Please… this stuff makes conservatives look like ignorant rednecks. Most normal Muslims would never marry a 8 year old .. Warren Jeffs married young girls and had many wives does that mean all Christians are like him? No.

      Muslims find guys marrying 8 year olds as disgusting as we do..

      Think for yourself people..not what a website with an agenda(bare naked islam) tells you what to think.

      • DRK says:

        You could be right, but we need stories like this, otherwise killing Muslims would seem wrong.

      • Bradley Reason says:

        snopes is bee ess, it’s funded by soros

      • wilbert jennings says:

        So you are saying the Quran is a lie.

      • wilbert jennings says:

        Out of 66 stories verifying that the Quran allows Muslim men to marry little girls only one was supported as false. How come?

      • steve white says:

        Its disgusting to always hear about how most muslins oppose to these rituals, and how there are bad examples in Christianity as well. This is simply not true. The facts are: The muslim religion brings forth the most aggressiv activities and martial acts compared to any other religion, the muslim religion is the most intolerant religion, the muslin religious leaders in almost all cases do not publicly criticize violent acts. Observe closely, be honest, and judge for yourself.

        • Rick says:

          Its funny how Islam considers Judaism and Christianity as previous religions of itself. But Christians reject Muslims as just a false religion. I believe in god and no religion if that makes sense. I also don’t side with any particular political party. I feel that by viewing everybody from the outside I can see more and this has held true so far.

      • Christian Mickster says:

        I gotta tell ya guy #1 Warren Jeffs was a Mormon not a Christian
        Second I believe Muslims practice this ritual,I remember after the russians lost to Afghanistan the taliban came in and tormented the people.beheaded women and shot men in the Soccer Stadium and closed schools for young girls,raped young girls and young boys.

        I need to read the real Quaran to verify or unverify what Islam and Muslims use to practice their Sharia Law but Ron Howard’s wife snuck into Afghanistan and wrote about the bad treatment of women and young girls,these islamists are sick and love these excuses to inact these sick practices because The Quaran and Mohammed supposedly said go head,but there is a thing called a conscience,which they don’t want to use,I believe those pictures of young marriages could be very true and if so sick,but more verifification and other proof needs to be necessary to solidify this claim.
        But I certainly do not want a Colifa or Sharia Law to spread in the USA it is being used for certain law and court cases.Islam is not peaceful and Ishmael had a bad attitude after Abraham sent him out into the desert with his Mother who was his handmaiden and procreator of Ishmael who the Muslim’s worship and follow

    • Janice Day says:

      Its so true that too many prefer not to face these truly evil deeds. What can be done….I pray for Spirit Light to shine on these dark places but doesn’t seem enough.

  2. Kulafarmer says:

    This would be when an eye for an eye should be the rule.
    And our government is supportive of these back asswards people.
    I dont give a ceap how many thousands of years of customs are represented by this bullshit so called religion they are pretty much barbarians who need to be treated as such.

    • Cheyenne says:

      First of all let me say this comment is so incredibly racist that you sicken me to my core. To call it a bullshit religion is plain ignorant. Did you know that Jesus Christ was the most quoted prophet in the Quran? bet you don’t because you are too busy reading propaganda and soaking it in like a sponge. Another little fact America is one of the leaders in child sex crimes. As someone who has had the great honor of living in my middle east for a few years of my life i know that the people i have met would never commit such an unbelievably cruel crime. just like in every other country there are sick people, but to judge an entire culture on what a few men do is like saying because Casey Anthony killed her child and George Zimmerman killed another and got away with it that all Americans kill children and Christianity is a joke. come on common sense. MERICA!

      • Pencrna says:

        America is one of the leaders in child sex crimes because we actually hunt the Pervs down and prosecute them. Across the world sex slave trade is a big business and it includes children’s. playoffs to the right people keep it under wraps because Pervs I crease tourism

      • oz says:

        Do you mean the same Quran that says all those who do not convert to Islam should be separated from their head?

      • Janice Day says:

        But it is a fact that Muslim children are married off to older men, usually for money. Muslims don’t have a high regard for women…or little girls….they are brood mares and objects for their own disgusting pleasures. These actions are not those of normal civilised human beings. Those who don’t condemn it are as bad as those actually involved

      • wilbert jennings says:

        The joke is that Mohammed came along 300 years AD and forced his people to choose from 600 gods the one called Allah and proclaimed himself the prophet.Jesus is merely a prophet in the Quran not the son of GOD. Muslims force others to accept Mohammed or loose their heads ,Christianity(true Christianity)gives one a choice.Muslims are the ones protesting in the streets of London proclaiming their dominance over the world and their desire to behead any that offend them . By the way many of us have read your book of threats and we know exactly what you are capable of and are ready for you. The book of Revelation speaks of the final war prior to the return of JESUS and unlike you I pray you want go to hell but see the error of your way and accept Jesus. No man comes unto the Father except through JESUS. BY the way what did Mohammed do for you and yours. Did he speak of love and forgiveness and live what he preached. Did he also take the beating and torture for what he taught? Did he die and resurrect and walk the Earth witnessed by hundreds? Did Mohammed go to prepare a place for you ? NO ! He has given you nothing but war and death. He treats your women with no respect unlike Jesus as he died on the cross spoke to his Mother. Many are choosing side as we speak I pray you choose eternity with GOD.

        • Christian Mickster says:

          Wilbert Jennings
          Amen brother I am lost can’t be found but still believe in Jesus Christ and his dying for my sins,you are correct where is the proof Mohammed died and suffered for his people
          Ishmael fits in with all this,discruntled as not the chosen one for the Leader of the Israelites

          Kind of a bad trick for god to say it’s ok to do her your handmaiden cause Sarah couldn’t produce,than allow him to boot them out as Sarah wpuld have a son and he would be the leader,his name was Isaac,sorry Ishmael God’s will

          Hence why Muslim’s hate jews to this day but the jews will prevail.I married one we mis carriaged,i am barren,God said ain’t happening for you guys-get a dog
          Praise God
          I try to do his will,not always successful,pray for me,pray for all of us,we will see Jesus soon and probably as I’m seeing prophesy beeing fulfilled and revealed,sooner than later

      • Christian Mickster says:

        Are you lookin the other way,or can you prove the practice of young
        children female/male rape by Islamists and Muslims in The Middle East and Africa all over this world are not happening also your country and or region,my Catholic proests are doin it,Jewish Rabbis,people who hold authority,and if they get away with it,it is the paving and continued way of grooming for Nambla and God’s second coming of Soddom and Gomorha

        Your Islamic men have been groomed by Mohammed and his sick sexual practices and his pedophilic leaders and male followers,and allowed by scared women who are totally afraid to fight against these abuses of their children,and are brain-washed by their husbands and these self taught practices,and selling their children for sex as chattel to sustain their economic disparity,and finally why does Our Lord Our God allow this to go on
        or is the answer that we all need to as a World People stop this alltogether,Remember we fight wars over what we think is right and wrong,what if we just all group together and say we won’t tollerate this no matter what your religios beliefs are ,cause you are abusing humans

        I bet not everyone would think that would be right,cause of human rights,but others human rights are being abused.Oh! such a dilemma.we can’t do this or think of the solutions alone,only Our God,I Am can help us
        Pray to Him for the answer,not Mohammed but The real God,Jehovah

  3. americanaztec says:

    Hey Daisy hope you are well…..
    besides the DISGUSTING PERVERSE AND PEDOPHILIC behavior by these less than human assholes…dont forget what they do to boys….google…Bacha bazi…FRONTLINE did a documentary about it

    Bacheh-baazi, also known as bacchá or bacha bi-reesh, is sexual slavery and child prostitution in which prepubescent and adolescent boys are sold to wealthy or powerful men for entertainment and sexual activities.


    as much as I can appreciate TOLERANCE….there is no tolerating this DEMONIC act. when you begin to investigate and learn history, real history…then the perversion that these people practice becomes more VILE by the minute…Yeah I know that WW3 is being fought over the establishment of a natural gas pipeline basically; not to mention power, one world gov…etc…that we all know about….but this seems as the reason why they should just get rid of these people off the face of the earth. Its hard to advocate GENOCIDE, since my indigenous ancestors here in N. America and MesoAmerica were subjugated by the church historically…BUT THIS IS JUST DISGUSTING….
    they ALL NEED TO TAKE A DIRT NAP FOR ETERNITY….there is no was a HUMAN BEING with morals can ever justify this SICKNESS….F*!K THEM

  4. americanaztec says:

    sry…pressed wrong key before i finished post….
    THESE SUB HUMAN ANIMALS..also practice genital mutilation on their women by sewing their privates nearly shut…which of course makes intercourse painful….


  5. SouthernAZ says:

    Where is the outrage and cry for action among the US feminists? Where is NOW, now??

    • Dave says:

      Snopes is not a legitimate source for information.

    • Bradley Reason says:

      snopes is utterly illegitimate

    • Christian Mickster says:

      CG it is true,little child bride deathis true,or in your sick mind or your willing to turn a blind eye,do you believe it can’t or never occurred,cause I believe it’s happening,and some day soon with the same sick legislature that passed Obamacare,that Muslim whats his name Keith whatever will help pass a law that allows children to be married,Nambla are members who consists of powerful people,lawyers,legislature,doctors,police,judges etc…

      Same sex marriage was just the first straw,paving the way for other now-illegal acts,that will in future be laws that will be legal.unless we stop all this abuse against children all over the world

      What are you afraid of

  6. americanaztec says:

    by the way….this is one of the many reasons why I like reading Ann Barnhardt…

  7. Ms. Daisy,
    Thank you for all you do, especially this…
    You know, I consider Islam and Judaism, the followers of the Dark Impersonator ‘god’ of war; Yah, or ‘ah’lla, who is revealed as the Dark impersonator god YALtaboath, in the Gnosis. The fruits of any religion are easy to see, and we see a dark sickness within Islam, confusion in Christianity and a great arrogance within Judaism. I don’t personally condemn them, I consider them, and all of us, victims of all the religions of men, even Christianity has its darkness and confusion wrapped around light, which dims the knowledge with the mystery. This is why the Revelation of John, calls the Church and her daughters, the ‘Mother’ of Harlots who’s name is MYSTERY.

    Everything men do is relative, thus even evil is; relative… there is no absolute truth in the world, the world is consumed in sin and justifies it through religious ‘mystery’. Even Christians are full of evil and justified by their saying they’ll be ‘saved’ from their sins… as Martin Luther said;”sin boldly, yet trust in Christ more boldly.”, methinks they have a big wake up in store for them when they reach the Other Side.

    If you think about it; What is the primary doctrine of all churches and religions, especially Christian, Jew, and Islam?
    MYSTERY, and control of the sheep through fear, that keeps the people in apathy and submission to ‘Godly authority’. That which the rich and powerful use, knowing we are divided sheep. Knowledge is dangerous to the slave owner, this is how its been for thousands of years. Since the time of Babylon, the money, government and religions, have been joined together as One. A System by the elite for the Elites, the Head of Gold, that rules on the two legs of false ideology, and the ten tribes divided by doctrines of iron(mind) and clay(emotions).

    This is the greatest revelation of why we need the ancient Divine Knowledge to be revealed again. What was revealed by Enoch, and taught ‘privately’ by the Christ, that which was burned and ‘forbidden’ by the Church. The Revelation of Gnosis, proven in the Unified Field of God, the Knowledge which conquers the darkness, so that the “Mystery of God is finished…

    • anon says:

      Piper just played the true tune, we may not want to dance.. visit Joe Dan media, visit bare naked sharia..and LOOK around yourselves, look for new faces, and learn facial reconition, lean what certain tattoos mean, ull get a big surprise..

    • wilbert jennings says:

      The joke is that Mohammed came along 300 years AD and forced his people to choose from 600 gods the one called Allah and proclaimed himself the prophet.Jesus is merely a prophet in the Quran not the son of GOD. Muslims force others to accept Mohammed or loose their heads ,Christianity(true Christianity)gives one a choice.Muslims are the ones protesting in the streets of London proclaiming their dominance over the world and their desire to behead any that offend them . By the way many of us have read your book of threats and we know exactly what you are capable of and are ready for you. The book of Revelation speaks of the final war prior to the return of JESUS and unlike you I pray you want go to hell but see the error of your way and accept Jesus. No man comes unto the Father except through JESUS. BY the way what did Mohammed do for you and yours. Did he speak of love and forgiveness and live what he preached. Did he also take the beating and torture for what he taught? Did he die and resurrect and walk the Earth witnessed by hundreds? Did Mohammed go to prepare a place for you ? NO ! He has given you nothing but war and death. He treats your women with no respect unlike Jesus as he died on the cross spoke to his Mother. Many are choosing side as we speak I pray you choose eternity with GOD.

    • wilbert jennings says:

      That sounds out there , so allow me to suggest that when GOD (they) created Earth and then created (cloned) man in their image that they indeed where not from Earth but rather an interracial race. They later wiped out humanity as a cleansing because of their rejection of the standards set to keep mankind healthy. Later Mary was artificially inseminated with the seed of what became JESUS. Jesus taught through his entire ministry that he was doing his Fathers business. He then did many supernatural (not of this Earth) things. He was beaten so severely that only one with supernatural abilities could have endured. He suffered , died and was buried but arose to walk the Earth(not a zombie)then flew off into the heavens.Probably beamed up. ( not unlike beam me up Scottie). Religion is man made, resulting in the many denominations that have elected to pick and choose what they want to believe out of the recorded history (BIBLE). The Bible speaks of many situations that appear to be speaking of things not of this Earth at that time and may be yet to be shared with modern day society.The teaching of JESUS by THE PEOPLE of THE WAY using the BIBLE has helped many nations to sustain itself for years. These teachings seem to be the only teachings that offend followers of other beliefs. I as a Viet Nam Vet never heard one man call out for anyone other then GOD or JESUS when wounded or dying. America owes a lot to the teachings of GOD through their churches ( that have become colleges)for there have been many times where faith was all we had. Take that away and all we have is nothing for we are born and we die and that is it. BUT we are told by JESUS ( one not of this Earth) that he went to prepare for our coming and he would return to retrieve us. Think maybe the UFO’S are a scouting party ?

    • Christian Mickster says:

      Piper Michael
      Jesus is real,are you a jehovah’s witness,or do you believe in another crazy twisted religion that you think you are following in God I Am
      Jesus and Christianity are the only true religion,as long as your heart and you are confused in what is the true religion to follow as God has given the jews,as they don’t believe that Jesus Christ is truly the son of God and died for our sins,you will still be saved and go to heaven

      I am still working on that and not sure I will get to heaven,but truly getting to Hell does not have it’s rewards

  8. americanaztec says:

    Daisy, apparently a friend sent me some info from snopes that says the pic of the little girls was a marriage to normal aged women…HOWEVER.. i sent him some links to the three you referenced above directly as well as the link for the FRONTLINE documentary….just in case other doubters…


    well…although the mass child wedding may not be true?…the three articles that are referenced are from other sources…
    comments are from UAE

    this article has pic of 40 y.o. sicko

    Faiz, 40, and Ghulam, 11, sit in her home prior to their wedding in the rural Damarda Village, Afghanistan on Sept. 11, 2005. Ghulam said she is sad to be getting engaged as she wanted to be a teacher.

    Nujood Ali was ten when she fled her abusive, much older husband and took a taxi to the courthouse in Sanaa, Yemen. The girl’s courageous act and the landmark legal battle that ensued turned her into an international heroine for women’s rights. Now divorced, she is back home with her family and attending school again.

    of course the shit they do to lil boys has got to go….

    • anon says:

      american aztec, remeber, its OK for them to lie to you, and lie they are, about thier true intentions. The religion is political, and evil. and they want YOU, your head to be exact. make no mistake. I AM anonomous

  9. Dawn says:

    For all of you that want to believe that this evil is not happening in the world of Islam, you should visit . This site has a tremendous amount of information from Islam from all the reaches around the world. Islam is a political system, not a religion. If we are not observant and vigilant to realize that Islam is creeping its way into American cities all over, then our children and families will suffer the same fate. We must not let this happen. To all who say “co-exist”, you need to understand that Muslims don’t co-exist; they either slaughter you if you don’t submit to Islam, or make you their slaves. Look it up, it has always been in their history to destroy and take over a country.
    Keep the Gulen school system from a Turkish Muslims out of our schools. Why are American schools making Muslim holidays, overwhelming teaching about Islam, ignoring Christianity and Judaism. They are slowly transforming our nation to a Sharia state. No more mosques, no more Muslims. We must wake up that they are taking over our country. These are not peaceful neighbors.
    Stop Halal food in stores! Have you seen halal slaughter practices? Where is PETA on this?
    The Muslim Brotherhood is in our government.
    Please wake up America and start to research and understand the evil that Islam is, or America is lost.

  10. anon says:

    Thank you Daisy, for those of you who are not aware, its VERY true, and they are within our nation, and out government. What is happenning, is very evil, and hidden, rememer what the coran sats, “its ok to lie to the infedel” YOU friends, ME, are the infedel. Time to awaken to the real problem, start browsing, look who the heads of homeland security are, look close at the recent dc shooting, false flags,did you know swat was there, and ewere told to stand down? yep, the news media, is playing all like a fiddle. if your just learning about this, your about 6 years behhind, study fast..


    This is what’s to be expected from a “religion” that had as its prophet a Godless, murdering, opium polluted, child raping degenerate named Muhammad.

  12. Dave says:

    This is NOT a wedding pic and those girls are not being married off. It is a traditional muslim ceromony..symbolic only..sorta like our young ring bearers. The men in the pics are the older brothers of the girls.
    I know plenty of muslims and 99.99% would never marry a 8 year old..

  13. Sherry says:

    I’m troubled by the deceptiveness of this posting, understanding that it may be unintentional. The photos are not of child brides. Check out the snopes site and see what the photographer has to say. It wouldn’t surprise me to discover that pedophilia exists in the Muslim world – it exists in the non-Muslim world, too. (Priests, anyone?) So I guess Islam isn’t the reason…

    Maybe there are just people – doing good, doing bad, regardless of religious affiliation. Pedophilia is abhorrent, and needs to be confronted and stopped, wherever it is taking place. Pouring political/religious hatred into a world already full of it won’t help.

  14. Getagrippeople says:

    There are people of every Religion who do/do not follow ALL of the scripture(s) There are plenty who also practice their own personal interpretation of any given faith. As an EXAMPLE, one could use the FLDS vs true LDS. Stereotyping people, religions and culture is exactly that, a stereotype, a broad and general definition of a group, which is not to imply ALL Muslims are practicing this specific atrocity. While the photo MAY not apply to this specific report, it does apply to the subject matter in the sense that it portrays older men holding the hands of younger girls and they are wearing Wedding Attire. SNOPES isn’t any more reliable a source of truth than what one reads in a newspaper or watches on mainstream media. There are legitimate links to the reports of the monstrous behavior of SOME Muslim men who have committed these acts, and if one goes digging she/he will come across many more stories like this. It HAPPENS in every country, it is practiced by people of faith who believe it is their right, and by people of no faith, and by those who hide their pedophilia behind the veil of Religion. It is torture, it destroys innocence, and these predators deserve to die because of what they are doing (or have done)regardless of faith, culture or religious freedoms.

  15. Adalberto Cervantes says:

    I scaped from the Islamo Nazis NSA employees that helped mafias like the Black Panthers. Thanks to my dual citizenship and mexican Passport, I scaped from the Islamo Nazis NSA employees and their sathellites 5 big IT indian companies working illegaly in the States. NSA and other US intelligent agencies are infiltrated by Indians of Islam and Nazis. They are giving confidential data to 5 Big IT Indian Companies to expand their business on base of business fraud. And manipulation of global mafias around the world . Walmart is not wasting time. It is using their parking áreas to sell also ilegal stuff after working hour, How are they paying to low to the employees?

  16. Snoops says:

    No wonder our soldiers threw their Koran into the toilet– that’s where it belongs! F*@#*&@ ba#@**!!!

  17. Stealth Spaniel says:

    Snopes is nothing but an Obama idolatry website, composed of attorneys and other ilk who support the NWO and will do anything to support Barak Hussein Obama-also known as Barry Sotero. Why is everyone pointing to them as an honest purveyor of truth??
    I have never known any Muslim who is peaceful, loving, or open minded. The ones who have left the Burqua of Freedom have no problem telling what it was like to be locked into the Mohammed Mind Set. I went to college with a girl from Africa. Her first act, after getting here, was to renounce Islam, throw out the burqua, shorten her dresses, and buy a bicycle. During the discussions about other governments in the world, this chick had no reserve when it came to praising America. Muslim women cannot straddle a bicycle-they can only …..well, you get the idea. She berated all of us for not recognizing the freedoms that we have.

  18. IndividualAudienceMember says:

    americanaztec says, “their [..] HATE MONGERING “RELIGION” JUST NEEDS TO BE EXTERMINATED…”

    That just about sums it up for a lot of non-thinking people.
    If you can’t see the irony in that quote, I think something is wrong with you.

    In a way, this post makes it seem like our forefathers were evil monsters for getting married and starting families when they were 12-14 years of age.

    I’m quite shocked to see Daisy take this stance.

    I wonder how the Native Americans fit into this storyline?

    Regardless, true or false, it’s their religion, their ways, in their land,… not ours.

    This post seems to support the idea that the unitedstate should be the world’s policeman to stop anything contrary to western views. How so very NWO.

    And it seems as if Daisy thinks little girls in America Never play “Doctor” WTF?

    Please, get off your high horse.

    You probably don’t care, but if this is how you reason, I think I’ll stop visiting your webpage no matter how much we click on so many other issues.
    We’ve got no pedestal to stand on to condemn them when (with our money) our gooberment tortures people and drone bombs innocents.

    I hope someday you see the light.

    • IndividualAudienceMember says:

      I kind of expected a response.

      [No, not from you, Nazi.ismael. Psft.]

      The Non-Aggression Principle.
      Busy Body.
      Each to his own.

      And all the rest that I wrote.

      I suppose those thougts go off into space.
      Meaning noting.
      To no one.

      Such is life.
      I can only hope it started a frozen wheel spinning.

      • Daisy Luther says:

        I’m sorry that you are unhappy with my stance on this issue. You’ve long been one of my favorite commenters. If you notice, in my article I stated: This is not about Christian vs Muslim, but right vs. wrong.

        Not just as the mother of girls, but as a human being, I can have no other stance but to say that raping little girls is wrong. That is what the article is about – a rampant abuse that continues to go on in the name of religion.

        I don’t care what religion it is – when it calls for the abuse of those weaker, it’s wrong.

        I rarely respond in the comments to things that are not direct “how-to” questions because I don’t want to argue and alienate people. I leave the comments as a place for the readers to discuss the topic.

        I hope that you continue to read and participate, but my thoughts on this specific practice that I have outlined in the article are clear. It is a faith-sanctioned pedophilia and the children are victims.

        Whatever your decision, all the best to you and thank you for your participation.


        • Individualaudiencemember says:

          Thank you for the reply, Daisy.

          I appreciate your exception.

          Your words have been painfully on my mind for awhile.

          “faith-sanctioned pedophilia and the children are victims.”

          Yes, that’s exactly how people see my american (and many others) ancestors who married at 12 to 14yrs of age. [Yours too?]

          I guess I can only hope you have this approach:

          “I do not favor bombing socialists or Muslims just because I disapprove of them.”

          I’m guessing you’re not a Christian. I suppose you’d rain down hell on Lot for having children with his daughters?

          Anyway, I like a lot of what you write.

          I’m sorry we’re so far apart on this.

          Peace unto you.

          • Daisy Luther says:

            IAM ~

            No, I don’t believe that we should go blow people up because of their beliefs. I’m anti-war and anti-violence any time that I can safely be so. And yes, I’m a Christian.

            Best wishes to you.


  19. Nazi.ismael says:

    hahah you are stupid

    1/5 Pedophilia In ISLAM? Pédophilie Muhammad and aisha mariage?
    see also 2/5 ,3/5, 4/5, 5 /5

  20. SJ says:

    This photo has been debunked and UNTRUE now PLEASE take it down and stop all this HATE! Don’t you people realize that this crap is about Divide and Conquer? You think that you are so much better than the brown guys. Grow up and do some real research before jumping on the KILL ALL MUSLIMS bandwagon. This totally disgusts me!

    • IndividualAudienceMember says:

      Thanks for saying that, SJ.
      I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one.

      And, this really sucks, because I was just getting to like this Daisy chick. And then she had to go and do this.

      …I don’t want to leave this site.

      But I feel I must.

  21. Pencrna says:

    While the photos are deceiving, I have a friend who was stationed in Iraq. He was disgusted by the way they dress little boys up in “dresses” to have pleasure sex with them. Their wives are considered dirty and only for procreation. He said their was reference to menstruation and being ‘dirty’. He was there for dessert storm and the most recent war, um I mean ‘conflict’

    I know not all Muslim men participate in this practice, as all or none is a rarity. However, it is sanctioned in the Quran. Folks who grow up with extremist sharia law know no different unless they have the money or means to gain acces to the outside world or get out. I urge you to watch “notes on al Qaeda” watch how dozens of Muslim girl children were made to burn alive because they were in night gowns and not ‘ properly covered” to be rescued.

    It’s a disgusting situation in these countries and now in the UK.

    • IndividualAudienceMember says:

      Yeah, so I came back one last time (hoping like an Obamatron?) for a change from this author. I guess there isn’t one. What a let down.

      Pencrna seems to be doing a good job for the NWO too. He urges us to watch “notes on al Qaeda”. But wait a minute, the al Qaeda is actually directed and funded by the C.I.A. So if you think about it, things might become a bit strange.

      The stories might be that they are burning witches at the stake, how-freaking-ever; it’s their country, not ours.
      And, the unitedstate is Not the policeman to the world, as much as it tries. Nor should it ever be.

      I guess the real question you should be asking yourself is: how much of my tax Dollars (and bond purchasing) are going towards supporting this situation?

      So, in the end, if you really don’t like the idea of what they do in their own country, you should stop paying for it.

      Can you?

    • czar says:

      Sanctioned by Islam? Having same sex marriage is a big sin as well as extra marital sex in Islam. Period.

  22. Nazi.ismael says:

    1 zionist propaganda it is a party and nothing to do with marriage
    girls withs theirs fathersand brothers

    like this in bulgaria:


  23. Nazi.ismael says:

    atheism and Agnosticism:pedophilia,incest,Zoopholia

  24. Disappointed says:

    I’m very disappointed in this article and Daisy’s decision to keep the misleading photos attached to this post. Very irresponsible posting from someone who’s prepping articles I’ve enjoyed greatly. There is much I could say in response to this but I feel it will be falling on deaf ears. I, like others, will also not be returning.

  25. Odiedo Stephen (from Kenya) says:

    Truly sorry for little Rawan. Poor child. May she find peace in a better place than this world gave her in her short heartbreaking life. Poor child. Peace, Rawan.

  26. Leenna says:

    I Hate READING Crap like this on the internet. its not true. look theres crazy people in the world. in ALL Religions not just islam. but apparently cause were all saddam husseins and osama bin laden were terrorists. and terrible people. get a life everyone.

  27. Musa says:

    I feel sorry about the author and the people who may believe his shits, why? because they are losing to understand the truth>>>Islam is respecting woman more than other religion>>>> please contact me if you want to know the truth

  28. KING says:

    I is very easy to say anything you want but when imposing such serious allegations at least do a deep research into what you are saying.

    Have a look here…

    And what opinion do you have of BDSM and bondage style sex, there are thousands of western websites depicting sex with underage girls, what do you say to those Mr Sex abstainer ?

    I am a muslim, and in my society we only marry with an age difference of 1-3 years between the bride and the groom.

    Yes some people may follow bad practices but this does not mean that you will trash everything with your foul speech !!

  29. Faraz says:

    Islam is the true religion of all mankind even after 1400 yrs. Now the family system especially in western countries has lost. the child as well as mother does not know who is the real father. American/Western policies have spread poverty, resulted in hatred from which you called third world. If anything wrong is done by any muslim it is called terrorist, while the drone strikes has killed thousands of innocent children & women & this is called self defence, war on terror, freedom for people…. shame on you

  30. Hava says:

    First of all, Islam ONLY ALLOWS MARRIAGE WHEN BOTH HAVE REACHED PUBERTY OR MATURITY. I don’t know where you’re getting all this from, but listen to me; there ARE fake version of the Quran that say child marriage is legal but trust me when I say, IT IS NOT. Getting married at 14.. that is allowed BUT the girl has a choice. If she wishes to get married to that guy, then she can. IF SHE REJECTS, then the marriage HAS TO BE ANULLED. No exceptions. All these sites that say otherwise are just a bunch of people who hate the Islam and will make up fake stories, fake
    laws and even create a fake Quran because they’re THAT hateful and evil. I’ve read the Quran, you can even search for translations but it’s not a book filled with “What you can do and can’t.” One of the Surahs in the Quran was so beautiful, that it brought me happiness. I was depressed and felt like Allah hated me because I had such a horrible life but reading the things that were written in the Quran brought me happiness. It says that with every darkness, comes a morning brightness. It says that Allah will bring us happiness soon. It says that he loves us more than we love our parents. It says that soon, the darkness will go away and that whenever we feal lost, he’ll guide us but only if we believe in him and love him as much as he loves us. The Quran says that and you might not believe me, but I think it was 93:6. Now these fake Qurans may have something way different written because, you hate Islam so much that you want to hide all the good that is in the Islam and the Quran. The Quran says killing innocent people is the biggest crime you commit. So those guys are probably rotting in hell. Now the BIG QUESTION you ask is; then why they did they do it? Simple: On your right shoulder you have an angel whispering you the right thing to do. On your left shoulder you have a devil telling you to do the wrong thing and not listen to the angel. They believe that they’ll go to paradise and get 72 virgins which is FALSE. The Quran does say that a martyr gets 72 virgins for his deeds and I’m one of those who believes it to be false. I do believe that a martyr will go to paradise because they died because they believed in Islam, no matter how much they were tormented, like the people dying in Syria everyday because they refuse to stop being a muslim and get killed for it. The Quran says: Do not blow yourselves or anyone else up.
    These girls were not allowed to marry, as the Quran says, but they did it anyway!!! Parents are not allowed to force a girl to marry someone but yet these parents sold these girls ANYWAY. “The Quran allowed it.” Is only a false excuse for some men to rape little girls and since a lot have been doing it, they call it “innocent child-marriage allowed by the Quran” while they just want to rape girls instead of marrying a decent islamic woman. Now to those of you saying that muslim girls can’t do anything; Islam is one of the only religions that RESPECTS AND PROTECTS women. No girls can’t wear small skirts, show half their body in public, WHY?? Not because they’re some slaves but TO KEEP THEM SAVE. Like the Hijab. Who do you think a rapist will grab when they see two girl walking next to each other in the street; The girl with the mini-skirt, tanktop where you can see her belly and half her breasts and the long seductive hair or the girl that’s safely wearing a Hijab??? Why can’t we drink alcohol? Because if you do, you might get raped, rape someone, ge pregant accidentally, knock some poor girl up, do something really bad, have a car crash and even worse, kill someone. Christians aren’t allowed to drink alcohol either so why does half the world do it? Who is the real bad guy here? Why aren’t we allowed to smoke ciggarettes and do drugs?? I don’t even have to answer that one; it can kill you. So you see, all the Quran is trying to do is keep the human being safe and sound, even if that means doing a bit extreme things because in the end, we live seventy-eighty-ninety years of life being good and nice, doing what Allah asked us and treating the world right and after that, we’ll go to paradise. We’ll spend eternity and be rewarded with anything we can dream of there. Yes, there are a lot of muslims who do bad things but don’t you look left an right acting innocent like you don’t know of anything because the majority of the crimes in the world are caused by Christians and non-believers. Don’t get me wrong, I have big respect for every religion and every sexuality even if you might find that weird because I’m a muslim girl but it’s not the Islam that’s bad, it’s not the Christians that are bad neither are the Judish people and all the others things. Quite frankly, it’s the human being itself that’s evil. It’s the devil that’s causing this. Every bad that has ever happened in this world is not caused by muslims, christians, …. it’s caused by evil people who decided have decided to listen to their bad side instead of the good.

  31. bala says:

    please open the above web site example read the clip I pasted:-

    “In the Gemara that follows the Mishnah of Kethuboth 11a (cited above), the Sages discuss the issues. They say having intercourse with a girl younger than three is like putting a finger in the eye. Rabbi Dr. Daiches explains in the footnotes that, just as tears come to the eye again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years”

    what! do you say about this?.

  32. citizen says:

    Unbelievable at just how many pseudo-religious nuts and SYMPATHISERS this article brought out, in the stead of any true helpers! Truly shows the current brainwashed state of our world. Sad, really…

  33. Charlie ph says:

    This is actually illegal in these countries and usually this happens because the family want to sell there daughts to these perverted men.

    This issue shouldn’t be based on a religion because it doesn’t matter whether your Muslim, Christian or atheist children are being abused. It doesn’t matter if your black or white, rich or poor, live in australia or Kenya child sexual abuse is everwhere.

    Stop blaming the religion and realise that it’s actually a world wide issue.

    And also how many of you have actually read the Quran? Islam is a very old religion just like christianality etc. if Islam was in English and was more of a ” white” religion then this article probly wouldn’t exist.

  34. Sunil Valmiki says:

    He was not Human he was evil…..

  35. Sajo says:

    Do all who read this are stupid enough to belive it hahaha those young childs in pic. Are not the wifes haha they just their relatives who walk with them to the festival hahaha just like the kids who join soccor players to the feild before the match hahahah ,,, i thought western people are wise enough to know such a fals stories ,, they have muslims comunity at their place and can judge hahaha

  36. eshekh says:

    this is not from qoran.

    “The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” — Bukhari 7.62.88

    by the way, i am not a muslim. just wanted you to know that it was a hadith, its not a quotation from qoran.

  37. Rozina Khan says:

    Its looks like that all of the comments has a sumary the same; six years or nine years , child marriage, Islam & prophet Muhammad!
    Before Islam and after Jessus about 500 years, what were the currcimtances, you all knew that! The simple thing is Prophet Muhammad was a symbol for the entire univers not for Muslims or non Muslims, the several changs have been made in Bible by the church, and in Bible, its told that you all have to follow Muhammad. Every thing that is written in Qura’an is forever no one can chang a single letter from its original place, this is the most powerful statment that Qura’an has said, if you have ,any one has a courage of it… just do try it.
    Now the thing is why six years, nine years and thirteen years? A boy or girls physical mature in the age of 12, some girls has periods strating from 10, or may be later depending health conditions…
    How many girls looses their virignity in the age of 11 or more in America and other western countries? How many cases that shows the ratio of child sexual abuses? Father abuses his own daughter in America. These are not rapes , these are based on mutual understanding… So Muhammad’s action is for future prediction and shows us(muslims) a way that what you should have to do, otherwise its a sin!
    Islam is a universal religion not just for the world we lives, what if in near future human made colonies on Mars? Islam will be there!

    • an dernot says:

      just a minute : a adult touching sexualy a child less then 12 is a pedhophile : not more and nit less and belongs into jail.
      Leaf a child child until 14 years at least.
      and have respect for not islam women don’t force them to wear those stupid burqas when they visit those countries. Wear them welve and keep your dirty fingers of me and other wonem.
      Rapists you are.

    • an dernot says:

      just a minute : a adult touching sexualy a child less then 12 is a pedhophile : not more and nit less and belongs into jail.
      Leaf a child child until 14 years at least.
      and have respect for not islam women don’t force them to wear those stupid burqas when they visit those countries. Wear them welve and keep your dirty fingers of me and other wonem.
      Rapists you are.

  38. A Muslim says:

    Thank you hava for clarifying it all to everybody. as a muslim i abhorr any case of child abuse and say that this is not what Islam is. whoever wrote that article should check with REAL muslims about the REAL Islam.

  39. Jan says:

    NO NO NO, this pictire is the Day of the liberation of Palestinian Prisoners by the occupation israeli forces, and the little girls are members of their familyies, they receive them, THATS ALL

  40. Jan says:

    As a Muslimn Islam never ask or allow to marry or to rape child, there is a legal age announced by the LAW, in my countru it’s 18 YO, thank you for reading

  41. an dernot says:

    fact is that the Islam is not more than an excuse to abuse little girls. It’s no religion just an excuse to have in those countireis sec abuse.
    a real religion has respect and love for all members from both sexes.
    and muslims don’t have respect : not for their women, not for their female girls and surely not for non muslim women.
    I as a businesswomen was once in Saudi Arabia : they looked as me and traeth me as a whore.

  42. Yo mam says:

    Not much different than molesting 8 year old kiddies while giving them the sacrament. Evil lurks everywhere,and is especially strong among those who throw stones at others

  43. sheikh shazad says:

    While listing names of Muslims during the first days of Islam, Aisha’s name, together with her older sister Asma, are listed immediately after the names of the Sabiqun al-Awwalun (the first ones) like Uthman ibn Affan, Zubayr ibn Awwam, Abdurrahman ibn Awf, Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas, Talha ibn Ubaydullah, Abu Ubayda ibn Jarrah, Arqam ibn Abi al-Arqam and Uthman ibn Maz’un. Being the 18th person to accept Islam, Aisha’s name precedes the names of Umayr ibn Abi Waqqas, Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, Salit ibn Amr, Ja’far ibn Abi Talib, Abdullah ibn Jahsh, Abu Hudayfa, Suhayb ibn Sinan, Ammar ibn Yasir, Umar ibn Khattab, Hamza ibn Abdilmuttalib, Habbab ibn Aratt, Said ibn Zayd and Fatima bint Khattab [9]. This means she was living then and was mature enough to make such a choice and exercise her will. In addition, the information in reports that “she was a small girl then” shows that her name was mentioned in a conscious way [10]. 

    This date refers to the early days of Islam. For it is known that Aisha’s sister Asma, who was born in 595, was 15 when she became a Muslim [11]. This indicates the year 610, when the Prophet started to receive the revelation and this then shows that Aisha was at least 5, 6 or 7 that day and that she was at least 17 or 18 when she married the Prophet in Medina. 

  44. sheikh shazad says:

    That phot u pick from any where in website is not right and not a picture of nikah or wedding ceremony so dont try to make fool any one that’s not right and islam also not give the permission for this type of marraiges and one thing …take pressure on ur mind and think better

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