Indoctrination: 4-H Sells Its Soul to Monsanto and the US Soybean Council

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If you’re looking for wholesome activities for your kids, you might be considering something like 4-H.  Geared towards an agricultural lifestyle, the 4-H Youth Development Organization seems like a great way for your child to hang out with other kids who are interested in more than the latest TV reality show. Doesn’t this sound great?

4-H is the nation’s largest youth development and empowerment organization, reaching more than 7 million 4-H youth in urban neighborhoods, suburban schoolyards and rural farming communities.  Fueled by university-backed curriculum, 4-H’ers engage in hands-on learning activities in the areas of science, healthy living, and food security. (source)

Unfortunately, 4-H has sold out and become irrevocably tainted by it’s corporate donors.  The roster reads like a Who’s Who list of evil corporations, including the ever evil Monsanto, the eugenicists extraordinaire at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United Soybean Board (don’t forget that 90% of the soybeans produced in America are GMO), Coca-Cola (who spent over $1.5 million to fight against the labeling of GMOs in California), Big Biotech buddies Cargill and DuPont, and Big Pharma representative, Pfizer.

Dr. Joseph Mercola revealed the appalling corporate connections in an article on his site. He wrote eloquently:

The organization is extremely influential to children, impacting their intellectual and emotional development through their numerous programs and clubs. Unfortunately, Monsanto is using its partnership with 4-H as a vehicle to worm its way into your child’s mind in order to influence her developing beliefs and values.

Children are like little sponges, soaking up everything they see and hear, which makes them particularly vulnerable to being sucked in by propaganda.

And the effects could be life-long—at least they’re intended to be. Indeed you’d be hard-pressed to convince an adult, who from childhood was taught the merits of genetically engineered foods, that there’s anything wrong with such alterations of the food supply.

If your child is involved in 4-H, it would be wise to monitor the messages she’s getting, given this organization’s  corporate sponsors and alliances.

4-H is really the perfect vehicle for Big Ag to manipulate an entire generation, using tactics not that different from the youth indoctrination strategies employed by political extremists in order to gain children’s trust and then “groom” them however they wish.

Think about it—what better way to control the future of our food system than to brainwash 6.8 million impressionable youth into believing that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are safe and beneficial, if not the answer to all the problems of the world? (source)

Obviously, when an organization is given millions of dollars, they will provide the messages that the corporate sponsors want them to provide. Would they speak out against GMOs when biotech is the one that funds them?  Of course not. A quick visit to their website takes you to the “AgriScience” page, where it blatantly says, “The 4-H AgriScience curriculum and supporting programming has been created to cultivate the emerging study of biotechnology and business/economics in the agriculture industry.” (emphasis mine)

The page goes on to discuss the involvement of the US Soybean Council (remember, these aren’t organic soybeans we’re talking about!) with the indoctrination…oops – I mean, curriculum.

National 4-H Council partnered with the United Soybean Board (USB) and five state 4-H programs to conduct AgriScience/Biotechnology programs in ten urban areas of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Ohio. In addition to providing an introduction to AgriScience/Biotechnology, youth learned concepts such as Agricultural Literacy, Global Food Security, Sustainability, and about the variety of career paths associated with the field. A total of 82 teenagers were extensively trained, and in turn, reached 620 youth in afterschool and summer programs during 2012. Each of the sites involved biotechnology partners from agribusinesses, commodity groups, and universities. (source)

For those who couldn’t attend and be brainwashed in person, power point presentations are available on PDF.

But it gets even worse.  Dr. Mercola’s article also points out that Public Enemy Number 1, Monsanto, is actually training 4-H volunteers!

Pro-GMO propaganda would be easy to weave into 4-H’s program since they already occupy the role of teaching children the art of farming, and in their position of authority, children would never question it. Monsanto is now also training tens of thousands of 4-H volunteers, according to an article in 4-Traders:

“In 2007, Monsanto expanded its 4-H volunteerism support by funding state and regional development. More than 52,600 volunteers have attended Monsanto-supported forums and training events in 50 states, three US territories and four Extension regional forums.”  (source)

Monsanto also boasts of the connection on their website.  Read between the lines and you’ll find this to be a rather chilling message.

The motto of the world’s largest youth organization is “To Make the Best Better.” This is honored by Monsanto as we are proud to share and support the motto of 6.8 million youth, aged 5-21, who are involved in 4-H programs annually. 4-H can be found in every county in every U.S. state, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and more than 80 countries around the world.

As 4-H programs continue to develop youth to reach their fullest potential through developing life skills, learning by doing, and utilizing the knowledge of the land-grand university system, we at Monsanto directly support the program in many ways, including the 4-H Volunteer Initiative, which attracts volunteers who coordinate local community clubs and help to plan and conduct local, regional, state and national 4-H events. (source)

That’s right…Monsanto is directly influencing the developing minds of 6.8 million kids per year.  Let that terrifying figure sink in.

If your kids are already involved in 4-H, please take a close look at what they’re being taught, because damage control may well be in order.

Biotech will stop at nothing to dominate American agriculture.  From their website called GMOAnswers, which is nothing but a compendium of disinformation, to the use of cartoons to make their ways of farming seem normal and acceptable, this is just another terrifying effort to control the minds of the future farmers of this country so that they believe the benefits of toxic farming methods outweigh the horrific damage caused by it, as was tragically seen on the island petri dish of Molokai, Hawaii.

The corporate sponsorship of 4-H is a match made in hell.  A once-positive organization for kids has sold its soul to corporate sponsors,  and the insidious brainwashing may well put GMO-tainted food on every plate in America within the next 20 years. If you think that the cancer epidemic is outrageously high now, just wait. The USDA keeps approving the use of ever-more-toxic chemicals, and through 4-H propaganda, an entire generation of future farmers is being taught that this is the best way to feed the world.

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16 Comments  to  Indoctrination: 4-H Sells Its Soul to Monsanto and the US Soybean Council

  1. Hopenjoy says:

    I’m a rural county employee coordinating the 4-H programs for our land grant college Extension Service…honestly, I’ve never seen any propaganda or pro-GMO or pro-Montsanto type information coming from our state or national 4-H offices. Yes, the money is there, it is funding a variety of 4-H youth development activities, but I don’t see much influence beyond that. I received a grant several years ago which was indirectly tied to the Gates Foundation, I used it to take local kids on three all-day hikes with meals provided, including giving the kids experience with outdoor cooking and purchasing food at the local farmers market. The focus was healthy living and overcoming barriers to getting kids outside. 4-H staff and volunteers are down-to-earth folks who love kids and want to help them develop into awesome adults to contribute to our local communities. Yes, traditional agriculture is a part of it, but so are school gardens, naturalist classes, self-sufficiency and organic farming. I think the focus is both/and…not either/or.

    • Robert Espenado says:

      Look at this guy? Of course he’d refute these claims. Web presence of these Monsatan shills are everywhere. His comment literally made me ill. They are teaching kids the benefits of fucking agent orange and killing the handicapped via the evil Micro$oft population control nazi squads.

      The Organic Prepper needs to ban that guy and his outrageous lies. Only a sikopath would defend the cancer factory Monsanto.

      • JdL says:

        What comment are you responding to? I can see no correlation between your furious rant and Hopenjoy’s words.

        One small example: exactly who is teaching kids the benefits of “fucking agent orange”?

        BTW, I’m no friend of Monsanto. But if they happen to give money to a worthy organization, I see no reason to go apoplectic over it.

  2. lori says:

    This is very bad news to hear.

  3. Jerry says:

    I live in a small town north west of Atlanta and at the Floyd county fair 1.5 years ago there was a 4H exibit and it was about how GMO’s were so good for you. I was very dissapointed to see young people think this way.

  4. grammyprepper says:

    I saw this info on another site, and it made me cringe…talk about grooming the next generation…and 4H used to be such a positive, I actually talked with my stepdaughter (city raised, never heard of 4H) about getting my grandson into 4H when he got older…eh, not so much now…I had no idea how much of their funding came from those corporations

  5. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Not only can we expect a destruction of healthy and wholesome food production, in keeping with satanic principles of death and destruction, animal husbandry will be taking on a whole new realm of decadence.

  6. Arizona says:

    HERES the way it is,THERE WON’T BE A NEXT GENERATION,you yellow cowards have made sure any resistance will be crushed by the police gangs,THEY RUN america now NOT YOU,your children are so brainwashed,THEY ALREADY hate you and they should considering what you’ve done to them,the only SILVER LINING to this story is AMERICA IS ENDING,you have become VOMIT in the mouth of our LORD,and now he will PUKE YOU OUT……

  7. Arizona says:

    And let me throw one other thing at you ,I bet you didn’t realize the whole WORLD was watching, when your DEMONS from hell,the BILL and molinda gates foundation,WENT TO INDIA,and gave 40,000 children POLIO,one of the worst deseases ever put on a child,AND YOU DID IT AMERICA,now the world has realized ,SOMETHING “MUST” BE DONE to stop america from destroying the planet,and MURDERING everyones children,THANK GOD,OUR LORD has sent 8 nations to destroy the worst EVIL country to ever exist on planet earth,thats right, your murder spree is ending,AND the blood will run down every street in america………….

  8. Getagrippeople says:

    Get your Lucky Charms kids…they’re magically delicious!

    4-H Programs are an invaluable resource to our children, so of course the corrupt elite and money grubbing Monsanto are going to hook up IV lines and keep a steady drip of funds going to 4-H. How better to program current and future generations? Look around, everybody has an agenda.
    What needs to happen is for people to remember that not everybody is awake. When we have this kind of information we need to share it and expose these parasites. Don’t blame the ignorant, take time to inform them. If you’re going to leave 4-H or not join at all, write a letter and tell them why.

  9. 4-H agent says:

    This article is way off base. I have degrees in biology and entomology and work as 4-H agent I have NEVER seen any propaganda coming from these companies. Plus if you know anything about how 4-H operates we teach youth to look at all sides of an issue and make up their own minds. Check out this study of the benefits 4-H offers youth

    • Robert Espenado says:

      Fucking Shill. Can this disgusting glad handed comment be removed? It’s clear that 4-H is scared of this info becoming available. How did you find this article? Forwarded to you from the Micro$oft media shill office?

  10. Zeolyte says:

    Time to not support organizations that damage the health and wellness of our society and planet!

  11. DRK says:

    GMOs will disappear when they are no longer supported with billions of tax dollars. Taxpayers are paying for the pesticides, and GMOs that are killing them.

  12. btruth says:

    Ya, we’re F’Ed! We can’t fight against CORPORATISM! We can prepare for war here in USAcorp & prepare to fight to the death though!

  13. anon says:

    GMOs…Bad? Good?…

    Irrelevant to the world’s population as a whole.

    There is no way to feed all without them.

    It’s starving for most of the far east without genetics.

    Here in the states we still have the choice to grow our own food and opt out. Most of the world no longer has the choice.

    Withdraw your consent and get outside and get your hands dirty. You still have that choice.

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