November 1, 2012

Cooking from Scratch Challenge

I’m taking the month of November to challenge myself to cook entirely from scratch.

We’ve been getting rid of most of our packaged prepared items because of our effort to reduce our intake of GMO foods.  Corn syrup, made from GMO corn, is in nearly every packaged product you buy in the grocery store – over 90% according to some studies.

I have gotten down to purchasing only the following items already prepared:


This month, even those items are going to be made from scratch.  I expect a substantial savings in the grocery bill as well as a big change in the way I do things. Food prep is going to need to be scheduled into the day a bit earlier and extra will need to be made for lunches the following day.

I’ve never been too great at baking (I’m not the best at that whole “following specific instructions” and “measuring” kind of thing!) – but I’d rather learn now than at a time when those things might not be readily available. I’m curious as to the changes in diet that might occur when these items require hands on work instead of a shopping trip.

Exemptions for the “from scratch” challenge

~ home canned food
~ fresh fruits and veggies
~ dinner out once a week, either after church or when we go into the city

If anyone wants to join along with me, I’d love to hear from you!

~ D

Daisy Luther

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