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13 Comments  to  Contact The Organic Prepper

  1. pam says:

    spam code at end of contact is possibly broken, cannot get thru

  2. JOHN says:


  3. Julia says:

    What does it mean to have white spots on finger nails. Does it mean I am lacking some kind of vitamin.

  4. Rowdy says:

    Huh, I am a paramedic and I have not specifically addressed that as such before. But I seam to remember asking my mom (old time Oklahoma home medicine knowledge kinda thing)that question and I think she said lots of things can cause it. Smash your finger above the fingernail and it can appear on the nail. A bad infection anywhere in the body can cause them. Parasite infections of various types can cause it. Basically like a trauma to the body causes chemical imbalance and maybe mineral deposits in the nail? Blowing smoke now. Just my guesses from those conversations. I will try to research it when I get time and if I am way off base I will come back and correct it. Hope that is of some help.

  5. Wolf says:

    Spam blocker now working just fine…thanks Daisy. ;)

  6. Kit Maloney says:


    I am enjoying (and appreciating!) your articles. I am hoping to create my first garden next spring. I’ve always been tentative, but I am finally going to give it a go in a big way….

    My first major concern though, is that there are some mighty power lines that follow along the driveway and are connected to the corner of our rental house. I’m a little concerned about growing a garden underneath or just near them. Is that a valid concern or is it the reality of having a garden in the suburbs?

    Thank you,

    Kit Maloney

  7. Rick Schmidt says:


    Let me first state that I am sure there are more things on which we agree than disagree. I must, however, point out the serious intellectual flaws you have regarding your articles on race–whether it is the PB&J incident or the “knockout” story.

    The first and obvious issue is context. Are you one of those people who believe that racism is just an ugly part of our past? That we have moved on from it and now live in a country where everyone has an equal opportunity to fulfill their potential. Look! We have a “Black” president! What more proof do you need? Do you think that from an early age the majority of black people have had a positive or negative experience in their interactions with white people?

    This, of course, does not condone any type of antisocial or criminal behavior on the part of the individual. This does give us a peek into motive, however. Also, one has to accept, however painful it might be for some, that there are far more “easy” white targets. What do you think is the percentage of white people who have never been involved in a “fight” as compared to black people? There is an element of opportunism involved as well.

    It reminds me of an old SNL skit back in the 70`s or early 80` showing a clip of a boxing match where a black boxer (Ken Norton, maybe?) beats the crap out of a white boxer (Tex Cobb, perhaps?) while a voice over exclaims, “every 58 seconds (when the KO mercifully occurred) a black man beats up a white man.” It becomes a mock ad for a Negro College Fund. But the punchline at the end and the reason you should support this is, “because a better educated Black is a weaker opponent!” Truer words have never been spoken.

    Moreover, is this indeed a trend? Or is it that old adage, “crime isn`t going up, but the reporting of crime is up?” I still think the odds that I will be randomly punched by a black teen is not as great as that same black teen (BECAUSE of his skin color) being a victim of some crime or police brutality. For those who see the world as it is, this is not a problem so much as it is a symptom. The problem has been and always will be POVERTY! Ultimately, and the statistics will bear this out over and over again, this is a case of man bites dog. Most crime involves poor people victimizing other poor people.

    Are the videos seeing innocent people getting assaulted horrible? Absolutely! So is the thought of an adult male coming home drunk and beating his wife and small children (which almost certainly happens more often and perhaps more severely than “knockout”). The point is that it is NOT NATIONAL NEWS!

    So far as what you think “responsible” leaders should or should not condemn, I will remind you that during the 60`s when people were trying to stand up for their rights and be treated with a certain degree of HUMAN decency, there was very little moral indignation shown when innocent people were being victimized by the `decent` white folk. People should youtube some of that old footage where police are spraying people with fire hoses and setting loose police dogs on people.

    The fact that you believe any self-serving politician or public figure is going to come out and say anything that is not going to benefit them directly shows an enormous amount of political naiveté on your part.

    In fact, the sad reality of the situation is that police are probably going to have even more reason to target young black males. If they happen to kick the shit out of an actual perpetrator of this “knockout” game I will not lose any sleep. However, if a small group of black teens that have NEVER engaged in this game nor had any intention to do so become the all too familiar victims of police brutality, I hope you acknowledge it to be equally as tragic.

    Lastly, while you claim that you are not a racist, it seems from the comment section that a lot of your followers are indeed of that ilk–regardless of their implied denials. If I were a pastor and my congregation were racists that would give me pause.

    An invitation I invite you to look at, or not!

    • Daniel says:


      Not even sure where to begin…. Let me start w/ a generic and superficial attempt to seem reasonable and gain some common ground like in the beginning of your long tirade. “I’m sure we agree more than we disagree, Rick.” Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll also engaged into a one-sided assault like you did with Daisy, against your intellect, character, political beliefs, your deeply suppressed anti-black motives, which is borderlining on being negligent, with your hate speech being equivant to a felony, given the worldwide platform in which you spread your malicious hidden racist agendas.

      Please excuse my sarcastic hyperbole, but that is an almost exact representation of what I took away from reading your comment. Only I did mine in one paragraph. Next time if you want people to continue reading you may want to make your comment more concise.

      I truly believe (or more accurately stated, I hope) that you are an independent thinking, intelligent, and unbiased person. However, from your comment I was so repulsed by your illogical and erratic arguments that I had to make myself finish reading your comment.

      When you said that, “no truer words have ever been spoken” about black men growing weaker by being more educated, you solidified your stance as being a brutish dolt. Ever hear about the pen being mightier than the sword? Sadly, your own words reveal the heart of the issue behind this story. It’s a shame that the perception is such that when a young black man educates himself out of the culture which has held himself and his family in bondage, it is perceived by that culture to be a sign of weakness. That thinking is what’s hindering these young kids from staying in school, receiving an education, and having goals that extend beyond being the tuffest guy in the neighborhood, or trying to knock someone out with one punch.

      Lastly, when you made the comment about the average white person not having the fighting experience as the average black person, as true as that may be, your logic is such that it appears to be saying that the white people left themselves open to being sucker punched by their previous lack of fighting. I could sense an undertone of black urban pride in that statement. The reality is that these young black people are attempting to knock-out innocent people walking about in their daily lives. The fault goes to the people swinging their fists at people naively walking down public walkways and the black urban pride culture which fosters such hostility! Also, if you look at more of the footage, it is plain to see that the victims from this “game” are not limited to only white people. I’ve seen black, white, asian, old, young, handicapped, and healthy fall victim to this.

      Now I’ve unmeaningly indulged myself and had my own tirade. This is my first time on this site. I just woke up and am typing from my phone. I’ll be praying for you Rick, along with those who sadly share the same skewed mindset. I guess I couldn’t help myself from commenting on a comment which brings everyone who reads it down. One can’t suffiently conclude a tirade without mentioning the Globalists/NWO/The illuminat. Sadly Rick “they” are very real. They prey on getting people to fight against one another, instead of coming together in unity.

      It’s ONLY when we can stop being triggered by their strategies, which keep dividing us against each other, will we be equipped to see with eyes wide opened.

      • Rick Schmidt says:


        While I applaud you for making the effort, I think you need to re-read it SEVERAL more times until you FULLY understand the message that I am trying to convey!

    • n.o. ;0p says:

      @Rick Schmidt you are a very out of touch ma’roon

      and very naivete of life on the street reality .

      go live in Wash D.C. , Detroit , Chicago , L.A. , N.Y.C. , BALTIMORE , Atlanta , Houston , Albuquerque inner cities for a year .

      then come back and let us know if you are still sucking air and your property is still intact .


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