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The FDA Gets in Women’s Panties: Reusuable Menstrual Pads to be Subject to $4000 a Year in Extortion Fees

Reusuable Menstrual Pads to be Subject to $4000 a Year in Extortion Fees

Who knew that women couldn’t even safely menstruate without the FDA?

Police Chief Puts Jackboot in His Mouth (Again): Know a “gun enthusiast”? Tell the cops


Everything is bigger in Texas, even the stupidity and outright unConstitutional behavior of a certain government official.

Are You Better Off This Thanksgiving Than You Were Last Thanksgiving?


Are you in better shape financially than you were last Thanksgiving? If so, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate because most Americans are not.

Bill Passed: EPA Must Take Advice from Industry Shills, NOT from Independent Scientists


The elected officials in the House of Representatives have just sanctioned a blatant corporate takeover of the EPA. They aren’t even pretending to be protecting the environment now.

7 Formidable Ways Women Can Empower Themselves

The silhouette of a warrior woman with storm clouds in the background.

Here is The Daily Sheeple’s guide to taking control of your own personal safety – real empowerment comes from taking care of yourself.

F*ck Feminists Who Pimp Little Girls to Promote an Agenda


Yeah, I said it. Right there in the headline. I figure if grown women can encourage children to drop f-bombs on video for their “cause” then it’s only reasonable to respond to them in a language they can understand.

The Right to Bear Arms vs. The Right to be Hysterical About It


A woman in Rochester, Minnesota recently exercised her Constitutional right to be a jerk.

Ebola: The Fine Line Between Medical Martial Law and Common Sense

quarantine tape

A man in Texas who is thought to be infected with Ebola may be taken into custody against his will. Is this the beginning of medical martial law, or is this a common sense practice to prevent the spread of a deadly disease?

Will They Fire on Us?


Will our soldiers uphold their Oath to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic?

Rebuttal: Here’s Why I Do NOT Believe American Soldiers Will Fire on Protesting American Citizens


Are American soldiers the bad guys, the new tools of tyranny, ready to coldly spray a protesting crowd with bullets?

The Grocery Store Rebellion: Here’s What We Ate During Week 3

What we ate week 3

The Grocery Store Rebellion continues…here’s what we learned this week.

Whistleblower: Life is Not Fair at Pizza Restaurant with Church Discount!!!

baileys pizza

It just isn’t fair that a free market allows business owners to deem what they want to do with their own businesses. My goodness. The people in the world today, thinking they can do whatever they want like that, without worrying about offending someone.

The Grocery Store Rebellion: Here’s What We Ate During Week 2

The Grocery Store Rebellion week 2

Week 2: The fall garden has possibly succumbed to a heat stroke, but we’re getting loads of great stuff from other people’s gardens!