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August 21, 2015

Friday Farm Blog – August 21, 2015

Things sure are different on a farm. This morning I went on Facebook and everyone was so excited for the weekend.  All the weekly TGIF memes are circulating and people are talking about their plans to relax. It made me think about what I should do, when I realized – umm…I don’t get weekends now. […]

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August 7, 2015

Friday Farm Blog – Aug. 7, 2015

Sometimes I miss blogging just to write about everyday life, so, inspired by The Buzz written by my friend Gaye at Backdoor Survival, I thought I’d dedicate Friday mornings to telling you guys about our adventures at the new farm that we’ve leased. It’s amazing how quickly you become an animal hoarder when you have […]

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Austerity Measures: Who Is Really Paying for the Bailout in Greece?

Everyone knows that when you fall on hard times financially, you tighten your budget.  But it’s one thing to go through and examine your own personal spending, making decisions where to cut and where to continue spending, and quite another to have someone personally unaffected by those cuts make the decisions for you. As the […]

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