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How to Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

How to make your own laundry detergent

Never has getting things clean been so dirt cheap.

Your Daily Water Usage May Shock You: 25 Ways to Reduce Your Consumption

25 ways to cut water consumption

It’s beyond dispute that the United States is facing a water crisis. On the West Coast, where much of our produce is raised, an on-going drought has California governor Jerry Brown hinting that water conservation efforts might soon become mandatory. On the East Coast, the water is plentiful but isRead the Rest…

10 Household Products You Never Have To Buy Again {With Shopping List}

green clean

by Tess Pennington Originally published at Ready Nutrition After taking steps to live a more conscious existence, I have found that shopping is overrated. The satisfaction that I find from making my own household products far outweighs buying the “brand of the month.” My reason to make my own productsRead the Rest…

The Dangerous Chemicals Lurking in Your Laundry Soap


by Dr. David Juan via Natural Blaze You wear your clothes every day and probably take great pains to keep a number of different outfits ready for any occasion. You’ve likely invested time and effort into making sure your clothes fit properly and look good when you put them on. It’sRead the Rest…

6 Cleaning Necessities for Your Stockpile


If you have these 6 items, there’s nothing you can’t clean: Baking soda Bleach Borax Dawn dish soap  Table salt White vinegar Many of us have spent our valuable dollars buying the latest in cleaning supplies.  What we’re really paying for is harsh chemicals (some of them carcinogenic) and artificialRead the Rest…

Nuts for Soapnuts!


I finally invested in a bag of soapnuts.  I read about them on Ready Nutrition, where Tess Pennington gave detailed instructions on the many ways they can be used. (Be sure and check out her article – she tells you how to make liquid soap, shampoo, etc., from them!)  IRead the Rest…

Orange You Going to Eat That?


I get a lot of my stuff from the “last day of sale” bin at the grocery store. This weekend I picked up a 5 pound box of mandarin oranges for $2 – SCORE!!!! The last time I hit the motherlode of mandarins, I canned them in a light syrupRead the Rest…

Removing Pesticide from Produce


While I would love for every bite we consume to be organic, budgetary restrictions don’t always allow for it.  I do buy my produce from local farms and have a good relationship with a couple of favorite fellows in overalls, so I’m able to quiz them about what is sprayedRead the Rest…

A Week Without (Much) Water

dirty water

Okay, a week without water is a little misleading.  It has been a week with MUCH water.  A week without CLEAN water.  It has definitely been a challenge of our preparations! The photo to the right is the water coming our of our taps right now.  —–> Why? The droughtRead the Rest…