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Our Top 20 Works of Fabulous Fiction to Inspire Self-Reliant, Liberty-Loving Children and Teens

Our Top 20 Works of Fabulous Fiction to Inspire Self-Reliant Liberty-Loving Children and Teens

In no particular order, (and just in time for Christmas) here is a list of favorite reads for young people from the Luther Family Library of Awesome and Influential Books.

25 Homemade Coffee Creamers and Syrups (without the nasty additives)

Top view of White ceramic cup of coffee on wood table

If you possess the ability to heat milk and use measuring spoons and a whisk, the fanciest coffee flavors around can be yours, and at a fraction of the price of the artificial grocery store versions.

Don’t Fly Without These 20 TSA-Approved Items in Your Prepper’s Carry-on Bag

Silhouette of airplane with a beautiful sky.

Here are 20 items you can bring onto a plane without getting tackled to the ground by 3 TSA goons while sirens blare ,lights flash, and the PA system announces that you are a terrorist who was planning to hijack the nearest 747.

30 Ways to Have Yourself a Thrifty Little Christmas

Old wood texture with snow and firtree christmas background

Whatever your reason, this year, set your sights on having a “Thrifty Little Christmas”. Many of these ideas don’t cost a penny, and others are so low-cost that they will let you face the new year without being mired in debt.

The FDA Gets in Women’s Panties: Reusuable Menstrual Pads to be Subject to $4000 a Year in Extortion Fees

Reusuable Menstrual Pads to be Subject to $4000 a Year in Extortion Fees

Who knew that women couldn’t even safely menstruate without the FDA?

12 Christmas Gifts for the Healthy Cook’s Kitchen

Festive table setting with Christmas decorations on wooden table

Is anyone on your Christmas list trying to create a healthful, whole-foods kitchen? Setting up such a kitchen doesn’t stop at the grocery store. The right kitchen tools and appliances can make food prep creative, efficient, and fun.

Urban Emergency Survival Plan: A Must-Have Book for City and Suburb Preppers

Urban Survival Plan

Don’t let your geographic location or that of a loved one get in the way of being prepared. Check out Urban Emergency Survival Plan today!

The Organic Canner: A Guide to Preserving Real Food

The Organic Canner

I’m very excited to introduce my new book, The Organic Canner.

Police Chief Puts Jackboot in His Mouth (Again): Know a “gun enthusiast”? Tell the cops


Everything is bigger in Texas, even the stupidity and outright unConstitutional behavior of a certain government official.

CDC Health Advisory: Get Your Flu Shot. It “Might” Work This Year. Sort Of.

CDC says flu shot might work

You know how the propaganda machine loves to crank up the push on flu shots every year. Well, this year’s batch is so ineffective even the CDC and pro-Pharma mainstream sources can’t tell you that you’re protected with a straight face.

Book Review: Expatriates, by James Wesley Rawles

close up of wall made of wooden planks

If you’re looking for a survival novel with a lot of technical and tactical information, as well as some moral lessons, check out Expatriates: A Novel of the Coming Global Collapse. It’s a work of fiction, but it’s loaded with solid information that many will be able to apply to their own preparedness endeavours.

Black Friday and the Ferguson Riots: This is Why We Are Armed

This is why we are armed

Look at the two examples that have occurred over the last week: the riots in Ferguson and the madness of Black Friday shopping. How would these same people behave to get the last loaf of bread or case of canned goods?

Pad Your Pantry: How to Preserve Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

close up of wall made of wooden planks

Today, instead of fighting the Black Friday crowds, spend the day adding things that are frugal and delicious to your pantry.