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October 2, 2015

Friday Farm Blog – Oct. 2, 2015

This week, we got something special…at least for California. RAIN.  I can’t describe how wonderful it was to listen to the raindrops on the roof for two whole days. Of course, rain here is just a sprinkle elsewhere but we’re still happy for every single drop. If you’ve never watched chickens and ducklings play keep-away […]

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September 18, 2015

Replacing Documents After a Disaster

We often talk about having a bugout bag that includes a folder with important documents, but despite your preparations and efforts to protect them, sometimes disaster strikes quickly and unexpectedly, and those documents are lost. For example, the fires last week in Northern California moved so rapidly that some people fled from their homes without […]

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September 16, 2015

Psy-Op: Executive Order Creates an Orwellian Policy of Enlightenment and Propaganda

The ink is still wet on a brand new executive order that reads like a cross between the Reich’s Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda and George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth. Of course, in true propagandist form, President Obama isn’t calling it anything related to Nazi Germany or a dystopian novel.   He’s calling it “Using […]

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September 3, 2015

Are Gas Shortages Coming to America?

Gas shortages could be coming to America…and quickly. An unexpected fuel crisis has hit Canada. According to a Canadian blogger and author, not one, but two, fuel tankers were inexplicably delayed last week, and shortages ensued alarmingly quickly, with numerous gas stations running completely out of fuel within a matter of days. Marie Beausoleil wrote: The delay […]

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