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Worried about a Health Crisis Caused by Immigrant Kids? Mainstream Says You’re “Hysterical” and “Fear-Mongering”


Despite H1N1, measles, scabies, and tuberculosis, you’re just an anti-immigrant bigot if you’re concerned about disease.

Sow Revolution: Join the Grocery Store Rebellion

The Grocery Store Revolution

Let’s exit the food system that we’ve been taught to believe was necessary for our survival. Let’s refuse to enrich a system that is killing us. It’s time to sow some revolution and start a Grocery Store Rebellion.

This Week’s Harvest: Strawberries

opstrawberry jam

Strawberry season is in full swing. Now is the time to stock up on those delicious vivid red berries! Learn how (and why) to grow them, wash them, and preserve them!

Only 18 confirmed US flu deaths in 2001. What?!


It’s always interesting when official agencies’ statistics come back to bite them. Hard.

The Lancet: Fluoride IS a Neurotoxin!


For those who like mainstream sources, it doesn’t get any more mainstream than The Lancet. Now even this well-respected medical journal is in agreement: Tap water with added fluoride is hazardous to your health.

The Austerity Diaries

The Austerity Diaries

Refuse to take part in the nation’s economic collapse. Take control of your life by taking control of meeting your own needs.

Victory: Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shot Wins Lawsuit


Every flu season, many medical personnel, hospital staff, and educators are faced with a choice: get the flu shot or get fired. Finally, a nurse from Hackettstown Regional Medical Center in New Jersey has won a lawsuit after being terminated for refusing the toxic injection.

Pondering Poison Ivy Remedies and Itch Relief


Spend any amount of time in the outdoors or in your yard, it’s very likely you’ll come in contact with this evil plant. It has successfully reduced men, women, and children to miserable, scratching beasts.

10 Medicinal Weeds That May Grow In Your Backyard


Some of the most common weeds in our backyard yield amazing healing abilities.weeds, herbs, medicinal plants

Ten unconventional additions to your emergency medical kit


The most mundane items can make life simpler, especially if you have to move fast or find yourself in a situation where you have to improvise.

Disease: 10 Conditions That Will Become Far More Common After A Collapse


Diseases come and diseases go…rather like fashions, but with diseases it’s the general conditions prevailing at the time that denotes what gets a foothold and what doesn’t.

Warning: Chemical Found in Most Shower Gels and Shampoos Can Increase Risk of Preemie Births


Attention, moms-to-be: Your shower routine could cause you to go into labor prematurely.

Physical Preparedness: Practical Performance for Real-World Survival


Stories from Great Depression survivors reveal how physically demanding life became after the crash. The difference in last century and the cliff we’re dangling over now is we’re in a state of soft. Soft bodies, soft drinks, and soft minds characterize today’s society.