Bring It On: I Will Not Comply with Obamacare

we will not comply

I will not comply with Obamacare.

There. I said it.

I am unequivocally not going to be complying with Obamacare.

I also won’t be purchasing health insurance at 4 times the regular price, nor will I participate in the government-funded “exchange” for “affordable” healthcare.

Now, first, let me be clear – this isn’t because I’d be paying $20,000 per year for the crappiest coverage. In reality, Obamacare and the subsidies my family is eligible for would make the cost incredibly reasonable – but that is not the point.

The point is this: I am an American, and as such, I refuse to be forced to purchase anything else. I have already been forced to have car insurance, forced to purchase annually the “privilege” of driving via a license and having a (paid-for) car on the road via a license plate, and forced to pay taxes on my income and every purchase that I make.

When I moved back home to America after living in Canada, I never expected to be subjected to government coercion on this grand scale. I will not comply. The government is fond of saying that they will not negotiate with terrorists. Well, neither will I – and the US government under the reign of Barack Obama is the biggest terrorist organization around.

Michael Rivero of What Really Happened gives the best explanation I’ve seen for why the government is so intent that everyone must participate in this program. They have run the country into the ground and want to force us all to pay as they vainly struggle to keep things afloat. This is a last ditch effort – the only alternative is economic collapse.

Obama’s utter refusal to compromise or delay Obamacare is more than mere political grandstanding. Obama has to prove he can continue to make the payments on the government debt. Now, based on reports we are getting form people who did sign up for Obamacare, they are being offered policies that cost about $500 a month, and have a deductible in the tens of thousands. That means that for the vast majority of Americans, they will be paying $500 month for insurance that will in fact pay none of their medical costs. So, $500 a month is $6000 a year times 200 million complying Americans equals $1.2 trillion a year pouring into the Health Insurance companies as pure profit, of which the US Government gets almost $200 billion in taxes (plus the IRS fines on those who refuse to sign up). And THAT is why Obama is demanding that Obamacare move forward now, despite a totally botched computer management system and despite 71% public opposition. Absent that new cash flow, the US Government will collapse, and the one year delay proposed by the House of Representatives is far to long to survive without some new source of loot from the public. (source)

It’s clear that our non-compliance in large numbers could stop this madness. We just have to say, “No.  I will not comply.”

Why is this such a big deal?

There are numerous reasons for my planned non-compliance.

1.) People who make more money than I do should not be forced to subsidize my health care. I have no desire for a handout and this is assuredly a handout. One of my closest friends will be paying over $15,000 per year for a family of 5. With the small amount that I’d pay for my family, it is quite clear that my friend, and others like him, would be paying for us. I have always paid my own bills and don’t expect others to take up my slack. I am not a welfare case.

2.) Despite the fact that my family is apparently far before the poverty level, we don’t feel poor. We have everything we need and some of what we want. I budget carefully in order to be able to pay for things like the emergency trip to the dentist for my daughter last week. My child wears nice clothes to school, always has enough to eat and seems to feel that she has the same privileges and possessions as her friends do.

3.) This is going to delete the middle class. Once the wheels are truly in motion, there will no longer be a middle class. Everyone will be dirt poor or well-to-do. There won’t be any middle ground, as average folks watch their expenses skyrocket. Soon people will be forced to make the choice between Obamacare and food.

4.) This is just another way to make the populace dependent on the benevolence of government. Much like the push to put people on food stamps, what better way to make people dependent than to force them to accept this type of assistance? If private health insurance continues to spiral wildly, then almost no one will be able to afford health care without Obamacare.

5.) This is an assault on my medical privacy. Does the government need to know a person is depressed? If a woman skipped a mammogram that they feel is vital? That someone might have opted for an “alternative” treatment? If they have an STD? If they have a sexual dysfunction? NO. It directly violates the doctor-patient privilege. Furthermore, data has already been leaked and the system isn’t even live yet – all sorts of non-medical-professionals will have access to my personal information, both medical and financial.

6.) I’m not having my family’s health care decisions made by other people. What happens when I refuse to vaccinate my children? Right now, that is my choice, but when someone else is paying for it, will I still have the option to say no? I always opt for the least chemical, least invasive treatments possible, but when someone else pulls the strings will that still be an option? If I refuse treatment will they refuse payment? Will I no longer be allowed to leave my home during flu season if I don’t get the flu shot?

What are the ramifications of non-compliance?

Noncompliance with Obamacare has harsh penalties. The government wants you to feel as though you have no choice whether or not you participate. The scare tactics are already operational, as one man found when he attempted to opt out of the online sign up.

A man who attempted to sign up for Obamacare online was told that a fine of over $4,000 dollars a year for refusing to take out mandatory health insurance could be taken directly from his bank account, and that his drivers license would be suspended and a federal tax lien placed against his home, according to an entry on the Facebook page. (source)

If you refuse to comply, here are some of the potential punishments you could be subject to, according to a Senate research document called The PPACA Penalty Provision and the Internal Revenue Service.

#1. You will be assessed a penalty by the IRS on your tax bill. You will be told to pay the fine and will not receive any retroactive health care coverage – in other words, you get nothing for your money.

If you skip the insurance, you’ll pay a penalty. For 2014 the fine is $95 for an individual or 1 percent of your income, whichever is greater, along with $47.50 per uninsured child, maxing out at $285 for the year.

But by 2016, an individual would pay $695 or 2.5 percent of your income.

The TurboTax website has a calculator to help you determine how high a penalty you’d pay.

Without insurance, you’d also face a double whammy. By 2016 you’d be forking over almost $700 to the federal government and having nothing to show for it, and still have to pay your own medical bills if you’re injured or become ill. (source)

#2. If you, like me, refuse to pay that penalty, they’ll up the stakes  by withdrawing the penalty from any tax refund that you are due.

#3. If you aren’t due for a tax refund that they can seize, and you still refuse to pay the penalty, the next step might be for the IRS to pursue the penalty in the same way they would any non-payment of taxes.

Section 5000A(g)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) states that “the penalty provided by this section shall be paid upon notice and demand by the Secretary.” Subject to certain exceptions, the penalty is to be assessed and collected in the same way as assessable penalties. Assessable penalties generally are assessed and collected in the same manner as taxes.15 (source)

#4. This could include “silent” liens on your property which you wouldn’t even know about until you tried to sell something big like your home or your car.

Once the tax is assessed, the taxpayer will receive a Notice and Demand for Payment, which will advise the taxpayer of the balance due—the sum of the assessed tax plus interest and applicable penalties—and request payment in full within ten days. If such payment is not made, a federal tax lien will be created under § 6321 of the IRC.18 This is often referred to as a silent lien because, at this point, there has been no notice of federal tax lien (NFTL). Without notice, the IRS’s claim against property still takes priority over most other claims; however, certain claims would be superior to the IRS claim. These include a subsequent purchaser of the property as well as holders of security interests, mechanic’s liens, or judgments, even if they arise later in time.

Generally an individual taxpayer may receive up to 3 more notices requesting payment. The last of these notices is sent by certified mail and is a notice of the IRS’s intent to levy the taxpayer’s assets to satisfy the tax debt. This notice also advises delinquent taxpayers that the IRS may file a NFTL if payment is not made within thirty days. If none of these notices results in payment or a payment arrangement,20 in most cases the account is then transferred to the IRS’s Automated Collection System (ACS) (source)

#5. Next they could potentially empty your bank account and take your property and sell it out from under you.

Thirty days after providing a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to Appeal, the IRS may levy the taxpayer’s property, both real and personal.22 This means that wages may be garnished until the tax is paid in full. All funds in a bank account that are available for withdrawal on the date the levy is received by the bank may be taken.23 In some cases, the IRS may sell property belonging to the taxpayer after providing public notice and advising the taxpayer of the minimum bid price. (source)

#6. No mention is made of taking away your driver’s license, but if you happen to be a federal contractor things could get hairy.

Delinquency in federal taxes is a ground for debarment of a federal contractor. However, debarment is not an automatic process and requires that the contracting agency initiate debarment proceedings against a government contractor. (source)

#7. But maybe they won’t really do it. According to the PPACA, the IRS cannot go further than the silent liens for this particular penalty.

Section 5000A(g)(2) of the IRC limits the means the IRS may employ to collect the penalty established in the section. First, the taxpayer is protected from either criminal prosecution or penalty for failure to pay the penalty. Second, the IRS is prohibited from either filing a NFTL or levying any property in an effort to collect the penalty. There is no prohibition, however, on establishing a statutory lien against the taxpayer’s property under § 6321. No additional limits are placed on the IRS using correspondence or phone calls, either through its own employees or through private collection agencies, in an effort to collect the amount owed. Additionally, no restriction was placed on the IRS’s ability to use the refund offset as a means of collecting the amount due.

Those who are required to pay the penalty for failure to maintain minimum coverage but choose not to do so will be subject to increases in the amount owed due to interest and late payment penalties imposed on the penalty after it has been assessed by the IRS. The IRS may impose interest on tax, including penalties, under § 6601(a), (e)(2), and it may impose penalties under § 6651(a)(3).

A taxpayer who chooses not to pay the required penalty may ultimately forfeit more than the amount ofthe penalty if that taxpayer is ever in the position of having an overpayment to the IRS for any reason, since the refund offset applies not only to overpayments shown on original tax returns, but also to any subsequent adjustments, for example an audit by the IRS that results in an overpayment. Further, as explained above, it is possible that the IRS could present its claim when property is being sold and collect both the original penalty amount along with accrued interest and applicable penalties. (source)

I’m not a lawyer, but it appears to me that, according to this federal document, the absolute worst case scenario is that you would be assessed penalties on your penalties and the only way they could collect those would be if you sold your home or car. The trustworthiness of both the government and the arm of enforcement for this, the IRS, are dubious, but according to the codes that I am reading, that looks like the ultimate allowable collection strong-arm tactic. (You might still want to consider only letting minimum amounts of money remain in your bank accounts, however.)

Join me in saying no.

no-obamacareSo, Obama regime, bring it on. I’m not just saying no, Mr. President.  But HELL, no.

I am ready and waiting for the assaults from the IRS. I understand that within a period of time, I won’t be able to sell any large items that I have paid for – and that is fine – I would prefer to give them away than to pay this blood money. I have read the penalties and realize what I’m in for. I also know how other people who have said no have been treated – the IRS auditors are released like stealth weapons, destroying lives, shutting down accounts, and seizing property in order to make an example out of the resistor.

However, I’m done. I will not be forced anymore. I don’t really care what the Supreme Court says – I have also read the Constitution, and no place in it does it contain the phrase, “Participation in Obamacare is your duty as an American.” Mike Adams of Natural News referred to this as “unlimited theft and confiscation.” And he’s right.

I’ve started a page on Facebook called We Will Not Comply with Obamacare, where I can pass on all of the information I come across regarding noncompliance with Obamacare. Please join me there if you have a social media account. Based on the figures that Michael Rivero put forth, the refusal of a small percentage of us to participate in this extortion could throw a giant cog in the wheels of this plan. If we have learned anything about resistance over the last few years, it is that the power of social media can be an enormous factor in educating the public and letting the government and large corporations know that our voices will be heard.

Sometimes revolution can be as simple as stating a calm and unwavering, “No. I will not comply.”

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94 Comments  to  Bring It On: I Will Not Comply with Obamacare

  1. NinaO ;0p says:

    “I have not yet begun to fight” – John Paul Jones

  2. NinaO ;0p says:


    means YOU are


    N.O. ;0p


    • braveheart says:

      Howdy, NinaO. glad to see you alive and kicking. How you been?

      • NinaO ;0p says:


        same o’ same o’ ;0)

        you know me …

        just ‘Spreadin NWO ZOG FEDGOV GESTAPO FASCIST POLICE STATE hatred and discontent every where i go … hi HO hi HO!’


        N.O. ;0p

  3. Fred says:

    First step, transfer the title of your home into an “S” corporation if you can or at least a blind trust. That will protect them because on paper you don’t own them. Do title searches regularly and if you see a lien, challenge it in court. The IRS can’t lien without cause and if you don’t own it, no cause. 2nd, transfer the title to your vehicles to separate “S” corporations for the same reason. You may have to register with commercial plates but so what. 3rd, talk to an attorney in your state about what type of entity needs to own your bank accounts to create enough of a veil to protect them from seizure. This
    one is tricky because of the “know your customer” B/S allegedly to control money laundering, that’s why you’ll need a lawyer. You may be able to protect the accounts by encumbering them with a note or some other attachment. Just make sure nothing you own is in your name and attachable. To protect any refund attachment
    stop all withholding and file quarterly. You won’t pay any
    under withholding penalties if you file quarterly. Problem solved and you can tell Obamacare to get lost..

    • dru says:

      What about direct deposits[va disability]? can I have it re-directed to another[s] account under their name and still have access to it through a debit card?

    • PMS says:

      Some of the info you give is excellent, but I would like to make things even easier. We the people have rights that are protected by the Constitution. People today are completely brainwashed and stuck in a box called the “normalicy syndrome”. If you don’t exercise your rights, then you have no rights. Education is POWER! We have all been paying taxes VOLUNTARILY. That’s right, when you submit a W-4 to an employer, you are literally saying, “I volunteer to participate in tax paying, please without various taxes from my pay and send it to the IRS.” I am not making this up. The Internal Revenue Code (irc) is intentionally written to be misinterpretted by the people. Think about it. It’s all CODE. THE FEDERAL CODE OF REGULATIONS (FCR), THE (IRC), THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC (google this if you dare)), THE JUDICIAL CODE, ALL THE STATE’S CODES, the list goes on…. It has taken my husband and I almost 2 years of research to learn what we have and there’s so much more, so I can’t explain it in detail. Any one that would like to exercise their rights and take back control of their lives should visit the websites ‘’ and ‘’. Everything I’ve stated can be confirmed. Read the book “Cracking The Code, the fascinating truth about taxation in america” by Peter Eric Hendrickson. It is accessible via internet. A couple other significant individuals are Paul Mitchell ( and Rodney Class. There are alot of people that are taking steps to break free from this ‘modern-day-slavery’. In the 1930′s, our government defaulted on their loans,acquired corporate status, filed bankruptcy, created the Birth Certificate (secretly obtaining consent and making every child born the collateral that backs America’s national debt)among many other hidden agendas. Your registration, D.L., SS, etc. are unilateral contracts in which you voluntarily give up your free rights for benefits to be regulated. ie: The right to travel upon the public roads. The United States is a corporation. Every state is a corportation. The laws or statutes are corporate policies. The Courts are also corporations. Obamacare is racketeering. Who do you think owns the insurance industry? I have personally seen communities using their own monetary system (no Federal Reserve Notes). I must go. I hope that who ever reads this will take my word of advice and check out the sites, people, and info I have listed and begin the journey to reclaiming the rights and freedom that our forefathers lived and died for. They don’t teach this in school, that’s because our government controls the schools. Only we can educate our children and grandchildren and give them the power to be free. Good luck to all.

  4. Charlie_Foxtrot says:

    The Second Amendment—–never has it been more needed in our country’s history.

  5. Kulafarmer says:

    Right on Daisy, this is exactly where im at on this crap.
    I didnt go Gault and reduce my output and income so i would be elligible for assistance, i did it because i have no intention of funding anything this government puts forth, and refuse to be a part of any of it.
    Let it rain

    • Lance the Permie says:

      Three cheers for that! I went from 6+ digits on my income tax to less then $13000.00 per annum for the same reason. Starve the beast. And keep NO money in the ‘bank’…According to the late, great Bob Chapman…keep 3 months operating money in the bank and NOTHING else…6 months if you run a business.

  6. Jay says:

    While it is commendable that you don’t want wealthier people subsidizing you, the evils of this program are far worse than taking from the rich to give to the poor.

    In fact this program does the exact opposite, it takes from the poor to subsidize the rich. So while I agree with your point, freedom loving americans should not even be making the argument that this takes from the wealthy. It takes from the poor, and any liberal with a conscience should be bothered by that.

    There is no doubt that there are many sad stories about people who cannot obtain care under the past system, but that does not justify forcing a family that can barely pay rent to buy something they may not need.

    This whole program is about subsidizing insurance corporations to keep the US growing its financial sector, since we sent our productive capacities overseas.

  7. braveheart says:

    Daisy, YOU GO GIRL! I’m standing right there with you. I made my decision when it was first proposed in congress. I have coverage with BlueCross/BlueShield through my employer and already pay $53 per week just to cover me since I have no dependents. If my premium increases, I’ll drop the coverage and not replace it. that is my choice, not the govt. or anyone else. If they want to try to penalize me they do so at their own peril. braveheart

  8. t browntt says:

    obummer-scare !! the ‘scare’ is because it is extremely punitive
    Affordable Health Care Act – how orwellian !!
    It is NOT “affordable”
    It has Nothing to do with “health” but only disease and deadly allopathic medicine
    It has Nothing to do with “care” – it is just money-grabbing punishment (the only ‘care’ offered is to BisInsurance, BigPharma and BigMedicine)
    It is an ‘act’ – and as the saying goes – “The world doesn’t hate actors; it hates Bad actors” – and obummer and his very expensive, very unpopular ‘act’ are the worst in actor and act.

  9. JayJay says:

    {{{They have run the country into the ground and want to force us all to pay as they vainly struggle to keep things afloat. This is a last ditch effort – the only alternative is economic collapse.}}}

    HOT DAM–I have been saying this for weeks to all that will listen–it’s their last BIG DITCH PONZI SCHEME.
    Here’s how I see it.
    All Kentuckians will pay hundreds of dollars each month, but as I read someplace, the tax credits won’t kick in till April, 2014.
    So, do the math folks; that’s an estimated $500 from 1 million Ky. families(500,000,000–that’s BILLION folks) EVERY MONTH!! and multiply that by 50???

    • JayJay says:

      OOps –that’s 500 million each month X 50 states X 12 months.
      6 billion a year from just one state @ just $500 a month per family.

      • bob says:

        how are they going to extract 500 a month from every household when most are broke as shit and/or on PA already?

        • Ugly says:

          Not to cause any arguments, but I have two jobs. One is I work for someone and the other is our own business, an LLC.

          The person I work for I have a gross pay of $5200 per month. In that we have a family health care plan that costs me $1,300 per month. My take home pay is $2,500.

          I think for many folks, the ACA will have to cost well over $1,000 per month. If the average household cost is $500 and many households are not paying any, that means others will be well over $1,000.

          Do the math. Medicare and Medicade is already near a $trillion and losing money. If the ACA is $1.5T or more, then that means many households will be well over the $1,000 per month payments. That includes me.

          • Ugly says:


            From that I would pay about $550, thus about a $700 savings per month.

          • JayJay says:

            But, Ugly, check what care you get and the deductibles.
            It doesn’t say, does it??

          • Mark says:

            Ugly, Read the fine print. You get NOTHING until you spend around 6300 per person in your family. You might and I say, might, have one of the plans that allows for a “checkup” and maybe a doctor vist at no extra charge. There’s a lot of people going on expanded medicaid in some states and some that have just enough income to not get medicaid but heavily subsidized insurance premiums and limited out of pocket costs. But a lot of us will pay full freight and can’t afford it. This scheme will fail on purpose with the single payer socialized medicine coming for 2017 after the fool in the whitehouse goes away. Maybe the adults will be put back in charge soon and fix this mess.

  10. Dawn says:

    “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”

    ― Albert Einstein

    You Go Daisy! My family is right there with you! I am not going to be forced to do anything by this tyrannical government without a fight!

    God Bless You and Yours!

  11. Moses says:

    While I appreciate everything about organic gardening, canning, stockpiling, food preparation etc that this blog has offered… the ridiculous foray into the American political circus that is pro wrestling is a real turnoff.

    While I agree the US economy is a ponzi scheme designed to benefit only the upper echelons of society, it is not controlled by anyone named Obama. It is not a left thing or a right thing. It is not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing. It is an ownership class thing, and they don’t subscribe to any political ideology. They SCULPT the ideologies for you pea-brained imbeciles to subscribe to and invest your entire being into, so you will expend all of your energies into arguing with who you perceive to be the enemy, which is really just as much a brainwashed victim of the scheme as you are.

    As you cling to your idea of how the world used to be, you fail to realize that it ultimately is what led to the way the world is today. Without that “wonderful time in history when ______” the bullcrap we have today wouldn’t have been possible.

    So rather than mindlessly drone over and over about how Obama is the worst thing that has happened to the US, how about open your damn eyes and realize the problem is far deeper than the government, it is a societal problem, almost completely confined to the USA. The whole attitude of ego over compassion, the whole “me versus you”, “us versus them” mentality you cling to with all of your existence. While I agree with most of you that Obama is a d-bag, I refuse to place the blame on his head for he is just an empty skin-puppet making no decisions.

    The political rodeo bull you claim you are riding is merely a social construct, completely independent of any left/right paradigm. Every left/right argument in American politics is a manufactured debate to keep half of the country hating the other half. You are focusing exactly where society’s handlers want you focusing. The wrong place.

    • Samaritan says:

      …two thumbs, way up! Happy to see there are still fellow Americans that are FULLY AWAKE and have a special knack and determination to read between the (Ley) Lines! This Moses speaks truth, those with ears to hear, let him hear and grow!

    • Becky says:

      Hey Moses, you make some good points. What would you suggest people do? Instead of criticizing and name calling, can you make some constructive suggestions. I truly am interested in knowing.

    • Kattakeitback says:

      100% agreement with you here. We the sheeple, for far too long, have been divided and conquered by the pundits who tell us it is the fault of the right wing or the left wing – or this president or that one…for everything bad in this country, when those are merely a distraction to keep us from seeing how our political system is screwing us. We have also been distracted by the grand illusion that we can all be wealthy and successful if we’d just work harder, longer, and with less…and if we buy in to the American dream. They say that being low income is the fault of the individual…due to laziness and/or lack of ambition; otherwise we would all be rich and successful like them…the powerful Plutarchs in control of the political system in the U.S.

      They are gross liars.

  12. Patrick says:

    Troubled times indeed. If I were a US citizen, I would sell my house and rent. Take that money and buy silver or gold.
    That would do two things to the financial elite. Dump an “asset” on their hands whilst taking cash out of their inventory, and taking the money out of the bankster’s circulation cycle, also lowering their inventory.

    • cecelia says:

      and remember if you do not have PHYSICAL control of the silver and gold you don’t own it (ie: don’t buy certificates!)

  13. dogismyth says:

    Well good for you. I hope there will be others. Most will comply in their own way.

    I think the best means to negotiate with them is knowing the law and understanding how to represent yourself. They respect those that know the law regardless of the outcome. So instead of taking the position of “not complying”, consider taking the common law approach and claiming to be responsible for your own action. Notarize your intentions and submit it to the court as an affidavit that CAN NOT BE REFUTED. You are sovereign if you represent yourself as the witness to this statement.

    There are other approaches as well that deal with subtleties of the law and its unwritten but recognized objectives.

  14. fifty says:

    What is your health care coverage, Daisy?

  15. Deep Space says:

    IRS has no legal basis to collect Affordable Care Act tax – It’s all an act!

    According to a recent report by My Way News, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which will allegedly be tasked with enforcing the new health insurance mandate in the form of a “tax” for non-compliance, does not actually have the authority or legal standing to collect penalties from individuals who choose to “opt-out” of the mandate.

    • Getagrippeople says:

      IRS doesn’t need legal basis to collect, they will do it anyway. Americans will have to fight to get the tax $ back and most won’t, because it will cost more in attorney fees than what the tax fine is. Loop hole upon loop hole, smoke and mirrors, that’s how ‘they’ do things. The Obamacare system is unconstitutional to begin with, yet it was passed. Taxes are unconstitutional for that matter, just try not paying those and see what happens. Whenever possible, I urge everybody I know to rally for change, to stand ground, and avoid status quo. Take personal responsibility, do the research and then take appropriate action. We are supposed to have the freedom of choice/speech, etc. and it is painfully obvious that we don’t. In my opinion I see options as follows…
      1. Sit idly by and do nothing
      2. Do something for change
      Either way, you exercise your freedom of choice.

  16. Diane Becton says:

    My family WILL NOT participate! We decided that several years ago when that tyrant people call president drew his socialist plan up. However, I am not that worried about it. This plan will fold up within two years or less. It can not fund itself. Take a look at the stats on who is signing up for his plan. It’s the low income, disabled etc… These are the people NOT paying anything of any substance in. Our young, healthy people, and people who oppose his plan are opting out. Now, think about it….If the people he counted on to pay for those who get free or low cost health care are not footing the bill, how will it sustain itself? Insurance companies can’t function with no premiums and millions of chronically ill patients sucking the life out of them.

    • Eric says:

      We will all pay for it through increased taxes, or underfunding the military. It’s like big business: too big to fail. This was a decades in the making, and unfortunately it will be decades before we can get rid of it. In the end most people will pay their share of the price… bs.

      • JustOutHere says:

        If one claims no withholding during the year, you will take home all your money. They you take whatever you “owe” them for income tax and pay that. Keep the penalty yourself.

  17. george says:

    there are many other ways out of Obama care join one of the religious groups that are not required to join there are many ways to out

  18. beerBoy says:

    So….since you refuse to carry insurance to cover you and your dependents you will continue to rely upon free healthcare via Emergency Care at hospitals – which I and other carriers of insurance will cover via increased medical costs passed on to us.

    Thanks for your “principled” stance – so I happy I am being forced to pay for it.

    • Daisy Luther says:

      Have another drink, beerBoy – I’ve never left a medical bill unpaid in my life. Just because I’m not rolling in money doesn’t mean I am dishonest – you know what “ass-uming” does, right?

      ~ Daisy

    • DRK says:

      What makes you think the medical industrial complex is any more ethical than the tobacco corporations. The same people are, and have been majority stock holders in both big tobacco, and big pharma. It is doubtful that these stock holders vote for anything but big profits. Even if it causes death, and suffering. For this reason some people have chosen alternative healthcare, that is not covered by Obamacare. Should the people that opt out of mainstream medicine be forced to pay your bills? The purpose of Obamacare is to transfer assets to the stockholders of big corporations. They are people farming, and you are the livestock.

  19. Anonna says:

    Why don’t they just use a gun? It’d be more honest.

    • Mamba says:

      They are using a gun…the gun is always there, hidden beneath the technical lawyer-ese speak, to make such dictates “seem” less threatening and more civilized. But in the end, some manner of armed “enforcer” is always on-call to back up their threats.

  20. Guest says:

    Don’t know how I got to this website but this is such an annoying post. It spews so many wrongs that I don’t have the time or patience to correct. First off, the rich aren’t paying for the poor’s healthcare–the system is set up efficiently so that it generates more revenue which then offsets the lower costs and subsidies for those with lower incomes. Also there is no plan that has deductibles of “tens of thousands” of dollars. That’s just plain misinformation as is so much else in this post. And not vaccinating your kids is just a sad, uninformed way you are proving you have no critical thinking skills and are fine endangering children with compromised immune systems for the sake of standing on some ill conceived, misinformed soapbox. Get some scientific/political literacy already, geez!

    • Individualaudiencemember says:

      Here’s some scientific/political literacy for ya chump:

      Obamacare and the medical destruction of human life

      The government knows it’s a medical killing machine

      Vaccine damage, hidden truth: not on the evening news

    • Getagrippeople says:

      @ Guest…
      Do you have a crystal ball? How do YOU know there aren’t deductibles in the ”tens of thousands”? Were you able to use your Jedi skills and actually enroll in Obummercare? Did you answer all of the intrusive/none of your business questions like whether or not you own a handgun? NO, I’m sure you didn’t because the enrollment software has a 99% failure rate!

      At my childs recent wellness exam I declined immunizations and was handed a form by the Nurse who said they had to get my signature to cover their asses with the state. I read the form and refused to sign it because in the verbage was a line that said ”I knowingly endanger my child by refusing immunization” EXCUSE ME? I wasn’t given any other option as to stating my own personal/medical/religious reasons for opting out, I was TOLD my CHOICE endangered MY CHILD. That’s Obamacare for you, they TELL you how it is and remove your right to disagree no matter how much proof you have to the contrary.

      YOU are the one who need research instead of swallowing the misinformation pill you accuse others of swallowing, and using some of those critical thinking skills you spew about! Try and wrap your critical thinking skills around this… immunizations DO NOT WORK. How many times have immunized kiddos been infected by the very virus they are immunized against? I got German Measels and Chicken Pox when I was a kid and I was VERY ill. I didn’t get a milder form of the disease even though I’d been immunized. Children who are fresh out of the docs office with an arm full of shots are much more dangerous to people with compromised immune systems than un vaccinated kids, because recently immunized kids are carrying around a ton of LIVE virus in them. Furthermore, wouldn’t non vaccinated children have the weakest immune systems of all, without the holy grail of vaccines fighting disease within their little bodies? How come all the un vaccinated kids are healthy and not dropping dead from childhood diseases? Hhhmmmm?

      When I was a kid we got about 5 shots. 23yrs ago when my first child was born the number of immunizations had doubled from my day. 10 yrs ago my 3rd child suffered vaccine injury and the Physician REFUSED to accept the fact, brushed off my concerns, told me I was over reacting and had nothing to worry about. My child suffered developmental delay, has learning disabilities & numerous food allergies, but that couldn’t have any relation to the vaccine, could it? Even when we had insurance through big carriers like Cigna, Aetna, BCBS, alternative therapies for her care were not covered and we paid out of our own pockets.

      6 yrs ago I was told at the hospital upon my 4th childs birth that she needed a hepatitis B immunization. I refused. Did you know the test group for the hep B vaccine has NEVER included infants? Why then do they insist on sticking infants with Hep B at BIRTH? (C’mon, use those critical thinking skills) Currently, the CDC standard immunization schedule for children Birth-18yrs includes over 30 doses of vaccines. WHY?

      You might want to get off your misinformed soapbox and get some scientific/political literacy yourself! Obama is throwing a tantrum like a spoiled child to get his way. He is holding the American people hostage, forcing his hand with threats, IF/THEN ultimatums and those are acts of oppression, NOT FREEDOM!

      • Daisy Luther says:


        Incredibly well-said. Thank you for your contribution!

        I vaccinated my children before I knew that it was not the choice I wanted to make, and my daughter (fully vaccinated against it) had whooping cough last year. Initially they refused to test her for pertussis because the hospital was insistent that there was no way she could have it after receiving her shots. I was positive that this was the diagnosis and absolutely raised CAIN until they tested – and sure enough, my VACCINATED child was suffering from whooping cough. Up to that point we had not vaccinated in over 5 years but this confirmed my suspicion that I had gotten my defenseless babies shot up with toxins for absolutely NO benefit to their health. I wish that I could undo that, but what I can say is, “Never again.”

        Best wishes

        ~ Daisy

        • joe just joe says:

          Vaccines do work. Ever see someone in America with smallpox? or polio?

        • Guest says:

          Please don’t spread this anti-vaccination nonsense. Look at the poster child from the Anti-Vaccination movement, Jenny McCarthy’s kid. He didn’t even ever have autism. Every healthy person who doesn’t get vaccinated increases the likely hood that someone who can’t get vaccinated will get sick. It’s called herd immunity, which is what had basically wiped out some of the nastiest illnesses in the developed world, until the anti-vaccine movement started to take hold. Anyone who is a proponent of no vaccinations is such a lunatic fringe that all other arguments they make have to be viewed w/ skepticism.

          • VaccinesAREdangerous says:

            You are a complete imbecile and obviously under STRONG DELUSION. If not, you are on the terrorist governments payroll and are a shameless troll, spouting mainstream LIES that anyone with more than 3 neurons firing in their brains can find for themselves the truth on the secret Luciferian eugenics agenda of vaccines if they so desire. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes on judgment day!

  21. mickey says:

    You guys are funny. You really don’t know how badly you need this. If you think the insurance model of health care you are using is good, you really need to give your head a shake and look at the economics. Insurance is like a tax already, only it gives someone profit instead of going into the system. Most people outside the Usa look at this “system” and laugh at how badly duped Americans are, allowing doctors, insurance companies, and politicians (through lobbyists) to scam them out of so much money. But, please, go ahead and say what you will of my post and make inappropriate comments about my character – it won’t change your lack of education on the matter :)

    • DRK says:

      Were does the Government get the right to treat adults like children?

    • Oldfart says:

      If the American medical system is so bad, why do so many people from around the world come here for care?

      • Guest says:

        American MEDICINE is the best in the world, the system is woefully failing. You don’t see middle class folks just hopping a flight to come get surgery here. You see the success stories of a lot of money raised and surgeons’ time donated etc. If you can pay for it, American Medicine is the best in the world. I unfortunately can’t pay for it. And don’t think I’m not a hard working member of the lower-middle class. I work about 65 hours a week to bring home my lower middle class wages. But my job doesn’t provide benefits because I work at a company with 7 employees. The problem is that Obamacare was written by the insurance lobby instead of a common sense plan like letting everyone join the federal employee insurance pool. Regardless, it is better than what I had as w/ pre existing conditions, I couldn’t get coverage. Now I can get reasonable (not great but reasonable) coverage at a reasonable, not great, but reasonable price.
        To everyone thinking they will just refuse to pay penalties, Good Luck with that. Let us know how that works out for you when the IRS catches up to you. Lol.

  22. Arnold says:

    I called my DIS-honorable Congress-critters and told them to shut down the WHITE HOUSE. Obama does not OWN it or even PAY RENT ….. Obama is just a TRANSIENT and if the memorials and OTHER homes are to be closed SO SHOULD THE WHITE HOUSE. The Obamas can move into a MOTEL.


  23. Mt Top Patriot says:

    I’m with you.
    Orange Revolution Ms. Daisy.

    If enough people refuse this whole monstrosity of tyranny implodes.
    It is a shakedown ponzi scheme to begin with. It needs to rob whats left of our prosperity to impose the next level of destruction of our lives.

  24. Individualaudiencemember says:

    Dear anti-GMO people of Washington state,

    Please read this and decide if the leadership of the anti-GMO movement in Washington state is selling you out:

    Are GMO ballot measures just another covert op?

    Pardon the off topic interruption.

  25. Lucy says:

    Please read in the section of your quoted material… The PPACA Penalty Provision and the Internal Revenue Service

    Collection of the Penalty for Failure to Maintain Minimum Coverage

    Section 5000A(g)(2) of the IRC limits the means the IRS may employ to collect the penalty established in
    the section. First, the taxpayer is protected from either criminal prosecution or penalty for failure to pay
    the penalty. Second, the IRS is prohibited from either filing a NFTL or levying any property in an effort to
    collect the penalty. There is no prohibition, however, on establishing a statutory lien against the taxpayer’s
    property under § 6321. No additional limits are placed on the IRS using correspondence or phone calls,
    either through its own employees or through private collection agencies, in an effort to collect the amount
    owed. Additionally, no restriction was placed on the IRS’s ability to use the refund offset as a means of
    collecting the amount due.
    Those who are required to pay the penalty for failure to maintain minimum coverage but choose not to do
    so will be subject to increases in the amount owed due to interest and late payment penalties imposed on
    the penalty after it has been assessed by the IRS. The IRS may impose interest on tax, including penalties,
    under § 6601(a), (e)(2), and it may impose penalties under § 6651(a)(3).
    A taxpayer who chooses not to pay the required penalty may ultimately forfeit more than the amount of
    the penalty if that taxpayer is ever in the position of having an overpayment to the IRS for any reason,
    since the refund offset applies not only to overpayments shown on original tax returns, but also to any
    subsequent adjustments, for example an audit by the IRS that results in an overpayment. Further, as
    explained above, it is possible that the IRS could present its claim when property is being sold and collect
    both the original penalty amount along with accrued interest and applicable penalties.

    Folks need to slow down and read the entire document before spreading stuff like this. The section you quoted on levies, liens etc. is clearly stated to be for other taxes. If you’d done your research you would have realized the ACA was exempt (for now anyway) on the same “tax collection” procedures.

    I’m not for ACA, at all, but I am for getting facts right!
    Section 5000A(g)(2) very important information.

  26. Rich fka Dick says:

    I’m with you. I decided this year’s ago. I will not take a ‘job’, I make my own. When I swap my labor for food, I’m not paying tax on that transaction, no matter what the IRS may say. Not interested in one dollar being used to fund wars etc. All these rules and regulations have reduced my involvement in the economy…I don’t fly due to the intrusive nature of ‘security’. I don’t go to large venues such as ball games for the same reason. Starve the beast is exactly what I have said for years.

    What I honestly do not understand is, where are the anti estabishment people from the 60′s and 70′s? Most of them are now the establishment. They abandoned their principles for a flat screen TV and other ‘stuff’.

    This is, in my view, spiritual warfare. Not in a churchy way, in a very feet on the ground way.

    I guess I am a “Prepper”, though I live in a city of about 500,000. I prep with financial forethought. The Washington Foreskins, cracked me up! Cute!

    • VaccinesAREdangerous says:

      Most of the “anti establishment” people of the 60s and 70s were government plants used to sow discord and division among the American people. It’s called the Hegelian Dialectic and they’ve used this diabolical scheme against for decades. You take two opposing views, both erroneous in certain areas and pit them against each other (like Republicon vs Demoncrat) so that the TRUTH is completely overlooked. They also divide by using feminism and racism to divide men and women and blacks and whites. These SAME Khazar jew (fake jew) evil Illuminati bankers (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc) formed both the NAACP and the KKK. These are the people behind the curtain running the U.S. government marionette puppets. A Luciferian One World Police State with 2/3rds of the population slaughtered and the rest their slaves is their goal.

  27. I will never understand how forcing healthcare on folks is a good idea. Obummercare is too expensive and will bankrupt this nation.

  28. anon says:

    Government has always been based on coercion backed by force. Even from they days of the founders it has been this way. Heard of the Whiskey Rebellion?

    In fact, all the way back to tribal society, it was this way.

    While my philosophy is libertarian in nature (leave me the hell alone), I’m not naïve enough to think it will ever be that way. The powerful will always take advantage of others. It is in the DNA of humans.

    I am by no means suggesting we shouldn’t resist things like this ACA…I’m just saying that you will never escape the desire of some to impose their will on others.

    Even if this current tyrannical .gov is somehow taken down, there will always be another put in place that requires you to follow “laws” backed by force.

    Politics will not change this and there never were really any “good old days”. Just less oppressive ones.

    I don’t think I would subscribe to this ACA even if I didn’t have insurance, but I would fully expect to feel the wrath of corporate .gov. It’s just the way it is.

    Eventually the people will be in the streets. Our small group will not be…we will be defending our little neck of the woods.

  29. Emily says:

    Due to the subsidies, Obamacare is only beneficial for those who make less than $30K a year (individually). Once the ACA is in place on Jan 1st, your monthly premiums will, in fact, skyrocket, as compared to what they would currently be if you pay for individual insurance and make more than the $30K annual income amount. If you don’t believe me, go on to the ACA website (this is based on the one for California,, or even the insurance company websites (Aetna, Blue Cross, etc), play with the numbers and see for yourself. So much for “affordable” health care for the middle class. If you opt out, you will have to pay a mandatory annual fee, which will exponentially increase every year. Pretty sure paying for the necessities will be a higher priority on the list than paying for pricey mandatory health care. My prediction: individuals and families who make “too much” will opt out, bite the bullet and pay the fee, while Medical rates will skyrocket.

    • cecelia says:

      a friend of mine tried to enroll ( i told her to STOP!) they will help her and lo and behold it isn’t going to cost her much of anything… for now. because she IS eligible for the subsidies they’ll just enroll her in medicare, she’ll have “free” healthcare sounds great!?… but if she chooses this path she won’t have anything to leave to her daughter as the Gov’t will take it all when she is gone to pay for all that “free” healthcare she gets. people better start reading between the fine lines and see just how malignant his evil plan truly is.

  30. joe just joe says:

    You may want to retract your spiffy rant here, since sedition is against the law.

  31. joe just joe says:

    This makes no sense whatsoever:

    >> Michael Rivero of What Really Happened gives the best explanation I’ve seen for why the government is so intent that everyone must participate in this program. They have run the country into the ground and want to force us all to pay as they vainly struggle to keep things afloat. This is a last ditch effort – the only alternative is economic collapse.

    >> Obama’s utter refusal to compromise or delay Obamacare is more than mere political grandstanding. Obama has to prove he can continue to make the payments on the government debt. Now, based on reports we are getting form people who did sign up for Obamacare, they are being offered policies that cost about $500 a month, and have a deductible in the tens of thousands. That means that for the vast majority of Americans, they will be paying $500 month for insurance that will in fact pay none of their medical costs. So, $500 a month is $6000 a year times 200 million complying Americans equals $1.2 trillion a year pouring into the Health Insurance companies as pure profit, of which the US Government gets almost $200 billion in taxes (plus the IRS fines on those who refuse to sign up).


    85% of Americans are already covered and will not need to get health insurance thru the health exchanges. The author’s numbers are nonsense.

    Have a nice day.

  32. Jose says:

    As undocumented worker my family and I don’t pay nothing for all medical care. We get care for free and hospital care too free. We have not to pay any fine because we are not required to sign up for Obamacare.

    I hope we soon get free houses too. Finally you pay for us and your President say so. What can you do? Nothing!

    • Jim P says:

      Jose you are a troll. I’ve seen this similar post on another blog. I must say however that it’s rather amusing. But I wonder what your mission is. To sow seeds of racial discontent? To create civil unrest? To help move us toward some global agenda? Jose (not your real name of course) you should quit this job of being a phoney, and do something more productive with your time. By the way, why would you call yourself an undocumented worker? Seems a little odd doesn’t it Jose?

  33. Brandon says:

    There are a lot of problems with the ACA but for some reasons most that argue against it seem to make the worst points.

    “So, $500 a month is $6000 a year times 200 million complying Americans equals $1.2 trillion a year pouring into the Health Insurance companies as pure profit, of which the US Government gets almost $200 billion in taxes (plus the IRS fines on those who refuse to sign up).”

    First off the Affordable Care Act aka “Obamacare” forces to companies to actually put at least 80% of revenue into paying out claims. Then the remaining 20% goes to administrative costs and investor returns, and maybe you don’t understand how business works (this blog makes me think this might be the case) but they legitimately have actual administrative costs. Their profit margin is still ludicrously high, but only a fraction of the mythical numbers you are pulling out of your nether region. This is the most non-sensical math I’ve ever seen in anything trying to make a political point.

  34. Hannah says:

    If you own property, be sure to place it into the name of a spouse or adult child that IS taking part in Obamacare, or you risk the IRS placing a lien on your property if it remains in your name. Supposedly they cannot take your bank accounts or take your property outright. Read more:

    • cecelia says:

      Don’t rely on snopes for truth! george (agenda 21) soros is behind them. they’re just a gov’t voice spoonfeeding you the kool-aid

  35. Bill Bray says:

    What a paranoid nutcase, like all “preppers”.

    I too am against Obamacare, but some of the statements on here are way out in left field, and frankly, I think this guy needs a drink.

    How about if you move to the wilderness and enjoy your rampant paranoia away from others.

  36. Jerry johnson says:

    Great article Daisey! Thanks for your leadership. Anyone resisting, only has to do so until the government collapse. Maybe not so Long. That thought is encouraging, don’t you think?

  37. Spell Checker says:

    Please have someone proof your blog, it’s embarrassing. Spell check does not catch your careless mistakes.

  38. Kyle S says:

    Thank you for the great article. I, for one, would rather go to jail than subsidize somebody else’s healthcare. I’d torch my car and assets and illegally collect the insurance before letting the government take them and sell them so they can subsidize comrade Obama’s idiotic plan. The cost of Obamacare is almost double what I’ve paid in the past for insurance. I can only guess this is because people who are unhealthy are being allowed to get insurance.

    Call me an ass all you want, but I would scorch the earth before I let the government make me pay one penny for somebody else to be happy. Obama is the worst decision the US has ever made, just an amalgamation of “white guilt” built to boiling and causing everybody to make a terrible decision. To think that we have three more years of Obama’s Communist rule drives me crazy.

    The idiocy of the Dems is out of control. The fact that if we just cut welfare spending in half and cut our subsidization of Africa completely the US would be out of debt within roughly 100-150 years proves just how stupid people are.

  39. james says:

    if before he became president and was faced with someone over his and his families healthcare as we were forced to have . wonder how his feeling would be? just wondering.

  40. C.Ralph Harriman says:

    I agree totally and it isn’t just Obama either. I admiot obama is the worst president we have ever had but it was clearly a dictatorship long before that. You have to wear a seatbelt You can’t smoke marijuana you have to have health insurance. Car insurance maybe because if you hit someone you need to be able to pay but all the other stuff. It is my body I will do with it as I please. If I want to pump my body full of herion hey it is my body my buisness. If you are doing something that affects somebody else that is one thing but if it only effects you it is none of their buisness. It is time for a Peaceful revolution. Eveybody should refuse to pay their taxes. Guess how long a politician can live without food? as long as you and I. Take away their check and they get hungry also.

    • Guest says:

      Only problem with your line of logic is that while it’s your body, I hardly think you’re going to let yourself die instead of taking emergency medical care “On the backs” of everyone who has insurance.

  41. LibertyGrace says:

    Though I live in the very blue state of Hawaii, I agree with you totally and refuse Obamacare altogether. In addition, I do not think that Obama was born here and I question his citizenship status and have written several articles about these issues. Others here are starting to have their doubts about Obama but much work remains to be done to open the eyes of the blind.
    As to health care in general, unless this country returns to the Constitution I want to create as few records of my existence as possible. I prefer to pay what little cash that I can for any services that I may seek from a doctor, than health insurance that I cannot afford. In fact, I have lived without health insurance for 25 years, nor have I ever taken welfare. My ongoing relationship with the IRS has been pleasant, so I pay my taxes, but then I don’t own any property, so it is harder to bleed a stone. We must not be afraid to stand against this tyranny and many doctors are with us because soon Obama’s war on them will begin.

  42. gcm says:

    Ms. Luther,
    I agree with you.
    The fear tactics the government is using are unconstitutional. The fact that I cannot even buy a real catastrophic policy (like for $100. per month) is a joke. I have been uninsured for years and when I need health services, I go to a clinic of which there many in GA where I pay $50.-$150. for the service I need. The fact that needing a surgery or a couple days in a hospital costs $30,000. – $150,000. USD is ridiculous and highway robbery and since it is, I think the entire U.S. healthcare system should be crashed by people not paying this outrageous cost for medical services. But in the end, people don’t pay these outrageous costs, our insurance companies agree to pay these insane costs for us and we don’t care because these criminally inflated bills don’t come out of our pockets. I will not comply with this individual mandate, but I will not tell the government about my rebellion because like the mob, they can find you and do whatever they want to you.

    • VaccinesAREdangerous says:

      Insurance is the REASON for the criminally inflated medical bills. If not for insurance, we would be able to pay out of pocket like they did in the 1800s. Cut out the middleman

  43. Keapon Laffin says:

    You forgot the #1 most important reason I Will Not Comply.
    Because the Government told me to, and I’m an American.
    When my Father, Mother, Sister or GF tells me to do something, I’ll do it. But if the damn Government tells me to do something? I’m an American, dammit, Gub’mint ain’t the boss of me.

    I Will Not Comply because ‘Complying’ is inherently UnAmerican. I’m not a Borg. I’m not a British Subject(I love the Brits, just hate that word. GF is English, hence the disclaimer). I’m not a Soviet Peon. I’m an American Sovereign Citizen.

    Americans do not ‘Comply’. We scream and shout, we pick up sharp objects, we remember our 2nd Ammendment.
    We do NOT Comply.

  44. Michael L says:

    Actually you are not forced to pay for auto insurance, or a drivers license (though in most states you must have some form of ID so that you’re forced to pay for) or a license for your vehicle. You can drive it all you want on your property just fine. Or even on private roads as long as you have permission from their respective owners. But if you want to drive on public roads, yes you’re required to have all that stuff.

    So using that as an example of why Obamacare is wrong and you’re refusing to pay into it, to anyone informed just makes you lose credibility. Income tax you can use, the founding fathers wrote that we shouldn’t be taxed other than from duties or tariffs on imports/exports.

    People forget, Americans do as they’re told more then a lot of other people. We say otherwise, but its mostly lip service. We have the most rules and regulations in the USA when compared to any other country on the planet. It might actually be the next two countries combined that we top. Truly sad.

    Anyways, yes, I’m not paying. Sadly as an owner of a business I’ll likely be shut down. Joy.

    • cecelia says:

      Guess you’re young? and forget how AFFORDABLE vehicle insurance WAS before the gov’t, ins, and lawmakers decided to make it mandatory. the rates went sky high just like will happen with obomination and his UNaffordable care act.

  45. peter the cheater says:

    Yeah this really sucks I am trying to save for a modest house if I buy insurance as it is now I will struggle to make it, they are making us poorer by the year, people stop voting for the D’s and R’s those crooks are killing this country and making us subjugated getting rid of those parties by election is the first step to restoration of power to the public at large.

  46. Linda Freeman says:

    The Federal Government is trying to not give me my check, working together with the State of Texas (COOPERATIVE CARE effort) to push me into homelessness so that they can force housing and medical services upon me. Benefits tampering is a crime but it looks as if the “will of the people” is overriding the constitution. Help!

  47. Mitzy says:

    Under this forced regime one’s perfectly good insurance must be pushed to secondary provider. Beware how medicare, medicaid is pushing old folks into “managed death” to save money for government managed insurance and THEN, they come to the estate (family and survivors) to repay themselves for quickly killing your loved one.

    Sick, onto the gas chambers literally, for several old folks. Many curable issues will be designated as “six months or less to live” so the government run insurance can use Hospice as the Nazi’s used gas chambers to eliminate the “undesirables”. Then they collect the cost of this from the bereaved family. What a racket. This death squad approach recently happened to my family. This “plan” Lets the government kill your old, and/or you pay them all the elders assets for them doing this to your loved one. SICK

  48. Ting says:

    I agree with you. If more people think and live like you do, this country will be much better place to live. Sadly, it’s getting worse under this government.

  49. robert chaney says:

    I drive a truck for a living I don’t make much just what it take to pay my bill if I have to get obamacare I will have to not feed my family they were asking me $600. just for me if I add my wife it costs the for both of us $1200. so I will not be getting it so I guest ill will get fined it is against my rights if I want it or no I think that it is decrimination

  50. Wolfman says:

    Forced Obama Care is unconstitutional and against the law and yet it is still here

  51. Wake Up You Fools says:

    It is so scary that there are so many adult SHEEPLE walking around this wonderful country! I’ve never read such a bunch of crap written by people that go through life listening to the dumbest and loudest fools they come in contact with. If any of you had a good job, you would have health insurance, at work! You are the fools the rest of us will have to pay for, when you, get cancer, heart attack, etc., and the medical bills are too big for you to handle, or when I get hit by you without you having car insurance! And you, even bigger fools, who think no one should pay income taxes. Just where do you think we get, schools, roads, military to protect your stupid asses, police, fire departments, etc., etc.??? Just get the hell out of this great country. We don’t want or need you. Obviously, your are all a big drain on the economy and a huge embarrassment! Your lack of respect for our president is sickening! It’s amazing what he has been able to accomplish considering the mess he was left with and the idiots, much like you all, that fight him every step of the way. Racism to alive and well here, I’m sure. Bye-Bye

    • Thank you, Obama, Can I Have Another? says:

      Speaking of SHEEPLE. “Thank you, Mr. Obama, may I have another?”
      “Yes, Mr. Obama, we bow at your feet. Praise be Obama!”.

      You’re pathetic. It is you who should exit this country. Door left, please.

  52. We AGREE with EVERYTHING said in this article, you are 100% RIGHT… We are on dissability and cant aeeord these OUTRAGIOUS prices for health insuranc, then you dont get your medical bills paid after you went to your doctor….. Quit voting for obama peach him OUT of the office.. GET RID OF HIM…

  53. We AGREE with EVERYTHING said in this article, you are 100% RIGHT… We are on dissability and cant aeeord these OUTRAGIOUS prices for health insuranc, then you dont get your medical bills paid after you went to your doctor….. Quit voting for obama peach him OUT of the office.. GET RID OF HIM…

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