Big Pharma Gives Another Child Narcolepsy via the Swine Flu Vax, Then Cures It with a New Miracle Drug That Costs Over $20K per Year

chloe glasson

Before you line your kids up to have this year’s flu vaccine sprayed up their noses or injected into their arms, consider the fact that in Europe, children developed incurable debilitating narcolepsy after receiving injections from a drug developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). But it’s okay – they have created a miracle treatment that costs the child’s family only a bit over $20,000 per year…forever.

More than 800 children across Europe have been diagnosed with this lifelong neurological disorder and the evidence is overwhelming in the implication of the vaccine.  (source)

And this part may sound familiar to those of us in North America: the kids received the vaccine after sweeping propaganda promotions by national health organizations, the main stream news, schools, workplaces, and TV commercials that to encouraged everyone to ‘do the right thing’ and get the injection.

Narcolepsy occurs after the death of the neurons that produce hormones that keeps people awake. The most likely culprit in the swine flu vaccine is squalene, which is used as an adjuvant. (source)

The most recent case to come to light in the mainstream media (waaaaaaay down at the bottom of the page) is that of teenager Chloe Glasson, of Fife, Scotland, who falls asleep uncontrollably up to 30 times each day.

It was supposed to be a simple vaccine against swine flu, but since she had it, Chloe Glasson’s life has been like a bad dream.

Just four months after being given the Pandemrix injection, the 15-year-old schoolgirl developed the sleeping disorder narcolepsy.

Now, without warning, she falls asleep up to 30 times a day wherever she is.

Naturally, this has made her life at school challenging, as she often drops off in class. But it is also potentially dangerous.

Chloe recently went missing for two hours after going into a “dreamlike autopilot” state while making a short journey to her grandmother’s house. She eventually found her own way home safely, but not before her terrified family had contacted police, amid fears of what might have happened to her. (source)

The reason Chloe’s story made news, though, is not to warn people of the damage caused to her by the vaccine. Instead, it is to praise the launch of a new Big Pharma “miracle cure” to fix the Big Pharma disaster that caused her life-long disability. The drug, which is experimental, costs over $20,000 per year and is Chloe’s only chance at living a normal life.

So, just to be sure this is perfectly clear,  Big Pharma causes lifelong, permanently debilitating damage, and then fixes it at a ridiculously hefty profit. 

If Chloe and the other 800 kids so affected all took this drug, and each lived another 30 years, that, by my rough calculations, is a mindblowing $480,000,000…just from these cases that we know about.

The children affected in the UK are eligible to receive a maximum payout of about $220,000 from the government. That’s it – all they get for a lifelong disability that makes them unable to drive or perform most jobs or get an education.  And they still must find a way pay for the outrageously expensive drugs.

Last year, I wrote about a young girl from Sweden, whose life was changed forever in the amount of time it took to be jabbed by a needle.

One young girl, Emelie Olsson, has had her life forever devastated as a result of narcolepsy, the onset of which occurred after receiving the swine flu vaccine in 2009.

The 14 year old girl has had her life devastated.

She cannot sleep at night. When she does sleep, she is plagued with nightmares and hallucinations, sometimes waking more than 70 times in the night.

Sometimes when she wakens she is completely paralyzed and unable to breathe well or call out for help.

During the day, she can hardly keep her eyes open because of the lack of sleep.

If she laughs she has something called a cataplexy – when a strong emotion causes sudden muscle weakness that leaves her unable to stand.  When Emelie tries to have fun with friends, the happiness, literally, causes her to collapse to the ground.   ”I can’t laugh or joke about with my friends anymore, because when I do I get cataplexies and collapse,” she said in an interview. “I can not laugh anymore and it makes me very, very sad. It is the worst of all.”

Can you honestly imagine, as a parent, an adult or a human being, having to warn a child – “Stop that!  Don’t laugh!!!!”

But Emelie’s mother has to do just that.  In an interview, Marie Olsson expressed terrible guilt and regret.  (translated from Swedish) “Yes, I feel guilty. We are parents supposed to protect our children and instead I have asked Emelie take this vaccination, which has made her so sick. If I had read on better and questioned more then maybe she had not been vaccinated themselves. Before then, Emelie had been healthy.”

Emelie, age 14,  must now take stimulants during the day, narcotic sleep aids at night and medications that stabilise her emotions so that she can feel neither sadness or joy. She must take these medications for the rest of her life.

Emelie’s struggle is outlined in the documentary “After the Syringe.”

Some people may say, “Oh, that was an experimental drug, rushed to market to fight an epidemic.”

The thing is, if you look at it that way, every flu vaccine is “experimental”.  Each year’s batch contains something different, because it has to be ever-evolving as viruses mutate. Despite this, people are terrified and guilted into receiving the vaccine. If the fear factor doesn’t work, they are forced to take it in order to work, go to school, or stay at daycare.

Is the risk of the flu greater than the risk from the vaccines? One public health official in Sweden regrets his part in pushing the vaccine and has actually gone on the record to say so.  Goran Stiernstedt, the director for health and social care at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, was at the helm of the vaccination campaign across Sweden.  He estimates the vaccine may have saved the lives of 30-60 people, but now over 200 recipients in that country suffer from narcolepsy. (source)

Please, don’t allow yourself to be persuaded by those who only have the best interests of Big Pharma at heart, instead of the best interests of your family.  Do your own research and make your decision based on that. Study the cautionary tales. Every drug ever rolled out by Big Pharma sounded like a great idea at the time, but the deaths and permanent disabilities caused by many of them should make you think twice before blithely having yourself or your family members injected.

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16 Comments  to  Big Pharma Gives Another Child Narcolepsy via the Swine Flu Vax, Then Cures It with a New Miracle Drug That Costs Over $20K per Year

  1. Catherine J Frompovich says:

    Perhaps your readers, Daisy, would be interested in my new book, Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on
    Thanks for telling us about this most unfortunate, but informative, true life story about the adverse effects of the flu vaccine. It’s not the only vaccine that causes health problems.

    • Daisy Luther says:

      Thank you, Catherine! Your book is fantastic and a review is forthcoming soon! It should be on everyone’s “Must Read” list.

  2. Orthodox medical system creates illness with the pharma products and procedures. Then it sets out to provide “cures”, preferably expensive ones.

    Let’s mention some more obvious ones.
    1. Vaccination: injecting a toxic cocktail into babies allegedly preventing natural infectious diseases, causes harmful effects falling under ‘anaphylaxis’ (as opposed to ‘prophylaxis’). Vaccines do not immunise, they sensitise, make the recipients more susceptible to the targeted diseses and also related and unrelated bacterial and viral infections, with increased mortality.

    Natural infectious diseases are beneficial, they are the ones that prime and mature the immune system and represent developmental milestones, provided they are not mismanaged by antitics and antipyretics.

    All outbreaks and epidemics occur in the vaccinated, very often in a dangerous atypical form. Vaccinated children do not develop immunity, they remain susceptible even if they get the targeted diseases.

    Vaccines affect all organs and all their recipients, how much depends on the susceptiblity and general weaknesses and strength of the vaccinees. However, at least 80% develop noticeable health and behavioural problems.

    All those modern ills of humanity have their beginnings in childhood vaccines.

    Vacines and antibiotics create new, modified, diseases which are more virulent than natural diseases and resist all orthodox treatment.

    2. Medications given to vaccine damaged children start with antibiotics (for constant stream of ear and other infections), paracetamol, as a painkiller and antipyretic, antipsychotics, to treat bahavioural and mental problems, to mention some more prominent mediations.

    3. The Pill and HRT: now they admit that hormonal preparations cause cancer and a host of other diseases. This has resulted in a major money spinning illness prlducing industry, especially in developed countries. One would think that with billions spent for ‘healthcare’ people would be healthier; quite the opposite: they are becoming sicker and sicker, plagued by degenerative, chronic and mental diseases.

    Admittedly, some 20% of all hospitalk admissions in developed countries are due to reactions to medications.

    Infant mortality is appaling, the rates rivalling those of the Third World.

    Health statistics are modified and even falsified to cover up for the uncomfortable truth.

    Unfortunately, too many people still believe the propaganda they are bombarded with via the media and believe their doctors. Their ignorance often lands them in trouble, being accused of causing what documentedly are vaccine and medication reactions. That’s how the system repays them from trusting it.

    • jo says:

      Oh look, we dont understand science! If you get a bad disease, and you build antibodies to it, and those antibodies are to a surface antigen, and then those antibodies attaching to the surface antigen on the virus allows you to destroy it, why not just give the body the surface antigen to build antibodies to, rather than give the body the virus you are trying to prevent. Oh yeah, bc you guys dont understand science

  3. Lance the Permie says:


    The ‘experimental drug’ has been in use since the 60′s as a performance enhancer (non-steroid) for weightlifters etc. It then made it’s way through the ‘rave’ scene as a somewhat safer alternative to unknown pills. It is called ‘GHB’. As several pharmaceutical companies started ‘developing’ their ‘cures’ for narcolepsy…suddenly GHB which was sold at HEALTH FOOD STORES…became illegal! It was made to look like ‘roofies’ as a ‘date rape’ drug.

    So…they want us to quit smoking so they can sell us nicotine (the health benefits of which are MYRIAD), they already are making progress in getting the populace ‘stoned’ on cannabis so they don’t dig deeper into the healing qualities of it…and now they market a simple product available on the shelves until recently into a ‘new cure’.

    I hate the government(s)!

    • Lance the Permie says:

      Whoops…I forgot to add…don’t believe all the ‘hype’ on wiki…I just wanted to show the chemical analysis segment.

  4. Ms. Narcolepsy says:

    Here in the states, that med costs my insurance almost $10,000 a MONTH. Yes… there are truly that many zeroes. I cringe every time I open the box and see the amount that is paid to pharma. All that was done was turn GHB in it’s salt form, sodium oxybate, and slapped a huge pricetag on it. That being said, because of it I no longer have to take stimulants which are incredibly destructive on the body. There is absolutely no way I could function without it and it’s worth every penny. For Narcolepsy, it truly is a miracle. GHB is a naturally occurring substance within the brain so the body knows exactly what to do with it and how to break it down perfectly. Lance is right, it was indeed available in health food stores. Sadly, this is also happening in the US with no media coverage whatsoever. However… this is not an experimental drug. It’s been used safely and effectively here since it was FDA approved in 2002.

      • Ms. Narcolepsy says:

        I was actually looking for that link but couldn’t find it. Thanks for posting it!

        • Lance the Permie says:

          Well…this seems to be the only website (tug forelock to Daisy) that will report on our find about GHB. I tried all the usual suspects and even WRH is saying ‘$20,000 a Year’ AFTER I left a lengthy email about the truth of the matter. Oh well, I hope people read the comments after their link brings them here!

          • Lance the Permie says:

            - ghb has tissue protective effects for MI, cva,

            sepsis, bowel ischemia, shock, RADIATION, o2 free

            radicals, general anesthetic

            CLOSE QUOTE

            The health benefits of GHB have seemingly been scrubbed from the net for the most part. But I recall the data on aiding in radiation sickness. Is THIS why it was made illegal?
            Sorry Daisy…just post a ‘stop comment’ if you like, but no other alt sites will touch this seemingly.
            My next day off I’ll use my UBC library password to sneak about and see what I can see….

            So not only do we have a ‘$20000 treatment’ that cost pennies, we have a human produced hormone that protects against radiation damage. Hmmm, qui bono?

          • Daisy Luther says:

            Definitely don’t stop with the GHB stuff – I’m going to put together an article on this. It’s maddening that this keeps happening with perfectly good natural substances.

            Have a great day!

  5. Ms. Narcolepsy says:

    edit: Sadly, this is also happening to children in the US with no media coverage whatsoever.

  6. Ugly says:

    I don’t trust anyone anymore. Let God be true and every man a liar! Start thinking and know whom you know….

  7. RachelGG says:

    Have never and will never have a flu shot. Got the swine flu back in 2009 and survived it with no issues. Stayed hydrated and I was fine. My brothers also got it and were fine. Don’t understand the panic. But that’s what it is, a government indorsed health panic.

  8. karma says:

    Hi, I was made physically and mentally ill for over eleven years due to the brain drug Venlafaxine (I was diagnosed with mild depression in 2001) – Truth is I was a young single mum, needing help (I have no family).

    I steadily worsened over 6months and my Dr said the drug had helped bring out the real depression, My dose was upped and I worsened to a point of an excruciating excuse of existence – Excess sleep and inability to control emotions from psychosis to self harming, My Dr / Psychiatrists refused to assist my situation and demanded I admit my depression was due to my being raised in care (I knew this wasnt true but, under influence of these drugs could not rationalise the drugs were to blame) I took to self medicating stimulants just to exist as a parent.

    This led to the Drs and Psychiatrists labeling me a drug abuser.

    Long story short – I was in and out of psychiatric care until 2009 and 1 Dr (out of 12 DRs and 3 Psychiatrists) was not convinced that my medical history wasnt attributed to the medication (I had never been mentally nor physically ill prior to medication and my spates of worsening were at times of drug switches and dose changes).

    It took a further 2.5 years to be weaned off o the offending toxins aka `medication` – During this time I suffered full psychotic breaks, attempts of suicide, violent behaviours and loss of all emotions.

    Its a year on and I am still with physical problems caused by the drug, but my mental state has evened enough to say I am no longer a mentally unhealthy individual.

    I quit the stimulants back in 2012 – so abuse drugs I do not and never did – It was survival.



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