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January 29, 2013

The Patriot’s Most Wanted: If There WAS a List, These People Would Be At the Top of It

Trea-son [tree-zuhn]:  The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies. Source: Legal Dictionary If Patriots had a “most wanted” list, these people would be at the top of it. The alleged crimes of this Dirty Dozen?  Betraying the American people from within […]

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January 22, 2013

Preparedness Radio Network Interview

I invite you to listen in as I chat with Joyce Pierce of Preparedness Radio Network today, Tuesday, January 22, at 2 pm!   This year’s flu promises to be one of the worst on record.  Is the flu shot the answer?  Daisy Luther discusses what we can do to prevent the flu and what […]

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