December, 2012

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6 Cleaning Necessities for Your Stockpile


If you have these 6 items, there’s nothing you can’t clean: Baking soda Bleach Borax Dawn dish soap  Table salt White vinegar Many of us have spent our valuable dollars buying the latest in cleaning supplies.  What we’re really paying for is harsh chemicals (some of them carcinogenic) and artificialRead the Rest…

Wheat Berries: Your Pantry Workhorse

wb pilaf

I recently wrote about WHY you should add wheat berries to your stockpile.  Now let’s talk about some of the delicious things you can do with them! The obvious use is grinding them into flour and making bread with them.  I’ve been playing around with different recipes and I’ve discoveredRead the Rest…

January Pantry Challenge


Have you ever wondered how life would be if you couldn’t go to the store for a month?  Of course you have – you’re a prepper! Well, I’m taking the month of January to test my preps.  And if I post it here, then I’m accountable. The rules: No shopping!.Read the Rest…

Be the Hero, Not the Victim

cabin in the snow

Preparedness.  It’s a state of mind. When you are a prepper, you begin to think differently than the other folks on the block.  Not only do you take steps to become physically prepared, with food, medical supplies and tools – but you are mentally prepared.  You develop a problem-solving mindset.Read the Rest…

Canning the Christmas Turkey

turkey soup

Get the most bang for your turkey bucks by using every last bit of your bird.  Instead of eating turkey until you can’t stand the thought of more poultry, break out the pressure canner and put it away!  You can put the folks at Campbells Soup to shame by makingRead the Rest…

Is It Too Late to Start Prepping?


A lot of new folks are starting to realize that the outlook in North America is every bit as grim as the reality in European countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal and a host of others. When even the mainstream media is making dire predictions, the writing is truly on theRead the Rest…

Merry Christmas…from our house to yours


We wish you peace, joy and prosperity in the new year… Sincerely, Daisy and family

Fit…Survival Style


by Lisa LaMore Fit There are few people in the real world that actually enjoy exercise. In fact, most people find exercise to be punishment…they think, “I’m fat…I have to exercise.” Have to? No one should HAVE to exercise. It should not be a cerebral encumbrance. Neither should it beRead the Rest…

What Does It Mean to “Prepare for the Economic Collapse”?


Last week I wrote an article in response to the media’s vilification of preppers in the aftermath of the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.  The article was quoted in an article on, to my great astonishment, and that is when I saw how little most people understand about prepping.Read the Rest…

Killer Corn


Usually I like to discuss the pros and cons of a particular element of food storage.  I like to weigh the benefit versus the cost of the conventional and organic varieties. There is one “food” that has become so toxic and so polluted that I will not have it inRead the Rest…

Christmas Cookies from the Pantry


With the exception of fresh butter, all of the ingredients for our Christmas baking came right from the pantry this year. My little Rosie has an egg allergy, which has caused me to seek egg-free baking options.  One of the benefits to this is a lack of reliance on refrigeratedRead the Rest…


old fashioned pantry.color

One of the  most common reasons that people give for not prepping is the cost involved.  People seem to have this mental image of a  bedroom or basement dedicated to being filled to the rafters with cans of Chef-Boy-Ardee.  They imagine someone going out and spending $5000 at a timeRead the Rest…

How to Can Your Own Recipes


Canning recipes are great to have but they aren’t absolutely necessary.  Now, the GMO Food and Drug Pushers Administration might disagree, but I firmly believe that if you have a grasp on food safety principals and canning basics, that you can preserve your own recipes. You need to follow theRead the Rest…