August, 2012

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Bestern Southwestern Chicken Soup

bsw soup

I’m in the process of a looooooonnnnggg move.  Okay, it’s not quite cross country but still a 7 hour drive. So I am trying to use up the contents of my freezer and my garden in order to allow it to travel better. Also, if you think about it, I’mRead the Rest…

Pleasantly Pickled Red Onions


You know how you have to get that stinky onion smell on your fingers every time you slice up onions for a sandwich or a cheeseburger? If you have Pleasantly Pickled Red Onions in the fridge, your stinky finger problems are over!!!!

I Say To-may-to, You Say To-mah-to


Here are the short-cuts that I have learned to speed along your tomato processing procedures.

The Jam 411


Perhaps the very easiest thing to can is homemade jam.  It’s not very expensive, it’s simple, and once you’ve made one kind of jam, others just cooperatively fall into place for you. The instructions for basic jams are all pretty much the same – you only need to make minorRead the Rest…

Pantry Basics: Canning Chicken


Skinless Boneless Chicken Lots of folks were hit by the power outage this summer across the North-Eastern part of the US.  Not only were thousands of freezers full of meat ($$$$$) lost when the contents thawed out and people had no way to cook them, but residents realized that theyRead the Rest…

Great Golumpki Soup

Golumpki 5a

Isn’t the word “Golumpki” simply fantastic? Golumpki is the Polish name for cabbage roll, a fantastically time consuming Eastern-European delicacy that I am way too lazy to make. So, I turned it into soup, ’cause soup is easy. Ingredients: 4 cups of browned ground beef (approx 2 pounds)(See ***NOTE inRead the Rest…

Splendiforous Split Pea Soup


On a crisp, cold winter day, what could be more deliciously comforting than a bowl of smokey split pea soup?