Listeria fears prompted a massive recall that includes brands like Mann's, Nourish, Wal-Mart, HEB, Archer Farms, Western Family, Trader Joe's, and more.
A 40-year-old essay predicted the end of an empire and current events will make you wonder if we're watching it happen in real time. (ADULT CONTENT WARNING)
Women, there is a better way to be safe that empowers you instead of making you dependent on others for your safety.
These shocking videos give you a firsthand glimpse at what it's like as hundreds of thousands of people fight to survive the California wildfires.
Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared. This[...]
The recently defunded EMP Commission just assessed the threat of a potential North Korean EMP attack...and the conclusions are apocalyptic.
Colleges and universities are breeding grounds for the Radical Left, encouraging Antifa violence and would-be Communist revolutionaries. That sounds outrageous,[...]
Don't be silly. The aftermath of disasters isn't that bad. No one panics. No one goes hungry. No one loots. There's no need to prep.
There is a rapidly escalating epidemic of the pneumonic plague in Madagascar, and it's already spread to at least one other country.
Here's what you need to know about North Korea's hydrogen bomb test this weekend, and about their threat of an EMP strike.
Do you enjoy saving a buck more than most people? Here are 20 signs that you might be a cheapskate! How many of them apply to you?
If you don't have an emergency food supply waiting in your pantry, now's the time to focus on creating your stockpile quickly.
Want to know why an emergency fund is essential? Here are 20 real-life examples of times my cash stash saved my bacon.
Making baby food is easy, but what if the power is out and you can't use a blender or food processor? Good news - it's still easy!
If you are ever completely dependent on your emergency food, you'd better hope that you have choices that will do more than merely satisfy a rumbling tummy.
Protein powder isn't just for bodybuilders. It can be a great addition to your prepper stockpile (or even to your diet right now!)
This article from the archives explains why I won't be investing in pricey generators or expensive equipment.
Are you short on places to stash your stockpile? Here are 25 storage ideas for small space prepping.
This is the essential prepper's library - do you own all of these books?
As they say on Game of Thrones, "Brace yourselves. Winter is coming." One of the best ways to brace yourselves[...]

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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