Today in 5 locations across the country, communist groups will meet to plan events of sedition & massive riots in November to end the Trump/Pence "regime."
Do you enjoy saving a buck more than most people? Here are 20 signs that you might be a cheapskate! How many of them apply to you?
We've all heard that quote, "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." So, what lessons will be lost when we completely erase history?
Massive alt-right rallies and counter-protests are scheduled across the country this weekend. Will they be coming to your city?
If you don't have an emergency food supply waiting in your pantry, now's the time to focus on creating your stockpile quickly.
This week, everyone's talking about North Korea and nuclear war. Here are 5 of the topics that people are discussing.
This article explains how to use potassium iodide after a nuclear strike and addresses some frequently asked questions. (Available in PDF)
With all of the recent international nuclear smack talk, it's time to discuss how to prepare for a nuclear attack.
A spate of new reviews has shown that Monsanto's Roundup is not carcinogenic. Guess who edited those "independent" reviews?
Back to school shopping can make this the second most expensive time of year for families. Here are some frugal tips to keep your budget under control.
Social Justice types are the first to point out "isms" and privileges. The latest is the "unfair" advantage smart people have, called "cognitive privilege."
Survival Saturday: Is World War 3 inevitable?
People always want to know how a normal, middle-aged mom became a gun-toting survivalist prepper. It's actually not as crazy as you might think
In an emergency, would your kids be bugging out from school? Here's how to build a kit and create a plan that won't get them expelled.
This knowledgeable economist espouses the non-agrarian lifestyle and says that self-reliant homesteaders are "delusional."
These days, it's increasingly common to have a chronic illness or disability, but that doesn't mean that you can't be prepared.
Everyone knows that practice makes for perfect prepping. But when is the last time you practiced your off-grid skills by cooking outside?
You have to learn how to deal with your stress before you are forced to by your own body. This is my story of life with Adrenal Fatigue.
A flood is a disaster that just keeps coming back to haunt areas affected by it. As the waters recede, it[...]
Nothing is more of a summer tradition here at our house than making enough homemade jam from fresh fruit to[...]

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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You Need More Than Food to Survive

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