When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico last night, the world as residents knew it, ended.
According to some analysts, Americans may be overly confident in our military's ability to shoot down North Korean missiles
With Hurricane Maria on the way, Puerto Rico is taking a second hit in 2 weeks, and it's too late to prepare for the grid to be down indefinitely.
Hundreds of thousands of homes in Florida are still without power more than a week after Hurricane Irma. And, unfortunately, there's no clear end in sight.
This week on Survival Saturday, we'll talk about the terror attack in the UK, the riots in St. Louis, and the post-Irma chaos in the Caribbean.
As their government hastens to get folks ready for the worst, South Korean preppers are becoming mainstream instead of a quirky fringe element.
After Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean, it didn't take long before there was no food, no water, and armed looters were running amok.
A newly discovered Bluetooth flaw makes nearly all connected phones and laptops subject to hackers who can take complete control of your device.
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A new report says that the American power grid has been hacked...and it's just a matter of time before a cyber attack takes it down completely.
Whether they want to or not, it's too late for many people in the path of Hurricane Irma to leave. Here's what to do if you can't evacuate.
It's National Preparedness Month, and with all the crazy stuff going on, if you ever considered prepping, NOW is the time. We can help, with Preppers Market.
With a second massively powerful storm heading for the US, here's a guide to preparing for a hurricane. If you're on the South East coast, you need to get on it NOW.
Here's what you need to know about North Korea's hydrogen bomb test this weekend, and about their threat of an EMP strike.
Please download this free PDF about what to do after a disaster like Hurricane Harvey. We hope that the information helps in some small way.
People always want to know how a normal, middle-aged mom became a gun-toting survivalist prepper. It's actually not as crazy as you might think
Certain items can be very important - and, well, comforting - in times when nothing else is certain.
If you were caught up in the midst of a massive earthquake would you know what to do in order to survive?
Even if the weather hasn't cooled off where you live, the coffee shops have declared that autumn has arrived by[...]
A flood is a disaster that just keeps coming back to haunt areas affected by it. As the waters recede, it[...]

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